Spirit Name Change Policy

Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy - One of the major weaknesses of humans is to make mistakes. We continue with the same approach in the aviation circle and provide the wrong flight details in the reservation form. An incorrect name is a top highlight with a great frequency of occurrence. Today, in this guide, we would like to share essential thoughts concerning the Spirit Airlines name correction policy. It is a critical front to deal with and visitors will have to acquire the latest knowledge for better execution. This is what the blog intends to describe.

Moreover, a fair deal of conversation can also be expected at the toll-free customer support number 1-866-939-0429.

We know the hurry in booking tickets for flights can sometimes land you in entering misspelled name. The situation is not as tough as it looks. With a few clicks and following the right steps, you can easily change the name on the air tickets. With spirit airlines, air travel is so comfortable. Bookings can be easily managed.  You also have booked with Spirit Airlines, but the name of the passenger is spelled and printed incorrectly. Spirit change name policy will help you find the way how you can make changes to the name on tickets purchased from Spirit Airlines.

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Spirit Name Change Policy


About the Airline Itself

Spirit Airlines is a low-cost air carrier that provides all the options for the convenience of customers. This budget airline firmly believes in offering the best deals on flight bookings and making the flyers feel comfortable. We all have been there when you booked a flight and later come to find that the name on the ticket is mistakenly changed. What to do then? No need to panic, just adhere to the change name policy of spirit airlines. That way you can easily get the corrected name on your booked flight.  

Some of the sparkling notes about the airline are as discloses –

  • Spirit Airlines is a pivotal link in the USA-based aviation department.
  • The ultra-low-cost carrier was established in 1983 as Charter One but started serving customers in 1990.
  • It manages business operations from its prime office based in Miramar, Florida.
  • Furthermore, the airline demonstrates an enormous collection (around 175) of aircraft in the fleet.
  • Spirit Airlines utilizes resources and deploys energy to facilitate passengers across more than 80 destinations globally.
  • As of 2020, Spirit Airlines finds the 8th position amongst the largest passenger carrier in North America.

Spirit Airlines Change Name Policy

As per the instructions of the U.S. Department of Transportation, any passenger is allowed to modify their flight reservations at free of cost within 24 hours of booking the flight tickets. This included change, cancel the flight, and even change and correct the name on flight reservations. The Change name Policy of Spirit Airlines also follows the regulation and after 24 hours of reservation, charges a fee for a name change on flight reservations from passengers.  The sale of non-transferable tickets restricts any person to board the flight unless the passengers under whose name bookings were made.

Flight bookings that have to need a minor change in name(including the correction of the misspelled name) or legal name changes are eligible for free. This includes the name change that will be done to the whole leg of the trip and not for a part of the trip. Transferrable tickets allow another person to board the flight only after the necessary formalities are completed at the airport. 

What kinds of changes are covered under Spirit Flight Change Name policy?

  1. Misspelling of passenger’s name- If a minor correction is required for a misspelled name, Spirit Airlines allows name change to correct the mistake for free. You are requested to contact the reservation centers of Spirit Airlines at least 7 days before the date of the original departure. 
  2. In case of Legal Name Change – To request a free name change on reservations with Spirit in case you had your legal name changed. You are required to email to airlines with details of the reason for a name change along with supporting documents to Spirit’s Guest Relations Department at the following website www.spirit.com/help.  You can attach the documents in the space provided at bottom of the request form.
  3. To Correct the Passenger information- In case you need to make any other changes to the passenger information, you are requested to contact the Spirit Reservation center at 1-801-401-2222 or email at www.spirit.com/help. The changes include the date of birth, contact details, gender, passport information. The changes may also request you to provide the necessary documents to furnish your claim.

The supporting documents that are requested for a name change on reservations with Spirit Airlines are-

  • Marriage License
  • Court Order
  • Divorce Decree
  • Legal Name Change Document

Steps to Change name as per Spirit Flights change name policy

Opting for the best procedure for name modifications is worthful! It is good to do some research to find a legal and authenticated platform to raise the name change request with Spirit Airlines. Thankfully, the USA carrier endeavors remarkably and proposes some easy-to-follow mechanisms for name alterations. This segment of the piece intends to explore various channels approved by the airline visitors can choose to correct the name. It will share thoughts on both online and offline mediums to help you get along with the best fit.

Sometimes the Airlines may confirm your flight under the name that is detailed in your account with Spirit Airlines. To update the name change with the Spirit Airlines account, just read the following points.

Go to the form titled ‘Submit a complaint’ on the spirit airline website. Even though, you are not filing any complaint. Provide the details in the form like email address and under the subject, type “Name Change”. In the description, clearly write the Free Spirit account number, your old name, and the new name. You are also requested to attach supporting documents with the same information which are duly signed. Photocopies of the marriage license, photo ID (passport/driving license), and new photo ID (the updated passport/ driving license).

To change the name and other details on flight reservations, follow the steps mentioned below-

  1. Visit the Spirit Airlines website from your web browser.
  2. On the homepage, select the ‘Manage my travel’ bar that is available on the top corner.
  3. After selection, enter your name as mentioned in the passport and the confirmation number to your flight reservation that you received in confirmation mail from Spirit.
  4. Look for the upcoming trips, and then select the ‘Edit Booking’ option available.
  5. Enter the correct and updated details on the name change. Confirm your choices.
  6. The name change will be updated in the systems of Spirit Airlines.
  7. On refresh and next visit to the website, you can check the updated details.  

Spirit Airlines Name Change Offline

There’re countless people who consider digital activities complicated and insecure. Well, the airline plays brilliantly to aid such passengers and manifests some traditional ways in the flight change policy. Aspirants can explore the variety to choose the most appropriate tool. Here’s the mentioning:

Name change fee as per Spirit Name change policy

The name change fee is not properly structured. The airlines may charge up to $120 for itinerary changes. So, it seems to contact Spirit Airlines Reservations as a good option. In some cases, the name change can be done without paying a name change fee to the airlines. They demand that you furnish the documents requested for doing the same. They will give you tips in case you need assistance.

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The American service provider brings plenty of channels/mediums for passengers to raise the name change request. They can proceed by choosing any of the online or offline systems. It involves the official website, airport ticket counter and customer service number (1-866-939-0429).
Yes, Spirit Airlines customers enjoy the amenity under which they can conduct essential corrections in the name on the booking via the official website.
You can change the name after it is legally changed by submitting the marriage certificate.