Qatar Airways Name Correction Policy

Qatar Airways Name Correction Policy - Getting name misspelled on your Qatar Airways ticket? This could be a bit troublesome experience for you to make changes in the name. As per the Qatar Airways name change policy, visitors aren’t allowed to make modifications to the name once the booking is confirmed. This guide is to reveal various viewpoints of the airline constitution to let you find accurate and official information.

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Qatar Airways Name Correction Policy

Qatar Airways is one of the major Arabic air carriers based in Qatar. It was established in 1993 with a prime business station in Doha. Presently, the airline is home to over 200 aircraft and 43000 employees on the register.

In terms of the service network, the Qatar air carrier provides holistic flight experiences by linking together more than 150 destinations globally across Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and America. Moreover, Qatar Airways is also a competent member of the Oneworld alliance since 2013.

How Does Qatar Airways Respond to Name Correction Requests?

Mistakes in the flight reservation form are usual worldwide. This is a universal affair as per the famous proverb ‘To err is human.’ People do mistakes while filling the flight reservation form. They commit errors in the name, date, or source/destination names, etc. First-time flyers are more likely to make these sorts of silly mistakes at the booking time.

Error in the passenger’s name isn’t an ideal situation for the traveler. Whether it is a single-character mistake or the full name, you may face harsh consequences for the same. It might get you waiting in the airport lounge for hours before things get sorted out. More vigorously, the airline can also cancel your itinerary following your wrong name on the ticket.

Is it Possible to Make Name Corrections on the Qatar Airlines Ticket?

To fly with Qatar Airways legally, passengers will have to comply with the airline’s name correction policy on a priority basis. As per rules, the visitor’s name on the ticket and on the legal document must be the same. It needs to follow the same characters in the same order to make the reservation process flawless.

The Arabic airline strictly prohibits passengers from making name change/correction requests after the ticket confirmation. According to the Qatar name correction policy, a traveler can make modifications to the name under certain circumstances. Otherwise, they don’t have permission to name corrections.

Furthermore, there’re various scenarios following which the airline forbids travel agents from making corrections in the name. Travel agents generate speculative reservations with a view to apply for name changes in the later phase. Well, Qatar Airways regards it as an abusive exercise at all. This scenario prevents genuine visitors from getting the confirmed seat alongside being a point of loss for the airline as well.

For more details, passengers can call the Qatar Airways Customer Service Number 1-866-939-0429 that is active around the clock.

Highlighting Features of the Qatar Airways Name Correction Policy

As stated above, Qatar Airways air carrier strictly restrains visitors, travel agents from requesting name changes or corrections on the existing PNR. In such circumstances, the airline would have to cancel the PNR (ticketed/un-ticketed) and a new ticket is needed to be generated as per the situation.

In the meantime, there’s a little hope of ray for Qatar users as well. The airline underlines specific scenarios that allow passengers to request name corrections. Before we proceed ahead, let’s understand the difference between – Name Correction and Name Change.

  • Name Correction: It involves the practice of modifying the traveler’s first name, middle name, or surname because of spelling errors.
  • Name Change: This scenario associates with the process of changing the traveler’s name completely – first name, middle name, last name, or any/all combination of them.

Name Correction Guidelines Before the Ticket is Issued:

  • Qatar Airways allows passengers to amend the first and middle name up to 3 characters who book the ticket via QR or travel agent. The point to remember is that the number of 3 characters is jointly counted for both the first and last name.
  • Further, the 3-character rule also contains the passenger’s name title and the space character.
  • Users can reach the QR office to seek assistance for getting an addition to the count of 3 characters and modifying the surname.
  • Moreover, Qatar passengers will have to obtain a legal certificate to support the name change request if it is changed legally after the marriage/divorce.

Name Correction Guidelines After the Ticket is Issued:

  • Customers can approach the QR office to get assistance regarding name correction, deletion, addition, and modification of kids in ticketed PNRs with QR agents.
  • A legal document is required to support the name change request if it (first, middle, last name) is changed legally.

Qatar Airways Name Correction Fee

Every airline has a specific fee framework for the versatile services they offer. As per the name correction policy of Qatar Airways, visitors are allowed to make name corrections only under limited instances. Therefore, you will have to visit the official website or customer care number1-866-939-0429to get complete details about name correction penalty charges.

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