Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy - Need to air travel with your child on Delta Airlines? Here’s the guide for you. When you need to travel across boundaries with your kid, you must be familiar with your air carrier policies and regulations. Each airline has a unique minor policy concerning passengers who want to travel with their children or infants. This is to elaborate on the Delta Airlines Unaccompanied minor policy.

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Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Delta Airlines is one of the major air carriers based in the USA. It is also the founding member of SkyTeam Airline Alliance. Further, the airline comes at the 2nd spot after American Airlines in the list of largest airlines in the world.

On the Fortune 500, Delta Airlines ranks at 69th. In collaboration with its subsidiaries, Delta Airlines operates over 5400 flights daily to serve passengers across 325 destinations in 52 nations. Overall, Delta Airlines is a low-fare air carrier service provides in the United States of America to ensure passengers get a comfortable journey.

Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Minor is a child who is below 18 years or under the care of his/her parents. When it comes to traveling via the air, carriers have no issue to transport adults globally. They all have standard policies for adults.

But it isn't the case when a minor need to travel on the aircraft. You will have to follow specific policies drafted for minor travelers to avoid chaos during the journey. Passengers can also contact our toll-free customer care number to get better insights into the policy.

In the aviation industry, young children are considered to be unaccompanied minors while traveling without parents or legal guardians. Airlines offer a service to assist them from their source station to the destination.

Major Highlights of the Delta Airlines Minor Policy

Delta Airlines promises to assist its esteemed visitors with comfortable and convivial air travel services at affordable prices. If you’re eager to know how Delta minor policy works and what it comprises for passengers, keep on reading till the end. Here’re the prime factors of the minor policy:

  • Delta Airlines allows infants and children under the age of 2 years to travel on the lap of an adult free of cost domestically. However, they can also buy a ticket to use a specific seat on the plane.
  • Furthermore, Delta Airlines follows FAA safety guidelines. As per rules, a customer is allowed to carry only one lap-held infant. In case they need to travel with 2 infants, they need to buy an additional ticket for the 2nd infant.
  • The airline doesn’t restrict pregnant women to travel. You also don’t need to obtain a medical certificate to travel with the carrier. However, Delta advises you to consult your doctor if you’re traveling after your 8th month.
  • Pregnant women can't waive the ticket change fee for pregnancy.
  • Infants under 7 days can't travel with Delta Airlines unless obtaining an approval letter from the physician.
  • Similarly, a child (0-2 years) may travel with a parent, legal guardian in the lap, or an FAA-approved child safety seat.
  • Children in lap can travel for free or nominal charges within the United States. However, they will incur 10% of the adult fare plus international taxes in case they travel internationally. In both cases, you must notify the airline so they can mention your baby on the ticket.
  • When your child travels on a separate seat, you must pay for the seat on both domestic and international flights.

Various Conditions When You Need to Buy a Ticket for your Kid

Adult passengers will have to buy a separate ticket for their children if they encounter the following scenarios:

  • When the child is 2 or more years old.
  • The child turns 2 during the trip
  • When you wish your child to sit in an FAA-approved child safety seat.
  • You already have a kid in your lap, irrespective of age.
  • In case you want your kid to earn miles via their SkyMiles account.
  • While traveling between nations, regardless of whether a child reserves a seat or not
  • Guidelines for Unaccompanied Minor Service

Below are some crucial highlights of the Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor service:

  • Unaccompanied minor service is needed for children between 5 and 14 years when they’re not traveling with an adult (minimum 18 years old) in the same apartment.
  • Further, kids aging 5 to 7 years can travel on nonstop flights only.
  • Similarly, children between 8 to 14 years can fly on nonstop or connecting flights. But the condition is that the connecting flight must be another Delta, KLM, Air France or a Delta Connection flight.
  • You don’t need an unaccompanied service for children 15 to 17. Delta Airlines can avail of this service if requested.
  • Significantly, Delta Airlines doesn’t book an unaccompanied child on the day’s last connecting flight. This is to avoid the overnight stay in a hotel. You can also contact 1-866-939-0429 for your doubts regarding connecting flights.
  • Moreover, Delta Airlines also doesn’t allow unaccompanied minors to board Red Eye (departing between 9 PM and 5 AM)flights.

Delta Airlines Minor Fee

Delta Airlines comes to serve customers with safe travel. Your child can travel alone under the unaccompanied minor program. But they have to bear a fee of US$150 at check-in. This is applicable for up to 4 children between 5 and 14. They will capture special amenities to enjoy a reliable trip.

Further, minors aging 15 to 17 can also get the unaccompanied program as per their guardian’s request. Under the program, visitors will get barcoded wristbands that track their journey.

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