Alaska Airlines Name Correction Policy

Alaska Airlines Name Correction Policy - It is a quite common incident when you enter your name incorrectly in the booking reservation form. Dealing with Alaska Airlines? Getting a misspelled name on the Alaska Airlines ticket?It isn’t a thing to worry about at all! Here, in this guide, you will learn about the Alaska Airlines name correction policy. It will let you walk through various possible ways and steps involved in this procedure.

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Alaska Airlines Name Correction Policy

If you look for instant assistance, don’t hesitate to speak with industry experts at 1-866-939-0429 (toll-free). Officials will listen to your queries carefully to suggest professional and relevant thoughts concerning your matter.

Alaska Airlines is considered to be one of the prominent air carriers in the United States of America. It positions at the 5th spot when we measure the America-based airlines in terms of fleet size, the number of passengers served, and scheduled passengers carried.

About the airline

In association with its regional partners SkyWest Airlines and Horizon Air, Alaska Airlines serves a large route network connecting over 116 destinations. Furthermore, the USA-based airline manages its operations from five hubs with the primary hub in Seattle/Tacoma.

Currently, Alaska Airlines isn’t a member of any of the three major airline alliances. But the company plans to join Oneworld by the end of 2021. The air carrier has an amalgamation of over 16,000 employees in 2020.

Alaska Airlines Name Correction Policy

Getting a misspelled name on the printed PNR doesn’t look nice. In fact, it is a serious concern that can also turn to raise more conflicts as you move on. On some occasions, people make undesired mistakes and put the wrong spellings in the reservation form. It could be a single-character mistake or more, a fear of trouble always walks along the journey. Hence, it requires you to remove the errors and get the ticket details in the right format.

When you happen to travel with Alaska Airlines, you are all set to enjoy a blossom air travel experience. The airline never leaves any stone unturned while serving its clientele with world-class services. Due to its commendable approach for passengers, the air company has won various awards and recognitions.

Further, the airline maintains various policies to assist customers in each department. As far as the name change/correction policy is related, it is awesome to get things in the right form without any considerable hassle. Likewise, the USA carrier proposes customer-friendly systems to help clients make name modifications using reliable platforms. People can utilize online as well as offline procedures to perform name corrections for minor corrections to major changes.

Even if you aren’t a frequent air traveler, you will probably be familiar with the TSA’s rule on the name change. Your name on the boarding pass must be similar to that on your government-issued ID. However, this is a good practice for legitimate reasons. Your names on both documents must match so that air officials can screen you against the government’s watchlist.

Is it Possible to Correct/change the Name with Alaska Airlines?

Yes, correcting/changing the name on the Alaska Airlines ticket isn’t a dream any longer. Alaska Airlines allows its esteemed visitors to make required corrections in their name on the ticket. Users can follow the dedicated policy of the airline to proceed as per legitimate strides. You will have to adhere to toa certain procedure as per the company norms and regulations.

What says the Alaska Airlines rule book? Well, Alaska Airlines allows passengers to change or correct their names under any circumstances. It understands the severity of the situation and thinks for the convenience of customers. You can dial the Alaska Airlines customer care number (1-866-939-0429) as soon as you notice an error in your name on the ticket.

Legal Justifications For Name Correction/Name Changes On Alaska Airlines Flight Tickets

The reason for a name change on an Alaska Airlines reservation can be a marriage or divorce. In this situation, you can give the airline the legal papers. Similarly, only a passenger's last name may be changed as a result of such circumstances. You could first be able to officially modify the details with the airline in a divorce circumstance. Legal orders must be used in this situation.

  • Orders from the court, necessary papers for a piece of legal information to be amended, and documents needed to change a name in the event of a divorce
  • In the event of a marriage, current identification, a marriage license, and earlier identification are required.

Points to Consider Before You Initiate the Name Correction Process

Since the American carrier crafts a unique name correction policy, customers are free to analyze various rules, guidelines, and regulations mentioned in the policy. It provides passengers with the freedom to capture a crystal-clear idea about various legalities and restrictions involved therein. The following are various fundamentals visitors need to recognize while encountering a name correction scenario.

  • Alaska Airlines allows passengers to correct their names free of cost if you follow the procedure within a 24-hour window of the flight booking. The same rule is also proactive in case of refund or flight change.
  • In case you make name corrections beyond the 24-hour window, you will have to incur a penalty for the same. However, you could try to negotiate the amount to make it the lowest possible.
  • Further, if you got your name legally changed after booking a flight but before the departure, it wouldn’t be counted as an error. You don’t need to update your name on the ticket.
  • But you should bring a government-issued document (a marriage certificate, divorce agreement, court order, and any other) while boarding your flight. It is to prove to the airport authorities that your name has been changed legally and you haven’t obtained the new ID yet.
  • To make things smoother, you can also bring a print-out of the Department of Transportation’s (DoT) Fly Rights page. It will help you in case the airport authorities are unknown to the policy.
  • Passengers also need to keep in mind that Alaska Airlines only allows name changes which is a typo error and needs to change only a single letter.
  • In case you want to change the whole name, you need to produce a legal document signed and recognized by an authorized official.
  • Moreover, if you have managed your ticket with travel agents, you may contact that particular agent to make name corrections.

Various Methods to Correct/Change the Name with Alaska Airlines

When you see Alaska Airlines promoting its prime consideration of utmost flexibility, the availability of numerous platforms is usually to occupy the space. In the modern era of technological advancements, clients wish to entertain internet-based mechanisms in addition to traditional mediums. On the other hand, Alaska Airlines also endeavors passionately to structure both online and offline channels to support the varied tastes of visitors. Plenty of ways are there you can follow to make the required changes in the ticket reservation. You can pick a reliable one that suits you the most. Let’s have a peek.

Alaska Airlines Name Correction Online

  • Head to the airline’s official website
  • Now, find the ‘Manage Booking’ option and click it.
  • It will show you some options. Hit the change or cancel the reservation option.
  • Hereafter, you will enter your booking number to enter your account.
  • Your booking details will be o the screen, once you hit the OK button.
  • Find the name you want to correct.
  • Before you hit the change button, make sure you follow the further details.
  • That’s it in the online name correction process.

Alaska Airlines Change Flight through the Alaska Mobile App 

Utilize the mobile Alaska Airlines app to purchase your ticket independently or to change your flight at any time. Users can download the app on Android, iOS, and Amazon. It is easy and quick to use the app to change an Alaska Airlines flight. Utilizing the mobile Alaska Airlines app, follow the provided instructions step by step to change an Alaska flight at any time: 

  • In order to make adjustments to your flight ticket, you must first log into your Alaska Airlines account (the one you used to purchase your tickets on the official website).
  • After then, check for my booking management on the same menu.
  • Changes can be made to your flight tickets by selecting the Alaska Airlines to manage my booking option and following the necessary steps.
  • If you have over the no-cost change limit, you must pay the Alaska change flight fee. After paying the cost, you can begin.

Alaska Airlines Name Correction via Customer Care

Feeling lethargic? Don’t want to move around?Here’s the right tool for you to make name corrections on the Alaska Airlines Booking! It allows you to make the required differences by sitting at home. The company also allows visitors to make relevant corrections in their names using the toll-free customer care phone service.

Alaska Airlines Customer Care Phone Number: +1-866-939-0429

Industry experts, on the other side, will attend your call immediately and listen to your words heedfully. You can tell them all the details to let them make corrections on your behalf.

Alaska Airlines Name Correction at the Airport Kiosk

It is another method you can use to correct your name on the flight ticket. Many passengers consider this platform to be the most trustworthy and reliable one. You get your work done by the officials themselves to eliminate the possibility of any sort of fraud and cheat. However, it is the least used method as compared to other services.

Alaska Airlines Name Correction Fee

Definitely, Alaska Airlines charges a certain amount of money when you come to make changes in your registered name with the airline.

As we have discussed above, the service is free of cost if you follow the procedure within 24 hours of your booking time.

But you will pay US$125 as a penalty if you strive after the 24-hour window.

How Can Airlines Ticket Policy Help You?

Airlines Ticket Policy is an online portal to assist readers in the aviation industry. It comes to serve the audience with a detailed knowledge of all fields covered in the air travel domain. You can visit the platform if you have any queries regarding Alaska Airlines name correction policy, baggage policy, or any other issue.

Alaska Airlines Name Correction Policy – FAQs

Ques 1) Can I make name corrections on the Alaska Airlines ticket?

Ans 1) Yes, you can perform minor name corrections as well as legal name changes on the booking with Alaska Airlines.

Ques 2) How to change the name on the Alaska Airlines ticket?

Ans 2) Passengers can explore the official website, dial the customer support number or visit the nearest airport ticket counter to make essential changes.

Ques 3) Is it possible to modify the name online?

Ans 3) Yes, people can approach the official web portal to amend the name digitally with Alaska Airlines.

Ques 4) What if my surname is changed after marriage?

Ans 4) You can raise the name change request with the airline by submitting a legal document. When it comes to the marriage question about Alaska Airlines' name change, travelers should keep the following things in mind:

  • If there are any legal changes to a traveler's name after marriage, Alaska Airlines allows them to make those changes before the trip is scheduled to depart.
  • Furthermore, travelers must be aware that if they change their name after getting married, there is no need to update their reservation. Passengers need only carry their passport and other travel-related paperwork with them, as well as their marriage certificates.
Ques 5) what is the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan name change procedure?

Ans 5) Contacting customer service will allow you to update the name on your Mileage Plan ticket. Call the number and let the representative know what you want. Give the officials your information, and they will take care of making any necessary modifications or revisions to your name.

Ques 6) Is a middle name required on a ticket for Alaska Airlines? 

Ans 6) Your middle name is irrelevant. You didn't even need to enter it while making the reservation, so it doesn't need to be printed on the boarding pass. Normal Secure Flight data requires the middle name, but you're truly that no one will worry if it shows on the boarding pass.

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