Porter Airlines Name Change Policy

Porter Airlines Name Change Policy – When ordering a flight, people occasionally spell their names incorrectly. Then they ask numerous questions about changing their names on the plane ticket. When it comes to offering its clients a wide range of adaptable services, Porter Airlines is the most dependable. Additionally, the airlines are permitted to make the necessary corrections if the name change is susceptible to any misspellings or nicknames. Check Porter Airlines Name Change Policy before changing a passenger's name.

Porter Airlines Name Change Policy

You have “Airlines Ticket Policy”, a dedicated helpline +1-888-474-0163 (Toll-Free) to raise your queries about the airline’s name change policy or ask for additional support related to flight bookings.

Let’s Know About Porter Airlines

The third-largest scheduled airline in Canada, Porter Airlines, is based at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. Porter, a top-ranked small airline in the world in Condé Nast Traveler's 2013 Readers' Choice Awards and an official 4-star airline in Skytrax's World Airline Star Rating, is dedicated to providing speed, convenience, and service as part of a premium flying experience.

Their product rating takes into account things like amenities, food, and drink, IFE, cleanliness, and seating. Their service rating considers both ground staff and cabin crew. Standard legroom is 32" and the pitch of the seats is 34" in premium seating. Porter offers a complimentary bar service with beer, wine, and a light snack. The kindness and level of service provided by the staff are above average.

The compact, modest, and effective Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto is where Porter Airlines operates its turboprop aircraft. Good onboard comfort standards are present and clean, well-maintained planes are available. Flying is once again done with grace and refinement thanks to us, the short-haul airline of choice for discriminating passengers, and their immaculate service.

Porter Airlines Name Change Policy

Different airlines have various modification and alteration procedures. The majority of airlines allow full name changes for both reserved and confirmed tickets. Porter Airlines does not, however, permit full name changes for tickets with confirmed bookings.

  • Porter Airlines does not allow name changes to confirmed reservations. Such a reservation needs to be canceled or rebooked on a new PNR.
  • A partially traveled itinerary cannot have a named alteration. The following reservation must be canceled.
  • Porter Airlines charges a fee for name changes made after 24 hours of the flight's booking.
  • Within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket, any adjustments can be made without incurring additional fees.
  • Only the same individual whose name was used to book the flight may change their name.
  • Gender modifications and Date of Birth are not supported.

Let's review the most common sorts of name changes before reviewing the name change rules.

  1. Change the Misspelled Name on the Ticket:Consider a scenario where a spelling error occurred when purchasing airplane tickets. If their name is misspelled, the passengers can go to the porter website and change it. However, you must provide identification documentation. The passengers' names must match what is on their tickets and in their identity documents.
  2. Change of Nickname to a Legal Name:If you accidentally put your nickname when making the booking, you can change it to your legal name. The traveler must create a new PNR number and may be required to pay the airline a fee to alter their name.

Methods to Change Name on Porter Airlines

There are numerous ways to change your name on Porter Airlines. Both online and offline processes are used in these strategies. These two choices are provided by Porter Airlines' name-change policy for the convenience of the passengers. They can use it to choose their preferred method of replacing the names on the ticket.

Method 1: online name change for Porter Airlines

To change your name using this online method, you must choose the "Manage My Booking" option. A step-by-step tutorial for changing the name on your ticket is provided below:

  • On your computer or mobile device, you must open your browser and navigate to the airline's official website.
  • Visit https://www.porterairlines.com to get to the site.
  • You need to move your curse to the upper right corner and select "Manage My Booking”.
  • You'll be directed to the website with a list of all the reservations.
  • The reservation's details, such as the passenger's last and first names, the time and date of their journey, their ticketing reference number, etc., must be entered here.
  • The "Submit" button must be pressed once you have entered all necessary data.
  • We'll immediately book your return flight. Choose the flight reservation for which a name change is needed.
  • You will get to see some instructions on your computer screen. Follow the Porter Airlines name correction guidelines.
  • Some carriers may charge a fee for altering your name on the ticket. Pay the specified sum if required, then proceed.
  • If your request to change your name was successful, you will be notified. Additionally, after the name change is complete, a notice will be sent to the registered email address you provided.

Method 2: Porter Airlines Name Change via Help Desk for Customer Support

Many consumers find it difficult to change their names online or offline. The quickest service is also provided by this airline. The airline representatives will also directly change the name on the ticket using the offline option. To simplify the procedure, the majority of flyers choose to offer their material offline.

Call the customer support line at +1-888-474-0163 (Toll-free) to start the offline process of changing the customer name on your Porter Airlines ticket. The specifics of your reservation will be examined by airline experts, who will then make the necessary changes.

Method 3: Changing your porter's name at the airport

Porter Airlines passengers can ask for changes to be made to their tickets by going to the airline's airport ticket counter. You should always keep legitimate ID proof with you.

Porter Airlines' Name Change Policy charges a name correction fee.

  • When choosing to update their names on Porter Airlines, customers are not required to pay a fee.
  • The passenger's last name must be corrected significantly if it has more than three characters.
  • Under name corrections, legal name changes are also included.
  • If a traveler needs to change her name due to a marriage or divorce after booking a flight. Additionally, it is covered by name corrections.
  • Once the ticket has been confirmed, the passengers cannot change the name.
  • The passenger in this circumstance must cancel the entire reservation and then issue a new one with the right name.
  • Though there is no name change fee in Porter Airlines, 3the passenger needs to pay taxes, fees as well as surcharges (if applicable).
Take Away:

Different airlines have various modification and alteration procedures. The majority of airlines allow full name changes for both reserved and confirmed tickets. Customers find the Porter Airlines service to be quite convenient. However, if you encounter any difficulties, you can call “Airlines Ticket Policy”,a specialized helpline at +1-888-474-0163 (Toll-free) to ask questions about the airline's name-change policy or for additional assistance with reserving a journey.