Pegasus Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

Pegasus Airlines name correction/change policy – It's crucial to have a hassle-free flight. The absence of mistakes when you are flying is more crucial. Therefore, you should amend any mistakes you made when entering your name during the booking process as soon as possible. The Pegasus Airlines name correction/change policy was established to give customers the chance to fix such errors. Numerous name changes and adjustments are possible without any issues thanks to it.

Pegasus Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

Therefore, knowing about this policy might be quite beneficial for travelers using this airline. This tutorial includes comprehensive, step-by-step instructions for changing or correcting your name with Pegasus Airlines. Additionally, you may always call the Airlines Ticket Policy toll-free helpline at +1-888-474-0163 for immediate assistance.

About the Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines (PC), a low-cost airline based in Turkey, has hubs at SabihaGökçen International Airport (SAW) and Ataturk International Airport (IST). Focus cities include Esenboa International Airport (ESB), Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB), Antalya Airport (AYT), and Adana Airport (ADA).

About 100 places are served by Pegasus Airlines, including more than 30 in Turkey. Airports in around 40 nations in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Africa are international destinations. Airbus A320-200 and Boeing 737-800 aircraft make up the majority of the airline's fleet of 64 aircraft, and orders for Airbus A320neo and Airbus A321neo aircraft are still waiting.

Key factors of Pegasus Airlines Name Change Policy

The complete name on the reservation ticket cannot be changed by the traveler on this airline. This implies that you can only utilize Pegasus Airlines to modify the name on the ticket option to make a few small adjustments. Along with this primary requirement, the following list of rules is provided by this policy: 

  • On tickets that have been purchased from this airline's reputable and authorized sources, name changes are permitted.
  • Transferring already reserved tickets from one traveler to another is not permitted by the airline.
  • The passenger's name on the ticket must exactly match the name on their passport. If this prerequisite is not satisfied, the airline may revoke your reservation.
  • The traveler must submit the necessary documentation for any last name changes brought on either marriage or divorce.
  • If your name changes, Pegasus Airline may charge you a specified sum as a name change fee. Service fees may also be included in this cost. 
  • If a name change capability is available, travelers who desire to make changes to reservations booked through travel agents must get in touch with them directly. Other third parties experience the same thing.
  • After making a reservation, you have the first 24 hours to change your name on the ticket. These alterations can be made without charging the passenger anything.
  • This airline may allow legitimate name changes on the ticket. Contact the airline's representatives to find out if you are qualified for a formal name change.
  • Due to specific limitations and requirements set by the operator, the name change Pegasus Airlines option may not be accessible on all flights. 

Pegasus Airlines name correction/change methods

When a visitor's name appears on a ticket incorrectly, numerous procedures can be used to fix it. You can complete it online using the airline's official website. Customers can alternatively use the offline approach to make the required changes to the reservation ticket.

Pegasus Airlines name correction/change via online Portal

  • Visit Pegasus Airlines' official website.
  • Click the Pegasus BolBol member login option on the home page.
  • Put in your password and Pegasus BolBol Number.
  • While tapping the login tab, review the input.
  • From the menu listing, you need to select the “Manage My Booking” option
  • PNR No. and surname entered.
  • After carefully inputting your information, move forward by clicking the orange-highlighted "Next" icon.
  • Select the reservation to which name modifications need to be made after you can see your reservation on the screen.
  • To change your name, select Pegasus Airlines to modify the name on the ticket option from here and follow the on-screen instructions as they appear. 
  • Check your information again after modifying it. Pay the necessary change charge using one of the accepted payment methods to finish the transaction.
  • After completing this name change process, the air operator may send you a confirmation email.

Pegasus Airline's name correction/change via Customer Care

  • Call the Airline Ticket Policy customer care at +1-888-474-0163 toll-free. Inform them that you would like to propose a name change for Pegasus Airline.
  • You might now be prompted to provide some pertinent flight information, such as your PNR or ticket numbers.
  • You will be asked about the alteration you wish to make after the agent has been able to retrieve your reservation.
  • Describe why you modified or corrected something. In your name, highlight the issue you want to fix.
  • Whenever the air carrier requests it, pay the applicable name change cost. As soon as the change is processed, the agent will confirm it.

Pegasus Airline's name correction/change through the airport ticket counter

You can visit the airline ticket counter to change the name on your flight ticket if you're nearby or at Pegasus airport. You will be guided through all the necessary steps to change the name on your flight ticket by airport officials or specialist employees. They will require a copy of your identification or other paperwork attesting to your legal name change (such as in case of marriage or divorce). To make the modifications, you must pay the service fee.

Note: Only the offline technique can be utilized to use Pegasus Airlines to modify the name on the ticket feature in cases when names must be changed due to legal concerns.

Pegasus Airlines Name Change Fee

Everyone knows that everything must be purchased with money. There is a particular price associated with the name change to Pegasus Airlines. These fees are always changing depending on the kind of change when you request a name change and the travel schedule. If the changes are made during the risk-free time, you will be able to make them without charge. This time frame is the first 24 hours following the moment you made your flight reservation. 

A cost of between USD 100 and USD 200 may be assessed if you stay longer than this period. Service fees may occasionally be assessed separately by the carrier. As with the offline name change option, you will need to get in touch with the airline officials directly to get the cost of this service.

Take away

One of the most inclusive and practical policies implemented by the airline is the name change policy for Pegasus Airlines. It accommodates name correction through a variety of alternatives, meeting the needs of various passengers. To ensure accessibility and affordability, the airline does not charge an excessive amount of money.

For any detail or clarification about the Pegasus Airlines name correction policy, you just need to dial +1-888-474-0163 toll-free.