Service Animal Policy

Service Animal Policy - It is a good move to collect knowledge and information regarding service animal policy before you board a flight. This blog is to let you explore the viewpoints of various USA-based airlines on Emotional service pets policies.

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Service Animal Policy

Almost all of the air carriers allow customers to travel with emotional support animals but within domestic flights. Further, service animal/pet must have attained the age of 4 months. A service animal is specifically trained to assist passengers with a disability, whether physical or mental. These animals are accepted by qualified customers with disabilities.

Although each airline carries a different perspective towards the rule of traveling with service animals, there’re specific rules that apply across the industry. For instance, service animals traveling in the cabin free of cost must be small in size to adjust in the passenger’s lap or on the floor in front of them. These animals can’t disturb the aisle in any case. Similarly, no passenger with a service pet can sit in an emergency exit row.

What is a Service or Emotional Support Animal?

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) defines service pet/animal as a dog/cat, irrespective of bread/type, that is trained to do work to assist owners with disabilities. They may have a physical, mental, psychiatric, intellectual, or sensory disability.

Further, only dogs and cats over the age of 4 months are considered service animals. No peacock is included in this category. These animals must need to be well-behaved and allow directions from the handler.

The department further allows air carriers to identify emotional support animals as pets and allows each passenger to carry a maximum of two service pets on the flight.

Visitors with disabilities traveling with service pets need to submit a form to the airline. This is to make sure that the service animal is trained and has good behavior and health. Customers are also needed to complete and submit the form 48 hours prior to the departure time.

Service Animal Policies of Various America-based Airlines

As we have illustrated earlier, rules regarding service pets vary from airline-to-airline. This section is to elaborate on the versatile policies of all airlines concerning service animals. Let’s commence the tour without creating any further ado.

Delta Airlines Emotion support Animal Policy

As per the Delta Airlines service animal policy, passengers don’t need to pay anything for service animals. Further, the airline also doesn’t ask for documentation for the same.

However, you must need to make sure your animal behaves well during the flight and complies with the instructions of the owner. They must on the floor in front of the owner’s seat. No animal with foul odor, tusks, hooves etc. is allowed in the cabin.

American Airlines Service Animal Policy

AA also doesn’t impose any charges on passengers for carrying service pets. The pet must be fit on the lap or under the seat. Moreover, the animal should be well-trained, behaved, and groomed. You can’t sit in an emergency exit row with a service animal while traveling with American Airlines.

Spirit Airlines Emotional support pets Policy

Spirit Airlines, follows a bit more specific instructions for passengers traveling with an animal. It strives to provide seats in the bulkhead rows to travelers with pets. The carrier also reveals that a passenger with a pet in the lap can’t sit on a seat with an inflatable seat-belt. In addition to that, the airline keeps the same protocol as other major carriers.

JetBlue Airlines Service Animal Policy

It is compulsory for JetBlue customers to let the airline know that they are traveling with a service pet. JetBlue Airlines also allows visitors to travel with two service animals. However, they will have to buy two seats to obtain extra space for pets. Moreover, two animals can share a kennel if they are comfortable inside.

Alaska Airlines Emotional support Animal Policy

The carrier also requires passengers to inform customer agents upon arriving at the airport. It helps the authority to accommodations for you. The airline doesn’t impose any additional charges and allows passengers to ship the kennel as checked luggage without a fee.

Like other airlines, Alaska Airlines also states that the service pet must fit your lap or at your feet without obstructing other passengers. However, visitors aren’t allowed to sit in an emergency row.

United Airlines Service Animal Policy

No passengers are allowed to host an emergency row seat if they accompany a service pet. United Airlines allows you to bring an approved kennel to ship their companion. You also don’t need to bring any additional documents to board the flight with an emotional support pet.

Southwest Airlines Service Animal Policy

The airline strictly prohibits service pets to sit on a seat. They must fit on the floor at the owner’s feet or on the lap. You can bring service pets in the passengers’ cabin.

In case customers bring their service dog in a kennel, the carrier size must be as per recommendations. Southwest Airlines also clears that no animal can be transferred to/from Jamaica, given the nation’s specific policies.

Service Animal Travel Fee

As far as the fee is concerned, passengers are allowed to bring service animals without incurring any cost. Therefore, it is absolutely free of cost service until now delivered by almost all major airlines in the United States of America.

Another pivotal aspect you need to emphasize is that service pets can only be transferred on domestic flights. In case you want to take your service animal internationally, the cargo section comes to assist you.

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