Philippine Airlines Cancellation Policy

Philippine Airlines Cancellation Policy - Finding trouble while cancelling the Philippine Airlines ticket? This blog is all about what you need to know at this juncture. Canceling the Philippine reservation can be a complicated affair. But one can conquer the process seamlessly by adhering to the Philippine Airlines Cancel Flight policy. How can you put strides with it? Let’s move ahead to consider.

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Philippine Airlines Cancellation Policy

It seems pertinent to share some thoughts about the air carrier before we start dealing with the question under consideration. With the headquarter at PNB Financial Center in Pasay, Philippine Airlines is one of the major carriers of the Philippine. The flag carrier pledges to deliver low-cost services through a whopping route network across domestic and international sites.

Furthermore, Philippine Airlines was founded in 1941. It manages around 95 (Airbus and Boeing) aircraft in the fleet to serve customers in 31 domestic and over 50 international places. Some of the favorite destinations conclude East Asia, Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, Oceania, and the Middle East, etc.

Philippine Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy: Major Features and Highlights

It is a common exercise to cancel the flight after the reservation. Certain circumstances may arise suddenly to put air passengers in the dilemma of cancelling the ticket unwillingly. It could be an intricating moment for flyers, certainly. Air travelers dealing with Philippine Airlines are always in their comfort zone while executing various practices and policies of the airline.

Concerning the Philippine reservation cancellation policy, customers are allowed to cancel the flight at any point in time. The airline underlines smooth steps across different flight cancellation scenarios. Further, Philippine Airlines understands the severity of critical conditions such as the death of the passenger’s relative, bad weather or health concerns, visa issues, military or judiciary orders, etc.

Upon facing any of these or any other circumstances, Philippine Airlines flyers can step forward to cancel their flights without any issue. Before they proceed further, it is recommended to acquaint them with the official flight cancellation guidelines to involve a smoother process.

Key Highlights –

Here is what Philippine Airlines proposes under the constitution:

  • The topmost and noteworthy element is that the Philippines-based airline doesn’t allow passengers to cancel the ticket online. Regardless of the ticket type, one can’t opt for the web-based procedures to cancel the reservation.
  • Furthermore, you can cancel the Philippine Airlines ticket only when it is booked online or via the airline’s service center.
  • The cancellation process can be performed by approaching the Philippine reservation center via telephone or by sending the mail to the concerned authority.
  • In terms of cancellation penalties, it entirely depends upon the nature of the ticket.
  • In case you’re eligible for the refund, the same will be transferred to the original form of payment.
  • Travelers can request a refund against the unused portion of the ticket.
  • Likewise, international tickets can be canceled within 24 hours of departure time.
  • Passengers can also seek a refund upon cancelling the refundable ticket.

NOTE: You can dial the Philippine Airlines Customer Service Number +1-888-474-0163 to snatch more details about the policy.

How to Cancel the Philippine Airlines Reservation?

Philippine Airlines welcomes travelers approach who wants to cancel the flight due to certain urgency. The airline is globally-advocated for bestowing flyers with outstanding services to make the air journey within the reach of the average population.

While encountering flight cancellation scenarios, Philippine Airlines suggests advanced systems to perform the procedure flawlessly. As illustrated above, we can’t undergo online technologies to cancel the flight. However, it accepts flight cancellation requests through other modes. Let’s dig deeper.

Airline Reservation Number

Canceling the flight can be plausible when you decide to contact the Philippine Airlines reservation department. They offer an around-the-clock active phone number to attend and to solve customers’ queries immediately. You will have to share your booking details with the airline’s officials to meet the desired objective.

Philippine Airlines Reservation Department Number: +1-888-474-0163

Airport Ticket Office

Visiting the nearest airport is also a great option to cancel the Philippine reservation. You get the chance to talk to the company officials directly and ask them for flight cancellation procedures. They will perform the task for you with the best offers and deals available for your ticket.


The flight request can be made by sending an email to the airline as well. It should involve comprehensive details about your ticket to make the process convenient, quick, and hassle-free.

Philippine Airlines Refund Policy

There’re certain provisions under which Philippine customers can demand a full refund against the cancelled ticket. According to the Philippine refund policy, passengers are truly eligible for the full refund when they cancel the flight within 24 hours after the booking.

Moreover, the full refund can be requested either by sending the mail or by calling the customer service department. In case your ticket features a cancellation penalty, the refund amount will be transferred after penalty deductions. A customer will not be eligible for a refund against booking upgrades, extra legroom, or choice seats.

Philippine Airlines Flight Cancellation Fee

The airline captures a well-framed fee structure for canceling flights. A certain penalty is applicable for flight cancellation, it is variable, and however. The fee charges absolutely fluctuate as per the ticket type you’re going to cancel.

For deeper insights into the cancellation fee chart of Philippine Airlines, you can dial +1-888-474-0163. The toll-free number is active day & night to serve customers promptly.

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