Japan Airlines Name Correction Policy

Japan Airlines Name Correction Policy – Name change/correction is always a point of discussion in the aviation industry. Airlines have different policies regarding the same concept. Today, we are here to confabulate on the Japan Airlines name Change policy to explore its various aspects and guidelines.

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Japan Airlines Name Correction Policy

After All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines is the 2nd largest Japanese air carrier. It came into the industry back in 1951 with a headquarter in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The flag carrier is an eminent service provider that strikes to take passengers to over 90 destinations across Europe, North America, Oceania, and Asia. Apart from being a prestigious member of the Oneworld alliance, Japan Airlines also has codeshare agreements with around 30 air travel providers.

What is the Japan Airlines Name Correction Policy?

As per the US Department of Transportation regulations, the air traveler’s name on the ticket must match sharply with that on the passport and the government-issued ID. There shouldn’t be any contrast between characters otherwise, it would be perceived as illegal to move around.

Making mistakes in the name is a common affair in the airline industry. Passengers enter the wrong characters, sometimes, while conducting the reservation. It may a single-character error or the full name. Nevertheless, even a tiny mistake in the name has the potential to cancel your itinerary. Therefore, visitors do need to be careful while providing details in the reservation form to avoid further hassles.

As long as the Japan Airlines name correction policy is related, there’re lots of factors you require to consider. The Japanese air carrier is quite straightforward concerning its different service policies. According to the name correction policy, Japan Airlines passengers aren’t allowed to change the name on the ticket.

In fact, the airline doesn’t permit visitors to modify information on the ticket, including a name change. In case you want to update the passenger information on the ticket, you would have to cancel the reservation and receive refunds to purchase a new ticket.

But the policy’s confident element is that it allows clients to make corrections such as spelling mistakes in the ticket. A customer needs to submit a copy of an identity card or another pertinent document with the correct name printed on it. Japan Airlines officials will make essential changes to your ticket to eliminate possible hurdles ahead.

How to Correct the Name on the Japan Airlines Ticket?

Japan Airlines executes every reasonable effort to ensure passengers get the most convenient and lovely travel experiences. Accordingly, it stations easy-to-follow and simple processes for name corrections. It could be an awful exposure when you find your name misspelled on the ticket. It may bombard your head with conundrums taking you to worsen situations.

Well, Japan Airlines understands the severity of the scenario and offers plausible platforms to get along with. In terms of name corrections, visitors can proceed with either online or offline ways. This chapter of the blog is to mull over various alternatives to modify the name on the reservation.

Japan Airlines Name Correction Online

The Japanese airline accepts minor alterations in the name through online procedures. You can visit the official website of the airline to conquer the objective. In the ‘Manage Booking’ area, you can perform the required changes after logging into your account. There may a certain fee against the same process.

Japan Airlines Name Correction Offline

In the event you aren’t convinced with web-based technologies, Japan Airlines also proposes offline methods for name modifications. The undermentioned are some of the key prospects:

Visiting the Airport Reservation Centre

Passengers can approach the nearest airport ticket center to meet official representatives. Make sure you carry your ticket, passport, and other relevant documents to the airport to support the procedure.

Phone Call

It is another one of the smoother ways for name corrections on the ticket. You can simply dial the Japan Airlines Customer support Number +1-888-474-0163 to talk directly with the airline officials. Share your concern with them and provide details to get things in the right place.

Japan Airlines Name Correction Fee

Without any doubt, a fee is required to revise the name on the Japan Airlines ticket. The airline features a reasonable fee framework that fluctuates as per circumstances. It depends upon the fare type, destination, route, and time of change, etc.

Moreover, you can grab the latest information on the name correction fee at the airline’s official website. The Japan Airlines Customer Care Number (+1-888-474-0163) is also there to listen to your queries around the clock.

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