SriLankan Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

SriLankan Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy –It is of top significance to review various rules and guidelines before booking an air ticket. Getting an incorrect name on the booking can threaten you but you can follow prescribed instructions to rectify the same. In this blog, we commit to delineating the SriLankan Airlines name correction policy to help people who found the name misspelled on the booking. Visitors can go through the article until the end to carry on with the procedure legitimately.

SriLankan Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

Also, air commuters can get in touch with aviation experts by dialing the toll-free customer support number +1-888-474-0163.

Modifying the Incorrect Name on the Booking

Mistakes are usual in routine life! When it comes to the aviation domain, people carry forward the same trend and conduct silly mistakes sometimes. Entering the flight details incorrectly (partially or wholly) is one of the common activities during the reservation process. Amongst others, providing the wrong name spellings is the frequent affair visitors come across. Accidently, they do provide the name details incorrectly and get surprised to see the same on the printed PNR.

  • Aviation rules mention that the passenger’s name on all documents (ticket, passport, etc.) must match.
  • There shouldn’t be any difference between characters on the ticket and passport.
  • No airline allows travelers to board the flight with the wrong name on the booking.
  • Individuals can modify the name before the flight departure date.
  • The concerned client’s booking may get terminated in case he/she fails to rectify the details within the allotted time.

The lesson to learn is that a customer needs to be active during the reservation process. They should provide accurate details to avoid inconveniences that may possibly arrive in the future.

About SriLankan Airlines

SriLankan Airlines is a prestigious service provider in the aviation industry of Sri Lanka. It is formed to deliver premier travel solutions to global clients across multiple destinations. Rapid analysis of the following pointers will give you in-depth details about the airline:

  • SriLankan Airlines is a flag carrier of the country.
  • It came into existence in December 1979 (as Air Lanka) and started operations in 1998.
  • In terms of destinations and fleet size, SriLankan Airlines is the largest carrier in the country.
  • Further, the main hub of the airline finds roots at Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake.
  • In May 2014, SriLankan Airlines entered the Oneworld Alliance.
  • In the fleet, the SriLankan air transporter houses around 25 (Airbus) aircraft.
  • The route network of the airline spreads to connect over 110 destinations in 51 countries.

SriLankan Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy – Key Highlights 2022

In the context of helping visitors in the aviation department, the Sri Lankan service provider ensures greater quality and flexibility across service panels. Customers are always an integral part of the thought process of the carrier while documenting various service policies and guidelines. In terms of the name change policy, the aviation organization reflects user-friendly laws and provisions to accommodate clients with superior comfort. It features a blissful approach while entertaining the name change/correct request of travelers.

Getting your name on the SriLankan Airlines ticket spelled incorrectly?

You don’t need to be distressed at all!

The Sri Lankan aviation giant permits you to conduct essential name corrections on the booking.

Take a glance at various blazing features and specifications of the respective policy to acquire more insights:

  • A visitor can raise the name change request with SriLankan Airlines according to the policy.
  • The Sri Lankan airline allows users to make essential name modifications and changes before departure.
  • You can rectify the name for a few characters only. The full change of name isn’t allowed.
  • Further, the carrier promotes multiple channels (online and offline)for aspirants who desire to amend the name on the booking.
  • You can initiate the name change process if it is legally changed after marriage/divorce. A legal document is required, however.
  • Significantly,SriLankan Airlines doesn’t permit the transfer of the ticket to another passenger’s name.
  • It is beneficial to approach the third-party travel agent for name modifications in case the booking is created with them.
  • SriLankan Airlines entertains name correction requests for tickets obtained via authorized channels only.
  • Importantly, the Sri Lanka-based aviation organizer may ask for a specific name change fee under certain conditions.

How to Modify the Name on the SriLankan Airlines Booking?

SriLankan Airlines passengers will not have a single channel to raise their voices. The carrier brings numerous platforms forward one can choose from to initiate the name correction procedure. This phase of the blog stresses some authorized methods recognized under the dedicated policy. Let’s check them out.

SriLankan Airlines Name Correction Online

It is one of the fastest ways when you select to opt for the digital method. You can apply for ticket name corrections using the following steps –

  • Explore the official website ( using your favorite web browser.
  • Execute your account credentials to log into the airline account.
  • Now, a user can move with the dedicated tab named ‘My Booking’ or ‘Manage Booking.’
  • Next, you’ll have to provide your booking details such as reservation code and family name.
  • Pick the appropriate booking from the listing you want to change the name for.
  • Make sure your name on the booking must follow the same characters on the passport.
  • It is important to pay the name correction fee if eligible.
  • SriLankan Airlines, in the end, will notify you about changes you made.

You can seek instant help if required at the customer service number +1-888-474-0163.

SriLankan Airlines Name Correction Offline

There would be no frustration for those who yearn to trigger the process via traditional systems. The airline takes care of visitors remarkably with flexible services and solutions. It embraces users with the following flexibilities:

SriLankan Airlines Name Correction Fee

The Sri Lankan aviation provider furnishes a straightforward price policy for name correction facilities. It permits customers to make minor name corrections without paying a fee. There would be specific fees under other situations and scenarios, however. Another key highlight to note is that the service fee will deviate according to several factors. Therefore, it is always brilliant to gain the latest fee figures at the official website or +1-888-474-0163.

SriLankan Airlines Name Change Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques 1) What is the legitimate way to make name corrections with SriLankan Airlines?

Ans 1) There are several procedures and methods to conduct name corrections on the SriLankan Airlines reservation. You can do so using the official website, airport ticket counter, or customer helpline number +1-888-474-0163.

Ques 2) How to amend the name on the SriLankan Airlines booking online?

Ans 2) Aspirants can raise the name correction request digitally via the official website of SriLankan Airlines.

Ques 3) Is there any fee to change the passenger’s name on the ticket of SriLankan Airlines?

Ans 3) Well, the airline doesn’t impose any service fee for making minor corrections in the name on the booking. Travelers may have to bear certain charges under other circumstances. It depends upon the time of the request, destination airport, route, fare type, the class of the service, etc.