Scoot Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

Scoot Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy –Having an accurate and precise name on the airline ticket is one of the most crucial conditions for traveling. The primary objective of Scoot Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy is to make certain types of changes to ticket information expeditiously. The impact of the policy is most apparent when a name is changed for one of the numerous reasons listed above.

Scoot Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

This article will address airline practices and regulations. The Customer Service department can be reached at +1-866-939-0429 (toll-free). To assist you with navigating the airline formalities, our professionals have received in-depth training.

Let’s Know about Scoot Airlines

The low-cost division of Singapore Airlines Group is situated in Singapore and is called Scoot (TR). In July 2017, Scoot and Tigerair Singapore amalgamated. Scoot began flying in June 2012. The combined airline kept the Scoot name and is ready to embark on a new phase of expansion.

Scoot runs a mixed fleet of Airbus A320 family and Boeing 787 Dreamliners, serving more than 60 destinations in 17 different countries and territories. Along with offering flights at incredible prices, Scoot also offers a modern, secure, and safe travel experience called Scootitude. On its Dreamliner flights, Scoot has extra-legroom seat selections as well as the Scoot-in-Silence quiet cabin area.

Along with these features, Scoot also provides access to the Scoot-in-Style lounge, in-seat electricity on Dreamliner flights, and the chance to earn and redeem KrisFlyer miles from Singapore Airlines Group. The airline is a part of the pan-regional low-cost carrier alliance known as Value Alliance.

Scoot Name Change Policy

  • The name on a passenger's flight ticket may be changed using Scoot Airlines.
  • If the passengers can't use their airplane ticket, they must choose the other option and sell it to someone who can use it while also paying the name change fees.
  • The costs for changing your name depending on where you're travelling and how long your flight will be.
  • Passengers can submit all of these name change inquiries online or by calling a special support number.
  • It has been observed that changing something online is always less expensive than going to the airport.

Scoot Airlines Name Change/Correction Process

Like other airline carriers, Scoot airlines offer you multiple options to make changes to your flight ticket. You can correct your name on the scoot airline reservations through the below-mentioned methods.

  • Changing the name on a Scoot Airlines through the Website
  • Using the internet technique is one of the best ways to quickly finish a change of information. Customers can correct minor errors like misspelled or reversed names by changing the Scoot Airlines name on their ticket.
  • Open the official web portal of Scoot Airlines. Here, you can choose to manage your reservations or my reservations.
  • You must now enter your "Family Name" and your "Six-character Booking Reference" in the appropriate fields.
  • Additionally, click the Manage My Reservation/bookings button.
  • Click on the "Flight Ticket Change/correction" option from the menu listings.
  • After pressing it, modify your name in the "Booking" section.
  • This rule can require you to provide certain papers as part of the Scoot Airlines name correction validation process. Make sure you provide it.
  • While adhering to the guidelines, finish the process, and pay off any fees that may be necessary.
  • Once the money has been made, you should receive an email confirmation at the address you registered with.

Changing the name on a Scoot Airlines by Contacting the Airline

Some customers might like to communicate with Scoot Airlines representatives directly at +1-866-939-0429 (toll-free) toll-free regarding a name change request. For more information on how to change or alter their Scoot Airlines initial, middle name, or surname, travelers may find it easier to contact customer service through the airline. The only thing the agent can do at this point is helping the passenger change their name. Actually, a sizable percentage of the procedure might be completed by the passenger.

Changing the name on a Scoot Airlines thought by visiting the Airline’s Office

You must visit the airline's office if you need to modify or correct your name. The airline authorities will take care of your concerns. He or she can inform you if it's possible to update or change the name on your Scoot Airlines ticket. You might have to show the original documents once your application is accepted. so that they can be verified.

The authority may evaluate it to your scheduled flight time after you've finished the paperwork. As soon as the spokesperson starts the process of altering the name on your ticket, you might be asked to submit a deposit. You can also ask for a new boarding card with the updated information to verify your proper personal information.

Name change Fee

Yes, name changes are permitted on Scoot airlines. This implies that you are still eligible for a refund even if you are unable to utilize your ticket. Simply transfer your ticket to the new owner and pay the name-change expenses. The cost varies based on where you depart from, how long your flight lasts, and how you change your name (online, over the phone or in person). Online edits are always less expensive. Simply put, the fees for changing a Scoot name are equivalent to those for changing a flight.

  • Stick to each and every point as you will see the crucial procedures for minimizing airline flight change fees below.
  • If booking online, travelers must pay AUD 6O for the short-haul flight, taxes included.
  • Similarly, travelers on Medium flights must pay an amount of AUD 80 if they visit the airport center.
  • If a traveler chooses a long-haul or extra-long-haul flight, they are required to pay AUD 100, which includes all applicable taxes.
Take Away

By providing you with a variety of options, the flight ticket name change instructions make the process even simpler for you. This airline will, as a result, make it simple for you to update your personal information. The goal of is to give you the most recent information attainable. Additionally, a qualified support team is available to assist you toll-free at +1-866-939-0429 (toll-free) to ensure that your flight is enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions about Scoot Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy
Q1: How can I prevent Scoot Airlines cancellation changes?

On the same day as the booking, cancel the ticket.

Reserve a seat via Change Your Flight.

Always cancel tickets seven days or more before the scheduled departure and within 24 hours of placing the order.

Q2: Is the validity of my Scoot airline ticket coupon extendable?

No. In Scoot Air, a travel voucher's expiration date cannot be extended.