Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction Policy

Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction Policy - According to aviation industry rules, commuters should have a similar name on the ticket, passport and other relevant documents! It is observed as a violation of rules if you travel with an incorrect name on the ticket. Flying with Lufthansa Airlines? Looking to make name corrections in the Lufthansa tickets? This guide intends to provide complete information on the Lufthansa Airlines name Change policy. You will have to follow the guidelines as prescribed in the policy to get things in the right format.

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Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction Policy

About the Airline

Lufthansa Airlines is a pioneer aviation brand in the world. It is pledged to facilitate travelers from across the globe with exceptional flight services at the best fares. Before we intrude into the chief discussion, let’s share some thoughts about the airline itself. Headquartered in Cologne, Germany, Lufthansa Airlines is one of the most favorite names in the aviation domain. It is known for offering world-class air services to customers globally.

Further, the carrier, with a number of subsidiaries, is the largest airline in Europe. It was incorporated in 1953 and currently serving clients across over 220 domestic and international destinations. Internationally, the German-based air carrier takes visitors to over 80 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and South America.

Lufthansa Airlines is also amongst the 5 founding members of Star Alliance. The main functional hub, also known as Lufthansa Aviation Center, is situated at Frankfurt Airport.

Lufthansa Airlines is the most trusted and preferred airline carrier in Europe and across the world. They have flights to every corner of the world and provide the best fares and comfort with proper hospitality for travelers. The airline company also has several other subsidiaries across Europe namely, Austrian Airlines, Swiss International Airlines, Brussels Airlines, and Eurowings. The experience is the main factor behind the number one preference travelers give to Lufthansa. 

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Why Do We Need to Correct the Wrong Name on the Air Booking?

Air travelers are supposed to comply with flight rules while observing aviation services. One should have to be crucially vigilant regarding all prospects involved to capture fair deals and secure journeys. Amongst others, having a perfect name on the ticket is also something you must consider with utmost dedication. It must have similar characters as presented on the passport and official ID. Otherwise, it may put your trip in threat and your booking can get terminated consequently.

  • No passenger can proceed as a legitimate traveler if his/her name on the ticket does match that on the passport.
  • Your name must host accurately spelled characters on the ticket.
  • It is a clear disobey of the aviation rules and laws when your name is spelled incorrectly on the booking and you try to board the flight.
  • The concerned passenger should exclude errors in the name within a stipulated time.
  • Well, your booking can get trashed by the airline if you fail to rectify the name within the set timeframe.

What is the Lufthansa Name Correction Policy?

Do you get your name on the Lufthansa Airlines ticket spelled incorrectly? Luckily, aspirants can make name modifications in the ticket using the dedicated name correction policy of the carrier. Coming to the central attraction, Lufthansa Airlines allows passengers to make changes or corrections in the name on the ticket. According to the rules, the name on the ticket must be exact as mentioned on the government-issued ID. Hence, one needs to pay careful attention while booking the reservation to ensure names are entered correctly.

Generally, Lufthansa allows only one single name correction against each passenger. The ticket transfer to another traveler’s name is strictly prohibited. Further, people can change/correct the name if it has been changed after marriage, divorce, or gender reassignment, etc.

The Lufthansa Group Agency Support comes in the action after the proof of the traveling person is obtained. The traveler’s name can be corrected if it follows typing errors in the real name. Lufthansa Airlines permits name corrections as per the following scenarios:

  • Passengers can make corrections of up to two letters in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd name.
  • You can make corrections to the nickname.
  • It allows name corrections in inverted sequence.
  • Apart from that, you aren’t allowed to make any other corrections to the ticket/PNR.

Passengers can't make corrections under the following scenarios:

  • Lufthansa doesn’t permit to make corrections in more than two letters in the first, second, and third names.
  • Travelers can add or delete the first, second or third name.
  • Similarly, the addition or removal of the second family name is not permitted.
  • One can’t change, delete, addition or exchange MR/MRS/MS or other titles such as Dr/Prof in case of wrong input.
  • The traveling passenger can't be replaced by another person. If another person wants to travel, a new ticket must be obtained.

How to Make Corrections in the Name with Lufthansa Airlines?

You must be wondering about how one can make corrections in the name on the Lufthansa Airlines ticket. The air carrier provides several ways and alternatives to customers to change the name. Like many other carriers, Lufthansa also permits clients to change the name via online or offline methods. Let’s have a look.

Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction Online

The German-based airline accepts corrections via online portals. One can visit the official website to make name changes after logging in with booking credentials. If you encounter any problem while making corrections in the name, you can simply dial +1-888-474-0163.

Various steps involved in the digital process are as undermentioned:

  • Visit the official web portal of the carrier.
  • Now, you can find the multi-functional tab named ‘Manage Booking.’
  • Further, the appearing fields must be filled with the booking number and family name.
  • Once you click on the ‘Get Flights’ button, you’ll capture a list of bookings.
  • Select the right booking you want to make name corrections for.
  • Hereafter, you’ll have to pay the service fee if eligible.
  • Finally, customers will get a confirmation mail from the airline.

In case you find any difficulty while performing web technologies, simply contact the customer service assistance center at +1-888-474-0163.

Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction Offline

For those who aren’t familiar with online technologies, Lufthansa arranges for offline methods to help passengers. To proceed, you can contact the airline officials by dialing +1-888-474-0163. The airline representatives will ask you for your booking reference number and the passenger’s last name.

Additionally, you can also visit the nearest airport ticket counter or kiosk. Don’t forget to take the government-issued ID for verification purposes.

Lufthansa name change policy by calling the helpline number

Not everyone is tech-savvy, so Lufthansa Airlines makes sure that everyone can correct the wrongly spelled or untrue information they have entered by mistake. One can call their customer service helpline and tell them about the necessary changes they want to make.

  • Call the customer helpline number +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free).
  • Tell the representative about the changes or corrections you want to see in your ticket.
  • Provide them with your last name or full name and also the booking confirmation number.
  • Your details will be fetched.
  • They will also ask for your valid and original IDs to make sure the new changes are according to them.
  • Pay the required amount of fees for the change and it will be confirmed.
  • Once the changes are done and fees are paid you will get a confirmation mail for the changes you have asked for. 

Lufthansa's name change policy by visiting the Airport

There is another way by which one can make changes to their wrongly spelled name on the ticket. One can visit the nearest airport in their city and can look for the Lufthansa airport counter to make the changes they want.

  • Visit the airport in person and locate the Lufthansa Airlines helpdesk.
  • Once you find it talk to the officials about the change you want to make.
  • Provide them the your last name and your booking confirmation number.
  • They will fetch your information and the details related to your initial booking.
  • If you are eligible for a change then only they will proceed.
  • They will ask you for your original IDs to make further changes to the ticket.
  • Once you are eligible then tell them about the change you want to see and pay the necessary amount or fees they will ask.
  • Once the fees are paid, your changes will be confirmed.
  • You will receive a confirmation email regarding the changes you have made.

For more information on Lufthansa's name change policy Contact the Airlines Ticket Policy customer support helpline at +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free) 

Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction Fee

Lufthansa features certain charges for making corrections in the passengers’ names. Visitors must go through the Lufthansa name correction policy to grab detailed knowledge about the fee structure and other charges.

The official website is the primary source to learn about the same. You can also call the customer service number (+1-888-474-0163) to attain the latest information on fee figures regarding name modifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q - where can I get all the information regarding the change I want to make in my changes in the name for Lufthansa Airlines?

A - One can find all the necessary information on the official website of airline ticket policy.

Q - what information can I find on the airline sticker policy?

A - one can find, all the information related to airlines and their policies.