Swoop Airlines Name Change Policy

Swoop Airlines Name Change Policy – If you made a mistake when booking your travel with Swoop Airlines, you need not worry because the airline offers its customers flexibility so they may easily make modifications to their reservation. Changes to the date, name, flight cabin and other details are permitted under specific conditions, which you will learn about in this post. This blog is going to educate you about Swoop Airlines Name Change Policy.

Swoop Airlines Name Change Policy

Additionally, our support system is extremely responsive and available for additional help at +1-888-474-0163 (Toll-Free).

About Swoop Airlines

An extremely cheap Canadian airline is called Swoop. It was introduced in June 2018 and is a WestJet subsidiary. Service is concentrated on routes from major Canadian cities to well-liked warm locations in the Caribbean, Mexico, and the United States. The only kind of aircraft used is Boeing 737-800s. There are 189 regular Economy Class seats on the aircraft. Wi-Fi and streamed in-flight entertainment are among Swoop's special features, along with USB ports and AC 110V power outlets accessible at every seat.

Swoop operates flights from its Canadian base in Calgary under the IATA code WO. The first Ultra Low-Cost Carrier in Canada, Swoop is known as a ULCC. They operate from its base in Calgary, Canada, and have the IATA code WO. Although they keep the prices so low, only the ticket for going from point A to point B is provided.

Currently, Swoop flies to Winnipeg, Edmonton, Hamilton, Halifax, and Edmonton. Swoop plans to shortly add a lot more locations. You have the choice to prepay for your seat onboard using Swoop.

Key highlights of Swoop Airlines Name Change Policy

  • We note that flights are non-transferable in our terms and conditions. This implies that we are unable to add a new traveler to the booking with a different name. However, you can fix a misspelling right there at the airport.
  • It is not necessary to add middle names to your reservation because they are not necessary for travel. When finishing your online check-in 24 hours before departure, middle names can be added to the protected flight details for an aircraft leaving or landing in the United States or at an overseas station. The first and last names of a traveler must coincide with the documentation they are using to travel.
  • When making the reservation, enter the letters "LNU" in the first name field if you only have one legal name (given or last), and your legal name in the last name field if you have more than one. For "Last Name Unknown," use this.
  • Individuals are not permitted to alter or update the name of Swoop Airlines. Anyone who wants to change their name must therefore cancel their reservation. To quickly cancel your reservations, use the Manage Bookings tab on Swoop Airlines. After canceling the reservations, you can create a new reservation under the proper name.

Manage your booking with Swoop Airlines

You may manage your flight reservations with Swoop Airlines using a variety of options. By going to the Swoop website, users can choose the online approach. Customers can also get assistance from customer service. The processes to manage your reservation with Swoop Airlines are as follows.

  • The travelers must access and register on Swoop Airlines' official website.
  • Passengers are instructed to select the "Manage my Bookings" option after logging in.
  • The users will be directed to the booking options after selecting the tab.
  • The next step is for the travelers to choose which reservation they want to cancel or reschedule.
  • The flyers will then need to follow the prompts to continue.
  • To complete the cancellation procedure, click "Yes, Cancel" one last time.
  • The airline will then send the consumer a confirmation email after the process is complete.
  • You can book a new flight with the proper name after canceling the one you had previously with the erroneous name.

Manage your flight tickets via Customer Care

To handle Swoop Airline flights, customers can always give the customer support team a call if they have any questions about the cancellation process at +1-888-474-0163 (Toll-Free). To make modifications to your flight tickets, you can speak with airline specialists. When phoning the support hotline, you must have your flight information on hand.

Take Away

Our main goal at Airlines Ticket Policy is to give you the most accurate and recent information on airline policies. Additionally, our support system is extremely responsive and available for additional help at +1-888-474-0163 (Toll-Free).

Swoop Airlines Flights Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Which locations does Swoop Airlines serve?

Tickets for Swoop Airlines are available for travel to many locations, including Cancun, Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.

Q2: What is Swoop Airlines' cancellation fee?

If an airline passenger cancels a ticket, they will be responsible for a specific fee. The fees charged by Swoop Airlines are described in the following.

  • For tickets purchased and canceled within the risk-free 24-hour period, no Swoop Airlines cancellation fee will be assessed.
  • A cancellation fee applies to tickets that are canceled after 24 hours after purchase.
  • There is a cost associated with altering the flight's itinerary.
  • If adjustments are made between seven and three days before departure, a $150 fee may be assessed.
  • When there are seven or more days till departure, a fee of $100 may be imposed for the alterations.
  • However, if adjustments are made after modification, only a $10 fee may be assessed. However, only one alteration is permitted per the policy.
Q3: How can I book inexpensive flights on Swoop Airlines?

Travelers can get cheap flights with Swoop Airlines using many tricks. A few of these hacks are:

  • You can receive significant savings on your plane tickets by purchasing through OTAs.
  • Get regular updates on flight bargains from Qatar Airways by subscribing to the newsletter.
  • You can find cheap tickets by scheduling your flights during an odd time.
  • Plan ahead and purchase your airline tickets to avoid spending more at the last minute.
  • You can save money on travel by using the incognito mode in your browser.
Q4: Are tickets for Swoop Airlines less expensive at the airport?

At the airport, flights are never less expensive. Online airline reservations can help you save a lot of money on airfare because these companies provide a variety of offers, discounts, and promotional coupons. To find the lowest tickets, you can take advantage of market competition. It is uncommon to find exhilarating deals on flight reservations at the airport.