Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy- Pet animals offer the comfort of companionship and emotional support. People take the pets with them wherever they go. No one wants to leave their fluffy friends behind when going out of the city.  Taking pets alongside you for a flight can prove troublesome when you don’t know the pet policy of the airlines you are traveling in. We have come across many flyers facing the problem of getting clearance of taking pets with them. So, in this post, we have presented the Spirit Airlines Pet policy in such an easy to comprehend manner.

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Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

Spirit Airlines is one of the best low-cost American airlines that help passengers to travel all across the country. It is known for adding additional charges on baggage, check-in baggage. Comfort travel with Spirit Airlines is possible only if the bookings were made ahead of time. You can save money if you book flights and add pets to the reservations at an early stage.  

Pet Policy- Travel with pets

Spirit Airlines allows small pets to board the plane. You can accommodate your pets in the flight cabin only. Pets are not kept in the cargo region of the airplane. Pet fees must be paid at the time of reservation of air tickets to reserve the space for pet containers. The policy is different in some sense for Emotional Support Animals and Service Animals. The pet animals allowed in the aircraft cabin are- 

• Dogs 

• Cats 

• Domestic Birds 

• Domestic rabbits

Spirit Airlines strictly restricts the transportation of exotic pets like snakes, spiders, rodents, and exotic birds. Pets are not allowed to accompany the passenger on international flights. The Spirit Airlines pet policy makes only space for six pet compartments on the cabin of each flight. It permits a limit of 2 pets in one compartment and one holder for each passenger. 

Pet reservation fees

Spirit Airlines charges a fee of $110 on carrying a pet container, each way. This means two flights, pet policy charges a fee of 220 USD. The pet compartments should adhere to the size requirements mentioned in the pet policy and should be kept in the cabin. A compartment for a pet that doesn’t exceed the limits of18" X 14" X 9" in size and 40 pounds in weight is permissible to be kept in the flight cabin.

Transportation rules laid by Spirit Airlines-

 For a pet to travel safely with you on Spirit airline flight, you should make sure that- 

• The pet is held in a container that is ventilated. 

• Pet cannot be taken out from the carrier at any point in time during the flight. 

• Pet travel carrier is counted as carry-on baggage by the airline. So, you should be ready to pay the fee for carrying the same. 

• Your pet must be docile, clean, and harmless to others while on the flight and do not require to be taken out from the carrier during the flight.

Some checkpoints are listed without which the guide on the pet policy will be incomplete-

1. Pet carrier is not considered as checked baggage. Spirit airline only allows them inside the cabin.

2. Spirit does not require a health certificate if the pet is with you in the air cabin except when flying to the Virgin Islands.

3. If you are flying your pet to Puerto Rico, then you must carry a certificate of rabies vaccination.

4. You must follow the seating protocols laid by the airline. Spirit allows you to take a seat anywhere within the cabin except for the first row seats and in the emergency exit rows.

5. You are required to give advance notice to the airline regarding your pet traveling alongside you on Spirit airline flight.

Beyond Pet animals, you are also allowed to take ESA (Emotional Support Animals) and Service Animals.

Spirit airlines offer no restriction on travel of ESA provided you have the necessary documentation ready. Spirit requires you to contact at least 48 hours before the flight, so that pet can be added to the airway bill and you need to check 90 minutes before the usual check-in time.  Accommodation for ESA of a breed like ferrets, reptiles, rodents, spiders is restricted on Spirit as they can cause unrest and fear among the other travelers.

Service Animals are accepted on Spirit airline provided they are trained to assist the person diagnosed with a disability.  The passenger needs to provide either identification cards, a certificate from a medical counselor stating the need for service animals, or a reasonable assurance by the individual with the disability.  Optional documents include a letter from a licensed veterinarian.

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