Icelandair Name Change Policy

Icelandair Name Change Policy - When purchasing a flight, several errors can occur, and entering the wrong name is one of them. It is a very typical occurrence among travelers that always interferes with their travel plans because it is forbidden to travel with a ticket that has an incorrect name. Icelandair permits customers to alter their erroneous names, although there are several guidelines and limitations outlined in the company's name change policy for customers.

Icelandair Name Change Policy

Since most airlines offer the option of name correction, Icelandair is one of them where you may easily change your name on the ticket. In such circumstances, every traveler searches for ways to replace their name on that ticket with the proper one. Consequently, you can reach out to experts in airline ticket policy at +1-888-474-0163 Toll-Free.

Guidelines to Change Name on Icelandair Ticket

On flights operated and promoted by Icelandair, passengers may request a name correction or modification in accordance with the airline's policy.

  • Every reservation must be made and issued by the airline using the passenger's information exactly as it appears on their passport or other official photo ID.
  • The complete flight segments in your reservation must be operated by Icelandair and cannot include any interline or codeshare agreement portions.
  • Per booking, one name change is the maximum permitted.
  • If a name needs to be changed, no more than three characters may be used.
  • A person's whole first and last name may not be changed for another. Both the first and last names are completely changed in this. It is prohibited to simultaneously use a first name and surname name that are completely different.
  • The passenger is not permitted to assign, dispose of, or transfer the rights gained from Icelandair to another passenger because all tickets are individual and non-transferable.
  • The following types of reservations are exempt from the Icelandair name change:
  • Bought using money other than US dollars.
  • Pay in cash, using PayPal, or any method other than a debit or credit card.
  • Travel agents are used to make reservations.
  • Booked within four hours of departure and checked into Icelandair beforehand.
  • Purchasing used or departed chunks of a flight.
  • Reservations for segments at the Basic Rate.
  • Bookings made before but amended for Icelandair.
  • PNR that holds more than 9 passengers.
  • Any flight booking that has added pets to their reservation.
  • If booked an infant seat.
  • Multi-city flight segments. 

If a traveller has to modify who is listed on the ticket, they must cancel their original reservation, request a refund, and then book a new flight under the name of the new passenger. Read Icelandair's cancellation policy for additional information.

Icelandair Change Name Requests

According to Icelandair's name-changing policy, travellers are permitted to change their names as long as they adhere to the following rules. – 

  1. Delete first name or last name – Passengers have the option to remove their last name and/or middle name. The name must match the one on the official photo ID. This would be taken into consideration in accordance with the rules in place for Icelandair's flight change policy. Both the fare difference and an airline penalty will be charged.
  2. Add first name or last name – Passengers have the option to add or change their last name as well as their middle name. The name must match the one on the official photo ID. This would be regarded as a routine adjustment to a flight reservation. There will be a penalty for the airline and a fare differential.
  3. Children’s last name – when the last name is different from what is written on a legal document. This would be regarded as a routine adjustment to a flight reservation. Both the fare difference and an airline penalty will be charged. The airline will divide the PNR before adding comments. The pricing difference as well as the airline's change fee will be added to the new tickets.
  4. Change last name due to marriage/divorce – when the family name on the aircraft ticket and the formal marriage/divorce documentation are different. Along with the fare difference, an Icelandair name change fee will be charged. The rate difference and the airline's change fee will be levied because tickets will be reissued. Passengers must produce one of the required documents (Birth certificates, Divorce decree, Marriage certificates).

Process of changing the Name on Iceland Air Ticket

Under no circumstances is a name change permitted online by the airline. However, through Icelandair's Manage Booking area, customers can change the name up to three characters. As an alternative, you can update or correct the name by calling Icelandair's name change hotline.

Icelandair Name Change Via Online

Through the manage booking part of the airline's website, customers can ask for a name adjustment of up to three characters. Passengers must, however, present a photo ID or another type of official ID that verifies the rectification. To change the name on the airline's website, follow these procedures.

  • Go to the homepage of and select the 'My Journey' button.
  • In the required section, provide your last name and the flight booking reference.
  • Once you have accessed your reservation, choose the passenger whose name has to be modified.
  • Then, insert the right name in the field by using the "Change tab" button.
  • You may replace the title, first name, middle name, or last name by up to three characters in accordance with Icelandair's name change policy.
  • Complete the payment process on the checkout page, then save your changes.
  • You will review a new flight confirmation and an updated e-ticket with your revised first and last names within an hour.

Icelandair Name Change Via Support Center Helpline

Online help is not available for the Icelandair name change request (full name). As a result, you must dial the airline's customer support hotline +1-888-474-0163 Toll-Free. There will be a name change cost. The following circumstances will be thought about over the phone.

  • Swap married and original names
  • First and last names reversed
  • Title, first name, and/or last name typing error. 
  • The airline will perform following actions– 
  • Split the PNR from the initial reservation with the wrong name.
  • The passengers must pay an additional airline's penalty if the infant is included in the reservation.
  • The incorrectly named existing PNR will be cancelled.
  • In accordance with the original schedule, Icelandair will generate a new PNR with the proper name. We'll give you a fresh booking reference.
  • The revised PNR will be issued in a similar or higher service class.

Icelandair Name Change Fee

  • If you modify or correct the name within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket, Iceland Air does not charge a change fee.
  • You will be required to pay the necessary flight change fee if you change or amend your name on an Iceland Air flight after 24 hours of booking. Depending on the type of adjustments you make, the fees could range from $120 to $150.
  • According to the flight change rules, if your flight is delayed for more than three hours, you can even alter the date for free.
Take Away

Icelandair's name-change policy is intended to save you money and simplify your travel plans. Before making any name changes or revisions to Icelandair tickets, be aware of the rules and be certain of the essentials, such as your flight number, arrival and departure dates, and reservation class. Additionally, you can get in touch with experts in airline ticket policy on +1-888-474-0163 Toll-Free.