Korean Air Name Change/Correction Policy

Korean Air Name Change/Correction Policy - Our minds consider a variety of factors when making travel plans, including hotels, destinations, etc. Many tourists in this situation unintentionally enter incorrect information on the ticket. The majority of airlines either refuse to accommodate the adjustments or demand that you rebook your ticket. However, the resolution is available under Korean Air Name Change/Correction Policy if you have a reservation with them.

Korean Air Name Change/Correction Policy

You've come to the right place if you accidentally typed the wrong name on your ticket and are wondering how to alter your name with Korean Air. You will gain knowledge of the name change procedure for your ticket as well as the airline's name change policy. Without wasting much time, let's check how to update your name on your Korean Air ticket.

Additionally, Airlines Ticket Policy is prepared to assist you at any time with the procedure at +1-888-474-0163 toll-free.

About Korean Airlines

Korean Air is a trademark of Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd., a South Korean company with its main office in Seoul. The largest airline in South Korea and the national carrier, it travels to 130 cities across 45 different nations. Seoul Gimpo International Airport serves as the airline's main hub, and Seoul Incheon International Airport serves as its international hub.

Korean Air's focus cities include Gimhae International Airport, Jeju International Airport, and Kansai International Airport. It is the top-ranked international freight airline and is in the top 20 airlines in the world in terms of passengers carried. The parent business of Jin Air, Korean Air is a founding member of the SkyTeam and served as the Asian Games' official sponsor in 2014. The frequent flyer program of Korean Air is called SKYPASS.

Important Guidelines Korean Air Change Name on Ticket Rules

According to the Korean Air name change policy, the passenger type (adult, kid, or newborn) cannot be changed however name changes or corrections are permitted on segments of flights that have not yet taken off.

Similar to this, there are other terms and conditions you should be aware of before requesting a name change on your Korean Airlines reservation:–

  • Only tickets issued by Korean Air are eligible for name changes or corrections, and reservations that include Korean Air-operated flight segments are eligible as well.
  • If the name that needs to be changed belongs to an adult traveling with a newborn, the infant is not subject to the name change fee.
  • It is possible and subject to payment to change your name on Korean Air as a result of a divorce or marriage. Passengers must present a copy of official documentation at check-in to prove that their name has changed since the ticket was issued.
  • If the name and/or surname change is done at the Korean air ticket office, a written statement confirming the changes and a copy of the passport must be given.

Korean Air Change Name Request

  • If any of the following exceptions apply, you may seek a modification in the Korean Air name.
  • The flight must be operated and promoted by Korean Air, according to the terms of the ticket.
  • If return ticket is reserved from South Korea
  • The first name or last name needs to be changed by more than 3 letters.
  • If a name adjustment request has already been made but still needs to be followed up on, a new ticket will need to be submitted.

Types of Name changes allowed under the Korean Air Name Change/Correction Policy

  1. Correction to the middle or first name: Airlines will correct the first or middle name and reissue the ticket by charging the Korean Air change name fee. If the ticket was booked in an upper class of service, a fare discrepancy will apply.
  2. Addition to the last name without changing the name: In case the passenger got two last names and wants to add another one without changing the initial one, the airline will reissue the ticket.
  3. First and last names are inverted: Airlines will change the names in the PNR when passengers accidentally book a flight ticket with their names reversed. There will just be a Korean Air name change cost.
  4. Married/maiden name change: If a traveler changes their name after making a Korean Air reservation using their maiden name, they must provide documentation of the change (a copy of their marriage certificate or divorce decree), and the reservation will be updated for a name change fee.
  5. Change Name with Korean Air: By calling the airline's customer service line or using the Korean Air website, travelers can modify or correct their names.

Korean Air Change Name on Ticket Online

Only name corrections for flights booked online through the airline's website are available to passengers. To get started, simply navigate to the Manage Booking area and complete the instructions.

  • Put in the passenger's last name and the booking reference.
  • Choose the passenger whose name has to be changed on the booking summary page.
  • On the airline's website, only the first three letters of the first name or last name may be changed.
  • Choose the "Change name" option, and then type the right name in the corresponding field.
  • You will be taken to the checkout page when you confirm the modifications.
  • Complete the payment process by entering the payment information. The corrected email itinerary and e-tickets with the proper name will be sent to you.

Korean Air Change Name over the Phone

You can correct your name as well as have it changed if there are any legal considerations by calling the Airlines Ticket Police helpline Number +1-888-474-0163 toll free. Before the scheduled departure, you have up to 24 hours to request a name change.

Korean Air Change Name through ticket Counter

  • Reach at the airport within two to three hours earlier than your flight.
  • Ask the executives present at the airport for information on the Korean Air help desk.
  • Tell the air agent the entire story of your name-changing process when you first encounter them at the help desk.
  • Give them the necessary documentation if your name changes due to a divorce or marriage.
  • The agent will then update your information on the ticket and fix any small typos, etc.
  • He or she might also inquire about your further paperwork. Submit your paperwork, and then wait for the name change to be confirmed.
  • You would be obliged to pay the necessary fees if the agent requested it, under the Korean Air alter name on the ticket feature.
  • Finally, you will get an email with information on the confirmed name change procedure. You will be given a fresh, printed itinerary ticket with the revised name.

Korean Air Name Change or correction fee

  • You can add up to three more characters to your first, middle, or last name if it has been spelled incorrectly. For international reservations, a name adjustment cost of USD 250 may be required; for domestic flights inside South Korea, the fee is USD 150.
  • If a traveler has to modify or amend their name within 24 hours of booking, they must cancel their flight, request a full refund, and then rebook with the new name. Read the Korean Air cancellation policy to learn more about the rules governing flight cancellations.
Take Away

The goal of Korean Air's name change policy is to make traveling easier for customers. Depending on the type of ticket you have, you can change your name and enter it using a different spelling from what is on your passport. You can quickly change your reservation and give your ticket your chosen name.

All you have to do is adhere to the policies that Korean Air has formed, and you concern will be resolved quickly. Additionally, Airlines Ticket Policy is prepared to assist you at any time with the procedure at +1-888-474-0163 toll-free.