Southwest Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

Southwest Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy - Mistakes and faults are quite common in air tickets and can occur with anyone. After all, human mistakes are taken into consideration in the aviation industry, particularly for name changes or corrections. So, when it comes to Southwest Airlines' name change policy, one must acknowledge it thoroughly. The airline does not permit travellers to shift their tickets to anyone else.

Southwest Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

However, Southwest Airlines' Name Change policy can be helpful for travellers, in case travellers need to make some rectifications in spelling. Southwest Airlines, being an acclaimed airline, guarantees travellers the best facilities. So, in case you have made a spelling mistake while reserving the flight ticket, correct it within 24 hours after booking. And it will be of no cost for you. If you want to change it after 24 hours of booking, you will have to pay a nominal charge according to the name change policies. Also, you can reach out to Airlines Ticket Policy customer support at +1-888-474-0163 for further guidance.

What is the Name Change Policy for Southwest Airlines?

  • The name change policy for Southwest Airlines lets passengers change their last name on the reservation. Also, it is simply because of certain circumstances, i.e., lawful conditions like marriage or separation.
  • The Southwest Airlines name change policy does not apply to members of the airline's rapid reward program. Some highlights of the policy can be found here. Nonetheless, it is liable to regular customer contracts.
  • The carrier doesn't permit travellers to move the pass to somebody with a current PNR.
  • When the name change has been finished, the carrier will send the ticket for issuance. There will be certain charges that travellers need to pay.
  • The name change expense will be material for the toll contrast for flight reservations that incorporate departures from interline or codeshare arrangement accomplices.
  • On occasion, the ticket contains multiple fare rules. Then the prohibitive charge rules are forced on the ticket while handling the name change on the Southwest Aircraft booking.
  • After finishing the name remedy process, travellers should choose a seat. What's more, it is unimaginable to expect to trade the seats from old to new PNR
  • The flight seat with incorrect information must be cancelled to avoid no-shows following the Southwest name change rule or name correction policy. Additionally, e-ticket refunds are available to passengers.

Southwest Aircraft's name change policy is one in which up to 4 characters of the name are permitted to be remedied. It incorporates first name, centre name, or last name. Counting the 4 characters will not be misjudged as each for first, centre, and last name instead of a mix of all. As per the Southwest Airlines name change policy, travellers flying in Southwest Airlines can make rectifications somewhere around 24 hours after the flight booking. Furthermore, it will be non-chargeable for travellers. If travellers right following 24 hours of the booking, they should pay something.

Process to Change/Correct the Name on Southwest Airlines

There are many different processes to make changes on your Southwest Airlines booking. You can correct your name through online or offline methods. Let’s have a look at both the procedures to understand the process smoothly.

Procedure for Changing the Name of Southwest Airlines on the Website or Mobile App

  • Go to the official Southwest website and select the Manage My Booking option.
  • Click on the choice to get more choices; The "Change/Cancel" option is now visible there. Click on something very similar and enter the flight booking subtleties.
  • At the point when you continue with the progressions on flight booking, make changes and present the alright button to finish the name change and booking process
  • Click on the submit button, and there, you can see a whole change that will show up on the screen.
  • Passengers will likewise get an affirmation over the mail for the effective changes.

How to Contact Southwest Airlines to Change the Name on Your Tickets?

  • Assume you have hitched as of late and need to lawfully change the name on the ticket for reasons unknown. Then Southwest Airlines request that you contact customer relations at +1-888-474-0163.
  • You should simply give the supporting reports to change the name lawfully on your flight ticket.
  • Passengers can likewise address the incorrectly spelt names by calling the standard customer support number +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free). It is chargeable relying upon the criticality of the case. Thus, you can fix the name from the site interestingly.
  • The contact subtleties of the customer service and client relations group are accessible on the Contact Help page of Southwest.
  • In addition to contacting customer service, passengers can also contact the experts via email, live chat, and social media. Travelers can pick the best method of correspondence relying upon the criticalness.
  • You can also consult and request assistance from the representative if you have any additional questions or doubts regarding the name change policy of Southwest Airlines.

What sort of name change demands does Southwest Airlines acknowledge?

The airline never disappoints travellers; consequently, it invites passengers with different Southwest Airlines name change demands in the accompanying conditions:

  • Incorrectly spelt Name Revision: Travelers can demand the aircraft to address the incorrectly spelt name. It tends to be a grammatical mistake blunder in the name, and the carrier comprehends it well. In this manner, it permits travellers to fix it in something like 24 hours of the booking, which will be non-chargeable. Be that as it may, assuming a traveller interfaces with the carrier to fix the incorrectly spelt name after 24 hours of the booking, then, at that point, it will be chargeable.
  • Change in legal name: Assuming clients lawfully change their name, for instance, for marriage, separation, or court request, then the aircraft will address the name on the booking.
  • Visa/ID Amendment: Some of the time, travellers should address their officially sanctioned visa or ID because the names don't coordinate. The carrier generally fulfils travellers, so travellers should have client assistance to track down the right arrangement. Also, on the off chance that you know about the arrangement, proceed to address it according to the prerequisite.
  • If it's not too much trouble, note: Southwest name change demands are dependent upon carrier rules and guidelines. Also, there are chances that travellers need to pay in specific cases. Additionally, the name change will be verified by some of the major document requirements.

Southwest Airlines Name Change Fees

You still have the opportunity to correct a spelling error in the flight reservation. Southwest Airlines permits travellers to address their name with next to no charges. In any case, it is non-chargeable just interestingly; to address for the second and third time, you need to pay for something very similar. The expense for name changes differs between $100 - $150. The expense for a name change relies on the criticality of the case.

What advantages does the airline's ticket policy provide?

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FAQs on Southwest Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

Question1. Could I at any point change the name on the Southwest Airlines reserved flight ticket?

The carrier permits travellers to change their names on Southwest Airlines tickets. In any case, the expense relies on different elements, including the charge type, the change made interestingly or second, and the principles and guidelines of the ticket.