Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy - With more than 45 years of service in airlines, Southwest Airlines continues with exemplary efforts making it a distinguished member from other air carriers. Due to the easy-to-follow and customer-friendly Southwest Airlines cancellation policies, make this airline company a big success in the United States as the largest domestic air carrier in 2003 and still maintains that ranking based on the U.S. Department of Transportation.

With the top travel experience, Southwest flights impress its customers with affordable pricing on tickets reservation, a hassle-free flight cancel policy. From making reservations to making changes in flight and even cancellation of flight, everything is easy with Southwest flights. In this post, we are going into detail about Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy.

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Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

About Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is a proficient carrier in the aviation orbit of the United States. It reflects an extraordinary approach when it comes to catering to visitors’ modern traveling requirements. The following are various substantial features of the service provider:

  • The major air carrier of the USA was born in 1967 as Air Southwest but commenced operations in 1971 as Southwest Airlines.
  • The chief business station of the airline is located in Dallas, Texas.
  • Furthermore, the massive fleet includes more than 700 (Boeing) aircraft.
  • Southwest Airlines is the largest low-cost aviation company in the world.
  • It offers exceptional travel solutions across a gigantic route network to connect over 120 destinations throughout the USA and 10 other countries.
  • Moreover, the carrier employs nearly 60,000 people to serve clients with better accommodations.

There might be scenarios when one needs to make changes or fully abort their travel plan. This often comes with a huge toll for people who travel in airplanes a lot due to airlines charging a huge fee for the changes made to the flight even before months. Canceling and making changes to the flight can often prove to be a troublesome process. This comes as a relief for Southwest Flights passengers because of its customer-friendly policy of keeping them happy to travel, No chargeable fees on flight cancellation.  Southwest Flights allow easy cancellation of tickets but one needs to know of these Cancellation Policies first.

What are the Steps to Cancel a Southwest Flight Reservation?

It is no secret that passengers always search for prominent alternatives and procedures when it comes to canceling air booking. Thankfully, visitors will have no nuisance with Southwest Airlines since they get a greater variety of options to terminate the reservation. Given the trending prospects of digitization, Southwest Airlines strives critically to furnish internet-based methods along with traditional concepts. Ultimately, passengers will not argue while raising the flight cancellation request with Southwest Airlines.

Ticket cancellation with Southwest flights is a simple process. Through the following segments, you’ll have a good piece of knowledge of multiple platforms you can choose from for ticket cancellations. It will illustrate both online and offline procedures to help you select the healthier option. Let’s hop right in!

Southwest Airlines Ticket Cancellation Online

Going digital is fruitful! The internet-driven era stimulates you to opt for web technologies for efficiency, accuracy, and proficiency in the work. Southwest Airlines passengers can trash the booking online using simple steps.

Ticket cancellation with Southwest flights is a simple process. You simply need to follow these easy steps as mentioned below-

  • Step 1- Fire up your browser and go to then click ‘Flight’ in the header and tap or click the ‘Manage Reservation’ tab.
  • Step 2- Enter your Confirmation Number, First name, and Last name of a Passenger with a reservation on the ‘Retrieve Air Reservation’ page to pull up your reservation details.
  • Step 3- You can then see your reservation on the “Your Reservation Details” page. Look for the Cancel link on the line which includes your Confirmation number. Then click the link to review your cancellation details.
  • Step 4- If you only have available non-refundable points, the option to Hold for future use can only be seen then. After that, click on the Cancel flight button to cancel the reservation for passengers as per your choice.
  • Step 5- If you have any refundable funds available, you will see the only option called "Refundable".  You can then either request a refund or Hold for future use as a Travel Fund. Click on the "Cancel flight" option to cancel the reservation for passengers as per your wish.

The steps listed above will help you to easily cancel your flight. Once your cancellation is confirmed by Airlines, the refund amount will reflect in your account as a credit for later use. Further, refunds in credit cards may take up to two billing cycles to appear on the statement.

Southwest Airlines Ticket Cancellation Offline

Additionally, the American service provider also discloses some offline systems for users in need. It includes:

  • Airport Ticket Counter
  • Kiosk
  • Customer Helpdesk Number (1-866-939-0429)

Southwest Airlines Cancel Flight Policy 2022

Southwest Airline is one of the most reliable airlines in the United States. With the comfortable travel experience to passengers, Southwest flights are popular among people for their policies. Automatically, they have also an easy cancellation policy. Southwest went so far as forsaking any difference in fares when changing and even canceling flights. But one has to watch for their strict policy of “No- Show policy”.

You do still need to actually CANCEL your flight if not planning to travel.  The Southwest no-show policy states that if you just don’t show up to the airport, your funds will NOT be refunded. Southwest flight cancel policy applies to all fare types, though the Southwest cancel flight policy is even more liberal with the more expensive Business Select or Anytime flights. For those, the Southwest flights refund policy allows passengers to get a full refund back on their credit card (or Rapid Rewards points balance).

What is Southwest Flight Refund Policy? 

 The Southwest Airlines refund policy can be broken into smaller and simpler parts are follow-

  1. Fares booked with points - On cancellation of a flight booked with points, the remaining point balance will be refunded to the account from which it was booked. Any further taxes and fees will be eligible for a refund.
  2. EarlyBird Check-In® Refundability - All EarlyBird Check-In purchases do not amount to any refund. Customers who cancel their flight will have to leave the funds they used to purchase EarlyBird Check-In. In the event of canceling a flight from the airline's side, it will refund the cost of any EarlyBird Check-Ins purchased.

Also, the popular Wanna Get Away fares are reusable but not refundable, thus can only be used by the original ticketed Passenger. Travel Funds associated with your Wanna Get Away fare can be used for future travel as long as you:

  • Cancel the reservation in compliance with our No Show Policy (i.e., at least 10 minutes prior to departure).
  • Complete the air travel within one year of the original date you purchased your ticket.

Additional information to refund policy-

The fare types- Business Select and Anytime fares are refundable; Wanna Get Away fares are only reusable.

Unused, refundable tickets carrying no restrictions can be applied for future travel or refunded within one year from the date of the issue.

All eligible refunds are returned to the customer according to their original form of payment for flight reservations.

Southwest Airlines Refunds Department normally processes an eligible refund to the original credit/debit card within seven business days from the date they receive the cancellation request. The card-issuing bank may then take up to ten business days to reflect the refund as a credit to the account.

Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Flexibility for Your Travel Plans

Southwest Airlines is known for its customer-friendly policies, and the Flight Cancellation Policy is no exception.

24-Hour Cancellation

Southwest Airlines allows passengers to cancel their flights within 24 hours of booking for a full refund. This policy offers flexibility, especially when your plans change suddenly.

Cancellation Beyond 24 Hours

If you need to cancel your flight beyond the 24-hour window, you'll receive travel funds that can be used for future bookings. This provides a level of financial security for your travel plans.

No Change Fees

Southwest Airlines does not charge any change fees. You can change your flight with no additional cost, although a difference in fare may apply.

Points Refund

If you booked your flight using Rapid Rewards points and need to cancel, your points will be refunded to your account.

When you book a flight with Southwest Airlines, you can rest easy knowing that they offer flexible options for cancellations and changes. Here's a detailed breakdown of their cancellation policy:

Cancellation Timeframe
  • You can cancel a flight with Southwest Airlines at any time before the scheduled departure.
  • However, if you cancel within 24 hours of booking, you are eligible for a full refund.
  • Cancellations made after 24 hours may result in a travel credit that can be used for future flights.
Canceling a Southwest Flight
  • To cancel your Southwest flight, visit their official website and log in to your account.
  • Navigate to your reservation and select the flight you wish to cancel.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the cancellation process.
Refund Process

If you are eligible for a refund, it will be processed to your original payment method.

Keep in mind that the time it takes for the refund to reflect in your account may vary based on your payment provider.

Important Note

Southwest Airlines does not charge a cancellation fee, making it an excellent choice for travelers who value flexibility.

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy

Sometimes, it's not a cancellation you need but a change in your travel plans. Southwest Airlines offers options for flight changes as well:

Change Timeframe
  • You can change your flight at any time before departure.
  • Similar to cancellations, if you make changes within 24 hours of booking, you won't incur any fees.
  • Changes made after 24 hours may result in additional charges or refunds depending on the fare rules.
Changing Your Southwest Flight
  • Visit the Southwest Airlines website and log in to your account.
  • Access your reservation and select the flight you want to change.
  • Follow the prompts to make the necessary adjustments.
Fare Differences
  • If your new flight is more expensive, you will be required to pay the fare difference.
  • If the new flight is cheaper, you may receive a refund or travel credit for the price difference.
What is Southwest Airlines' 24-hour cancellation policy?

Southwest Airlines allows passengers to cancel their flights within 24 hours of booking for a full refund.

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