Travelocity Name change/Correction Policy

Travelocity Name Change/Correction Policy – Travelers may have to undergo some difficult minutes if they make a spelling error on their flight tickets. However, in today's technological day, everything appears to be more favorable and simple! This blog is dedicated to demonstrating the Travelocity Name Change/Correction Policy to assist customers who may need to do so. To operate the process genuinely, you will capture a full examination of various methods and rules.

Travelocity Name change/Correction Policy

Travelocity will make simple changes to your reservation, such as correcting the spelling of your name or moving it to reserve, for little or no charge. For further details about Travelocity's name correction policy, call +1-866-939-0429 (toll-free).

About Travelocity

Anyone who has used Travelocity's internet platform is knowledgeable about the benefits it offers to the public at large. It is a travel company based in the United States that provides online support to people scheduling travels between different regions. It's been about 24 years since Travelocity officially began operating. A team at Worldview created the idea of growing their online travel database in 1994, and the platform was released a year later.

Travelocity is the first of its kind, with a website that allows consumers to identify the expenses of flight tickets, hotel accommodations, car hire, cruises, and vacation packages. They can not only compare pricing, but also learn more about the lodgings, amenities, and client testimonies offered by various service providers. Additionally, the internet allows them to purchase these services quickly and easily.

Name Change/Correction Guidelines for Travelocity

  • Your reservation must be made under the same name as the photo identification you have on file with the administration (for example driving license for a national flight or your passport for international travel). If your name is misspelled, you may be denied boarding or access to your trip.
  • When a legal name change happens, some airlines allow for spelling alterations or name changes. You may be forced to cancel your prior travel arrangements and make a new one with the right name in specific cases. Changes to the name of the traveler specified on your airline tickets are not permitted.
  • The airline may impose a processing fee and/or a higher rate if you alter your name on your travel tickets.
  • According to the carrier and the sort of itinerary you have acquired, a name change may take some time to complete because it requires both our support personnel and the airline. If you have many airlines in your booking, there may be distinct change requirements for each of them.
  • To prevent processing delays, please check your automated email and double-check your booking with Travelocity.

After you complete and submit the application form, a member of our customer care center will contact you to advise you of the airline's name amendment procedure and any associated costs. Even though a revision can be difficult, Travelocity will endeavor to minimize any delays.

On Travelocity, the process of revising or correcting the name is in progress.

  • Log in to your Travelocity account.
  • Select My Tours in the top right-hand corner.
  • Choose the Upcoming icon to find your appointment (to the right of My Tours).
  • Select the Manage Reservation option to the right of the flight details.
  • If the registration can be canceled, a Cancel my Flight option will appear.

To contact the flight alteration customer service hotline, dial + 1 888-974-1691 after clicking the link Travelocity Name Change or Correction through the phone. Our dedicated and skilled expert will double-check your travel management information and make any necessary modifications on your behalf.

While a representative from Travelocity will take every opportunity to modify your hotel or airline tickets, they cannot make that promise. You will be responsible for paying any alterations fees levied by the air carrier or hotel.

Conclusion –

This is where the role of the airline ticket policy is found. It is an audiovisual platform that will offer you the most up-to-date details about flying, including news, suggestions, scenarios, and updates. It provides thorough insights into the adaptable policies and guidelines used by various service providers. Call the subject matter specialists at + 1 888-974-1691 to find out more about Travelocity Airlines' name rectification policy.

The aviation industry is continuing to grow swiftly because of the usage of cutting-edge advancements and travel options. As a result, travelers need to be up to date with the latest aviation-related laws, practices, and procedures.

People Also Ask:

Q1: Say I want to sell it again. My reservation with Travelocity?

You may. All it takes to be able to purchase and sell your flight bookings is a simple name change, provided that the hotel and flight arrangements allow name changes. You can also be required to pay an adjustment fee in addition to any airline expenses.

But did you know that the Package Travel Directive, which is applicable throughout the European Union, requires those tour operators to enable package vacation renewals? Any trip that involves buying two distinct forms of transportation, such as a hotel room, and a plane ticket, is referred to as a package tour. Using Travelocity, you must be capable of changing the name of the vacation recipient.

Q2: What happens if your ticket doesn't have a second surname?

If you have a double title and the 2nd surname is not displayed on your air ticket, call the airlines or the travel agency that made your reservation to modify the name on your trip bookings. A passenger's airline ticket and any other proof of identity they are presenting should always match the information on the ticket. Please omit any special characters from your name when making a reservation if it contains any. You can also read our post on adding your name to your Preferential Airlines registration for more information.

Q3: How much does it cost to change a name on a plane ticket?

The cost of revising the name on a flight ticket is depending upon the airline you're flying with. While many air carriers charge a fee to transmit another passenger the travel information, they frequently fix small errors without charging anything. Travelers occasionally pay a cancellation charge when a flight needs to be rescheduled under a different name.