Spirit Airlines Group Booking and Group Travel

Spirit Airlines Group Booking and Group Travel - Flying with family, friends on airplanes is a wonderful experience. Vacations in exotic places or a group hangout, you need the whole pack on the same flight. This post will help you in making a successful group booking on Spirit Airlines. There are many travel agencies out there that book the flight tickets of a whole group on their behalf. So, it is better to know about the Spirit Airlines Group Booking and Group tour policy. Now, you don’t have to wander anywhere else, reading this post to the end can help you make a wise decision in booking for a group trip on a Spirit Airlines flight.

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Spirit Airlines Group Booking and Group Travel

Spirit Airlines is the most popular ULCC (Ultra-low-cost carrier) in the United States. Some of the best deals on airfares on selected routes in the US are available with Spirit Airlines. Founded in 1980, Spirit Airlines covers almost 67 destinations throughout the US, Latin America, and South America. This air carrier ranks at 7th position in the largest commercial airline. Spirit Airline is headquartered in Miramar, Florida. The cheap tickets on Spirit Airline for group tours are available as bundles. The tickets are available on the official website of Spirit Airlines.

About Spirit Airlines Group Booking and Group Travel policy

The groups of 10 or more people can take the advantage of the Spirit Airline Group tour program. People travel in a group for lots of reasons. These might include-

  • No more suffering from homesickness.
  • Luggage can be easily carried now as there are more hands to give help.
  • They feel more secure and sound in a group.

Keeping this in mind, Spirit Airlines started the Group tour program. The group travel quotes on flight tickets are available once customers fill out the Group Form Request. Airlines then send the travel quotes within 3 business days. The quotes for a group booking will not be provided over the phone. In case you need any assistance from spirit airline customer service about the group travel, keep the confirmation code close when you give a call. 

Benefits of Spirit Flights Group Travel Program

There are many advantages to booking group tour tickets on Spirit airline. The flight tickets for group travel are sometimes cheap and more affordable with Spirit Airline. Some of these benefits include-

  • You can get confirmed seats for 10 or more people in a group without making full payment for 60 days of travel. 
  • You can make a name change on the flight reservation free of charge up to 30 days before the original date of departure
  • Ticketless travel, meaning you can travel without tickets when taking a flight in a group
  • Spirit airline also has dedicated group travel specialists to assist the passengers traveling in a group with travel questions or concerns.

How to Book Group Travel tickets on Spirit Flights?

There are some simple steps to launch the procedure of Group Booking on Spirit flight. After reading these steps and following them in the same order will make it easier for you to book tickets for the whole group when planning group travel on Spirit Airline flight.

  • Visit the official website of Spirit flights from your smartphone and desktop.
  • Select the type of trip you are planning your group to fly.
  • Next comes filling in the details like departure airport, arrival airport, names, and contact information of the passengers in the group travel plan. 
  • Now, enter the preferred dates of travel. 
  • Select the class of air tickets you wish to purchase from economy to first class.
  • Then, choose Spirit airline as the preferred airline to fly with.
  • The process will redirect you to the payment page, you are asked for the preferred payment method.
  • Enter the payment-related details as requested based on your selection of payment method.
  • Complete the payment process. 
  • The reserved flight tickets for group travel are sent to your email address.

Additional information on the Group Travel program of Spirit Flights

There are some additional points that a person must be aware of before booking the tickets using the Spirit Airline Group Travel program. These are as follows-

  • A group reservation can be confirmed only when a non-refundable booking fee of $5.00 per person is paid.
  • For travel within 60 days of a making group booking, full payment is requested. While for travel outside the 60 days, the non-refundable amount of $40 per person is due to be paid within 7 days of the booking. 
  • Final payment for group travel booking with a name list of the passengers is to be paid 60 days before the scheduled departure
  • A customer can only use a single method of payment to reserve flight tickets. All major credit cards and checks are acceptable to Spirit. 
  • For name change in less than 30 days before the scheduled departure, a name change fee of $50.00 is applicable. 
  • When the booking for group travel is confirmed with Spirit, then individual flight cancellations are not permitted. 

What are the benefits of using Airlines ticket policy?

From Pet policy to flight change and name change policy, all sort of information related to the policies of various airlines is available on Airlines ticket policy. The information presented on this online portal is simple to understand and provide the benefits of saving money to the customers from the different kind of fees that airline charge for making the changes to the itinerary. 

You can find more info about Spirit Flight Group Booking and group Travel by calling 1-866-939-0429!