Qantas Airlines Name Correction Policy

Qantas Airlines Name Correction Policy – Finding a mistake in the name on the Qantas Airlines ticket? It isn’t an uncommon deal. The incredible part is that you can make modifications in the name as per the Qantas name change policy. How? The blog is to expose various scenarios falling under the same phenomenon. Do you need it?

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Qantas Airlines Name Correction Policy

The Australian airline has accomplished a legendry position in the aviation industry. Since its inception in 1920, Qantas Airlines is continuing to affect customer segments globally with rewarding air trip services and accommodations. As of 2014, Qantas was sharing 65% of the total Australian domestic aviation market.

Furthermore, Qantas Airlines is Australia’s largest carrier in terms of international destinations & flights, and fleet size. The flag carrier is also the world’s 3rd oldest organization still serving the domain. With a headquarter in Mascot, New South Wales, Qantas Airlines also owns a low-cost airline Jetstar.

What the Qantas Airlines Name Correction Policy is All About?

You’re reading this blog indicates you may have done something wrong with your reservation. Don’t be panic as mistakes are, in fact, the undetachable part of human life. Simply recall the proverb – To Err is Human!

It is a natural state when air customers make mistakes while booking the ticket. Showing hastiness in the reservation form filling process generally leads to errors in the booking. The same things then come forward to affecting your ticket and creating woes. Most probably, you might be unfamiliar with the consequences it may derive for you. The air ticket with the wrong name is no longer eligible to help you board the flight.

Like many other service providers, Qantas Airlines also brings pragmatic solutions to such kinds of concerns. It drafts a viable, straightforward, and customer-friendly name correction policy to repeal your stress to the full extent. Affected passengers can walk across the policy to restore reasonable things in place.

Various Prospects of the Policy

The following are various measures that come to force when it comes to changing/correcting the customer’s name on the ticket. The highlighting aspect is that the ticket must be unused wholly and recognized by Qantas (081).

Before you step forward to the rulebook, let’s have a glance at the following definitions to ensure you deploy the right procedure:

  • Name Correction–It is the process of making corrections in some parts of the name i.e. an error in one or more characters.
  • Name change: Under it, you need to change the mane absolutely. As Qantas doesn’t allow ticket transfer to another name, hence, passengers need to be active during bookings to ensure the name is spelled correctly.

As far as the name correction procedures are concerned, the airline has categorized the phenomenon in the following divisions –

  • Qantas Flights
  • Interline and Codeshare Flights

Let’s check what parameters both scenarios underline –

Qantas Flights

Tickets numbered with QF see the undermentioned outlines:


  • It allows only one name correction of up to 3 characters or less.
  • However, one can make unlimited corrections to the first name/title.

NOTE: These corrections don’t need authority from Qantas Agency Connect.

In case you want to make more than 3 corrections, the following prospects are considered alongside the Qantas authority:

  • Unmarried to married or vice versa
  • Typing mistakes in the surname
  • Typing mistakes in the first name and surname
  • Transposed name


Under this environment, all Qantas tickets (081) need Qantas authority after the ticket is issued to the traveler. You can obtain the authority by dialing +1-888-474-0163 for a ticket with a QF flight number. Moreover, the ticket also requires to be completely fresh and within validity. Here’re different scenarios to fall in this zone:

  • Unmarried to married or vice versa
  • Typing error with the surname
  • Typing mistakes within the first name and surname
  • Transposed name

Interline and Codeshare Flights


Passengers with interline/codeshare flight bookings aren’t allowed to correct the name. Here’re the possible windows to consider –

  • Get a new booking with the same itinerary details but in the correct name.
  • In case the booking contains multiple visitors, you can exclude the person with the incorrect name from the booking.
  • Visitors can cancel the ticket.
  • Generate the new ticket without encountering the authority from Qantas Agency Connect by paying the applicable fare.


Once the ticket is issued, you can follow the undermentioned steps –

  • You can withdraw the traveler with the incorrect name from the booking
  • Obtain the new ticket with the correct name
  • Getting a new ticket against the current price

For more in-depth details, Qantas visitors can dial 18002274500 any time around the clock.

Qantas Airlines Name Correction Fee

In terms of fee, the Australian airline comes with an affordable penalty policy for making amendments in the name on the ticket. However, it depends upon varying circumstances and various other factors. Customers can visit the official website or dial the Qantas Airlines Customer Service Number +1-888-474-0163 to learn more about name correction charges.

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