JetSmart Name Change/Correction Policy

JetSmart Name Change/Correction Policy - Whenever we are planning a trip and want to immediately book tickets we are very excited. In such a rush or hurry we sometimes make mistakes that can cause our travel dreams not to turn into reality. Sometimes we spell our name or any information incorrectly which can delay our travel plans or sometimes we are not even allowed to enter the aeroplane. 

JetSmart Name Change/Correction Policy

Being overexcited about anything can turn it into a disaster. In this blog, we will take a look at the name change policy of Jet Smart Airlines and will go through some more important information people should know before traveling on airlines.

For more information on JetSmart's Name Change/Correction Policy, Contact the Airlines Ticket Policy customer support helpline at +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free).

About JetSmart Airlines

Jet Smart is the preferred choice for all the travel freaks who want to enjoy the low - budget travel tickets and also want to have a very good experience. Jetsmart is an airline headquartered in Chile, South America, and is headed and founded by investment fund Indigo Partners. Jetsmart flies to destinations like Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, and many other areas in South America. 

The ticket booking process is very user-friendly and anyone can book their tickets on apps and websites. All the working professionals in the airlines are very experienced and treat everyone with full commitment and responsibility. If anyone wants to save some penny and also wants to have the best experience, then your choice of airline is Jetsmart Airlines.

JetSmart Name Change/Correction Policy

If you have put down some personal information wrong by mistake while entering the details during flight booking and want to change that to avoid future problems, Jetsmart provides you easy access to change your details.

  • The policy suggests that you can change only 1 letter in your name if you have entered the wrong details. For example, you have entered Andreu and now you can only change one letter, like Andrew.
  • When you book a ticket, PNR is generated which is very crucial. Now if you want to change your name then during the modification process you need to enter the same flight details as you entered during the first booking. For example, if you are traveling in business class then, you need to enter again business class. all the other details will be the same except the name which you want to change.
  • If for some reason, the name is not updated on the previously generated PNR, you need to book a new ticket with updated information and cancel the old ticket.
  • Suppose your last name changed because of marriage or divorce then in that case you will have to show the certificate of the “changed name” from a legal officer.
  • When correction is done, an email will be sent with new updated information about the passenger.
  • The next step is to again issue the ticket, so you will have to use the code “NAMECART” so that you are not charged for the name correction.

Two different ways to change/correct your name on JetSmart Airlines

ONLINE Name Change

To change your name on the official website you need to first visit the main website of Jetsmart.

  • The next step will be to navigate toward the tab “Manage my reservations”.
  • When you click on that you will enter a new page which will ask for your booking name and surname. You need to enter both of these details.
  • The next step is where your previously booked details will appear. Make sure details like flight timing, day, and all the other things remain the same.
  • The next step will be to edit the name.
  • Make the necessary changes to your name and confirm the changes.
  • When the changes are confirmed you will receive an email regarding the changes you have made.
  • These are the steps you can follow to make corrections.

If you face any issues regarding the online changing of name then you can call on the number +1-888-474-0163 and take an expert’s advice.

OFFLINE Name Change

Airport Ticket Counter

  • There are other ways by which one can correct their name spelling for example by visiting personally to the airport counter and talking to the officials.
  • One can talk to the airline officials regarding the name change. They will guide you and will tell you about the necessary details and documents you need to submit to complete the name change step.
  • You can bring your ticket, confirmation email, passport, and ID proofs.

Customer Support

  • One can also contact customer helpline number. +1-888-474-0163 
  • While talking to the customer support analyst, you can tell all the necessary information required to correct the name change. 
  • You can provide details like the date and time of the flight and can request the name correction without bothering to go to the airport.

In some cases, a code is generated when you want to change your name due to marriage, divorce, or reasons like adoption. If you want to change your name because of marriage then in that case you can follow above mentioned steps. In either of the other two cases, you can bring a certificate that shows the changed name and should be signed by a legal officer.

Why Consult Airlines Ticket Policy?

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Frequently Asked Questions on JetSmart Name Change/Correction Policy

Ques 1) How do you change your name, if it is typed incorrectly while entering the flight details?

Ans) It can be done online and offline. You can check all the details mentioned above.

Ques 2) Where can I know the policies of all the airlines?

Ans) One can have all the necessary details regarding airline policies on airlines ticket policy.

Ques 3) Does the Airlines ticket policy have professionals who have worked in the airline industry?

Ans) All the working professionals are highly experienced airline experts.


When we make a mistake we need to correct it as soon as possible. Airlines can have strict rules and confusing policies related to name change, address change, flight cancellation, and refund of tickets. Airlines ticket policy provides you with the correct and up-to-date information regarding the steps you want to follow to make any changes. 

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