Allegiant Airline Name Correction Policy

Allegiant Airline Name Correction Policy-Making reservations for air travel is easier nowadays. People fly in air jets without going through such a fuss. What happens if you are asked to wait at the check-in point at the airport? Then you come to know that the reason was the name spelling on the flight reservation does not match with your documents. Silly spelling errors and legal change of name are the causes of why people face the ordeal. This post is written only focusing on the Allegiant Airline Name Correction Policy.   

The in-hand document is all about revealing various scenarios, components, and guidelines involved in the Allegiant Airlines name change/correction policy. Having an incorrect name on the booking has become a common view. People do commit silly mistakes in a hurry while making the booking. They provide false details in the reservation form and end up frustrated after having the same on the printed ticket. This is where the blog plays a vital role.

Clients can explore the detailed analysis of the respective policy to learn about provisions, laws, and fee scenarios. Furthermore, you get to know multiple legitimate procedures and channels to choose from to raise the name change request. Since Allegiant Airlines accepts name correction requests through online and offline platforms, you can opt for any of the channels as per your preference.

A toll-free customer support number is always there in the service of passengers – 1-866-939-0429.       

                                                                   Allegiant Airline Name Correction Policy

Allegiant Airlines – A Quick Overview

Without any shred of doubt, Allegiant Airlines is one of the prestigious and eminent service providers in the USA aviation domain. It strives passionately to design worthful efforts to help travelers explore global locations conveniently. People can reach more than 100 destinations across 41 states by having a deal with Allegiant Airlines.

Further, Allegiant Airlines was conceived in 1997 as WestJet Express. Currently, the aviation enterprise is managing business procedures from its base station in Summerlin, Nevada, USA. Incredibly, the professional air transporter is also the 14th largest commercial airline in North America. It manages to operate charter and scheduled flights across worldwide places. Also, Allegiant Airlinesemploys over 4000 people to facilitate travelers with outstanding travel solutions.

Enjoy Professional Air Travel Solutions with Allegiant Airlines!

Many airlines restrict the feature of the name change on air tickets. They simply ask you to cancel the reservations.  But that’s not the case with Allegiant Air. Allegiant Airlines allow name change only under specific scenarios like spelling mistakes, legal name change. For a successful correction of the name of passengers with reservations, they must submit valid documents and proof. All other documents like passport, driver's license must then be updated.

It is no secret that the aviation industry continues to encompass tough competition with the emergence of strategic technologies. The tourism sector revitalizes an organic spectrum with updated philosophies to bring unmatched travel solutions for communities. Hence, introducing customer-driven service policies has become the top priority of different service providers in the global ambiance. Airlines do accommodate passengers’ queries with an attentive approach to solve them as soon as possible. Also, they launch flexible booking options, flight change/cancel privileges as well as the facility to add/remove stopovers/meals, etc.

Allegiant Airlines offers travel options from US famous cities to global destinations. This airline makes the customer experience leisure travel at affordable airfares and their own convenience. Ultra budget-friendly fares, non-stop flights, and premium travel experience are the factors that have Allegiant Airlines to be the choice of many Americans and customers all over the world. Allegiant airlines ensure an all-around travel experience for every customer to be memorable and without hassle. 

Allegiant Air was founded in 1997 with legal certification from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). This permits the airline to fly the scheduled and charter airline operations throughout the U.S. Allegiant also has proper paperwork to charter flights to Canada and Mexico. 

Is Name Correction Possible with Allegiant Airlines?

Fortunately, the asked query is getting a promising answer – YES. The US aviation company permits passengers to conduct required corrections/changes in the name on the PNR. People can perform name modifications under specific scenarios, including spelling mistakes or a legal name change.

Well, it is quite a normal event when we see a traveler booking a flight with incorrect name details. While making the reservation, an aspirant enters the name incorrectly. It may happen due to excitement, hurry, or carelessness. Needless to say, a silly mistake can trigger unpleasant results for a client. His/her booking may get cancelled following this sort of negligence.

  • As per the US Department of Transportation (DoT) guidelines, it is an offense or an illegal activity to travel with a ticket having name errors.
  • The aviation domain requires your name on the ticket, passport, and government-issued ID must reflect the same characters.
  • Otherwise, the industry considers it as an illegitimate procedure and may cancel your ticket.

Concluding all, Allegiant Airlines understands the critical situation of customers and permits them to make necessary amendments in the name on the PNR. As per the name correction/change policy of the carrier, customers can change the name if it is changed legally after marriage or divorce.

About Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy

As such, Allegiant has no prospects for allowing name change of passengers in flight reservations at the spot. Still, it does not harm you if you get in touch with Allegiant Airlines' customer service. They will offer the best assistance depending on your situation. 

The airline guides that the successful name change on flight reservations will depend on the type of name change requested. The name corrections policy strictly prohibits the transfer of airline tickets to another person. If the customer is in a dilemma if the name corrections will be successfully made. Allegiant Airlines then advise the passenger to cancel the flight using the “manage travel” option available on the website.

The name corrections on reservations can be carried out if there is a legal name change or misspelling of the name of the passenger on the flight reservation. Airlines advise passengers to contact customer support as early as possible. The names will then be entered as it appears on the legal documents with photo ID like passport, driver's license. 

How to make requests for name correction on Allegiant Airlines reservations?

For certain, this might be the most sought-after segment of the discussion. People usually stay unaware of legitimate methods and procedures airlines follow to accept service requests. With Allegiant Airlines, customers will, delightfully, enjoy the similar amenity for perfection. Travelers can yield the freedom to the maximum by selecting a reliable channel as per preferences. You’ll have the choice to opt for either online or offline (traditional) systems to proceed to make name corrections on the PNR.

Through the following headings, Allegiant Airlines customers will get a comprehensive synopsis of approved ways to make name corrections. You can pick the preferred alternative while executing the request and rectify the name mistakes on the ticket. Without creating any further ado, let’s move ahead to scan various legal channels to correct names on the Allegiant Airlines booking.

There are two ways by which the customer can make a successful request for a name correction with Allegiant Airlines. The final decision of allowing the correction depends on the discretion of the Airline and the type of name correction you are requesting.

Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Offline

Many people just hate using internet technologies for some concrete reasons. When it is the matter of flights, they become even more cautious and do prefer approaching airline authorities to avoid scams and swindles. The airline, on the other side, also welcomes such passengers gleefully and pledges to serve them in the best way.

The first way – As soon as you come to know about the mistakes of reservation regarding the name change. Without any delay, try contacting Allegiant Airline and inform them about the problem. The airline might ask you for the confirmation number of the flight reservation. So, keep that number in proximity. Let them know if you had a change of legal name, got the last name in the first place, and the first name at last place, or a slight misspelling of your name.  

Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Online

It’s the era of digitization! Almost every aspect of our lives is being directed by internet technologies and so prevails in the aviation domain as well. Ultimately, Allegiant Airlines customers can choose to raise the name change request through online channels.

The second method – Try putting a request for name correction using an online medium of communication.

  • Visit the official website of Allegiant Airlines from the web browser of your smartphone or computer.
  • After landing on the Allegiant Air homepage, look for the ‘Manage Travel’ option that allows you to make a change to the itinerary. Click on it. 
  • In the next step, you can makes changes in the itinerary using different methods. The request can be made either by email, confirmation code, or credit/debit card.
  • The page will then display the message asking you to type in the details of reservations like the first and last name of the passenger along with the confirmation to move forward with the name correction request.
  • As soon as reservation details are surfaced, the name change of a passenger to a certain limit is allowed. Only some letters of the name are allowed for change. The ticket is not transferrable to any other person in any circumstance
  • If you are still facing trouble with making changes to the ticket, it can then be canceled and rebooked with correct details within the same section.
  • All changes are permissible that are made within 24 hours of booking. Requesting for name correction after 24hours of the booking will need you to pay a certain amount as a change fee
  • You need to make sure that the corrected name of passengers with the reservation must match the name mentioned in government ID proofs. 

In the end, customers will receive an email or text from the airline with a new e-ticket with updated information.  

Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Cost

Significantly, Allegiant Airlines doesn’t motivate passengers to pay any service fee for name alterations unless it is a major correction. Customers can edit spelling mistakes for free. However, you do need to bear a certain fee for conducting major changes. Thoughtfully, you should visit the official website or dial 1-866-939-0429 to capture the latest fee details.

Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy – FAQs

Ques 1) Can I make online name modifications with Allegiant Airlines?

Ans 1) Yes, passengers can modify the name on the Allegiant Airlines ticket digitally using the official website.

Ques 2) What type of name corrections are allowed on the Allegiant Airlines ticket?

Ans 2) People can modify the ticket to eliminate minor spelling errors in the ticket. Also, one can change the name if it is legally changed after marriage/divorce.

Ques 3) What are various ways to amend the name with Allegiant Airlines?

Ans 3) Allegiant customers can explore the official website, reach the airport or dial the customer service number for the same.

Ques 4) what are the steps to correct your name via Support Helpline?

Ans 4) below mentioned is the step-by-step guide to correcting Allegiant Airline Customer Care.

  • Dial +1-866-939-0429 (Toll-Free) to contact Kenya Airlines' customer support.
  • As soon as your call is merged with theirs, you must notify the air agent that your name has changed on the reservation.
  • The agent will inquire about something once you want to have your name changed. Provide sufficient justification for the agent to carry out the process.
  • The agent will carry out all modifications following Kenya Airways' change-name policy after determining the necessary changes.
  • He or she may, however, require information from you, such as your full name, the particulars of your flight, etc.
  • You must provide the relevant papers if your name changes as a result of a divorce or marriage.
  • The fees involved with changing your name on this carrier could be your responsibility.
  • Finally, you would receive a confirmation of your new name as well as a new reservation ticket.
Ques 5) is it possible to make a name correction on Allegiant Airline without any charge?

Ans 5) Yes, within 24 hours of booking, practically all corrections are free. But renaming yourself is not free. Read the material listed below for further information.

  • Any name change on Allegiant Airlines is subject to the associated fees. Any such changes must comply with the name change policy and be made no later than seven days before the flight's planned departure. If you don't, you risk being subject to a "NO-SHOW" provision.
  • Each change will be subject to a $75 basic cost per traveler. However, the fare differential is arbitrary and only applies in hypothetical situations.
  • Any traveler traveling on a Flex ticket will not be subject to these fees. The adjustments must be made, nevertheless, within 7 days of the departure date.
  • The cost may range from $175 to $200 in the event of significant adjustments.
  • Additionally, taxes and the processing fee are always applicable.
Ques 6) Can we Change the Name on Allegiant Flight Via App? 

Ans 6) despite having the ability to use Manage Booking, Allegiant regrettably does not permit name changes on the mobile app. Its application is restricted because it is one of the online techniques. Therefore, it can only:

  • Permit users to check in any time from 24 hours to 45 minutes before departure.
  • It can facilitate preferential access and seat selection.
  • As a core Manage Booking function, it enables you to view and terminate your reservations.
  • This app allows you to obtain your Group pass on a mobile device as well.
  • Finally, it facilitates a paperless screening.

Why use airline ticket policy?

We gather data and present the information in such a way that the reader can easily find and understand the crucial points of the policy and regulations. We have dedicated staff that works tirelessly to offer you the solutions on airline policy on flight change, Pet policy, baggage regulations, UNMR, name correction, etc. 

For more information on the Allegiant Air name correction policy, feel free to dial +1-866-939-0429.  

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