Hainan Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

Hainan Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy – One of the biggest airlines in China, Hainan Airlines, is known for offering its passengers the best aviation services. Even with the greatest of intentions, errors can still occur, and clients may run into problems when trying to update or fix their names. To guarantee that its passengers enjoy a hassle-free experience when traveling, the airline created the Hainan Airlines name change/correction policy in response to such circumstances.

Hainan Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

The purpose of the policy is to ensure that consumers have a clear awareness of the steps and prerequisites for updating or correcting their names on airline tickets. Hainan Airlines is solidifying its position as an industry leader by emphasizing customer happiness and providing open policies. But if you require any extra help, Airlines Ticket Policy is available to you, free of charge at +1-888-474-0163.

Let’s Know About Hainan Airlines

The well-known Chinese airline Hainan Airlines is known for its first-rate passenger experiences and outstanding customer support. Hainan Airlines has made a name for itself as a pioneer in the aviation sector because of its fleet of contemporary aircraft and dedication to providing the highest levels of comfort and convenience to its passengers.

The airline's commitment to offering a good customer experience has garnered high ratings and favourable evaluations from customers, who routinely compliment the airline's friendly and attentive employees, comfortable seating arrangements, and outstanding in-flight amenities. Moreover, Hainan Airlines has won praise from the business sector for its dedication to innovative and sustainable operations, making it a reliable option for both leisure and business passengers.

Multiple Scenarios Of Changing Name On Hainan Airlines Flight Tickets

To make the procedure as seamless as possible for its customers, Hainan Airlines has established particular regulations for various name change circumstances. The following lists some of the possible outcomes and regulations.

  1. Spelling Mistake: Hainan Airlines permits complimentary name corrections if a customer's name is spelled incorrectly on their ticket and the request is filed within 24 hours of the ticket's issuance. A fee could be applied if the adjustment is made more than 24 hours after the ticket was issued.
  2. Legal Name Change: Hainan Airlines requires supporting evidence to be submitted if a passenger's name needs to be changed as a result of a legal name change, such as a marriage or divorce. A copy of the traveller’s marriage certificate or divorce decree should be included in the supporting documentation, along with any other pertinent legal records. Hainan Airlines will update the passenger's ticket as appropriate when the paperwork is confirmed.
  3. Spelling Mistake on International Flights: You must correct a passenger's name right away if it is misspelled on an overseas flight. To get the name changed in this situation, the traveler must present supporting paperwork, such as a copy of their passport. It's possible to pay for the correction.
  4. Name Change due to Gender Reassignment: Hainan Airlines requires supporting evidence to be given if a passenger's name has to be changed due to gender reassignment. Together with any other pertinent legal documents, the supporting documentation should contain a copy of the passenger's official documents showing the gender reassignment. Hainan Airlines will update the passenger's ticket as appropriate when the paperwork is confirmed.

Hainan Airlines Name Change Procedures

Passengers may quickly perform their Hainan Airlines Name Change offline or online thanks to the "Manage My Bookings" option, which permits all revisions and corrections. This is a list of the steps you need to perform.

Change Your Name On The Hainan Airlines Flight Ticket Via Online Portal

  • To get started, go to the official Hainan Airlines website.
  • The next step is to choose the "My Bookings" entry from the list.
  • Enter your "Tile Name" and "PNR" after that.
  • Then select Find My Trip.
  • The new page will provide the flight information.
  • Choose "Personalize your Trip" after that.
  • Change the names on your original plane tickets.
  • Then, take another look at the details on your ticket.
  • Thereafter, if required, make the payment.
  • Customers will then see their updated E-Ticket on their screens after that.
  • The final thing we want to mention is that clients will get a message or email confirming their Hainan Airlines Name Change.

Change Your Name On The Hainan Airlines Flight Ticket Via Customer Care

Sometimes a traveller may be unable to complete the online name-change process. Customers can talk with a professional from our airline who can assist them with the name correction or name change process by calling Airlines Ticket Policies for assistance at +1-888-474-0163 toll-free. Thus, you should always have your identification and travel documents with you.

Change Your Name On The Hainan Airlines Flight Ticket Via Airline Ticket Counter

Clients of Hainan Airlines can also use the services provided at the airline ticket counter to update or correct the names on their flight tickets. Travelers must present all forms of legal identification as well as the data from their original airline tickets. Although customers have the right to be fully informed of all laws and regulations related to the Hainan Airlines Name Change, they may opt to enquire about any additional information on their airline tickets.

Cost Of Hainan Airlines Name Change

Hainan Airlines adopts a calculated strategy for determining the cost of name correction in various situations. For instance, if a person changes their name during the first four hours after making a reservation, there won't be a service charge. The airline will charge you a fee for the same service if you make changes after this.

If there is an error or problem with the name shown on your ticket, you must pay a name change fee of $50 to $100. (or it is equivalent in your local currency). There are no discounts on the non-refundable name change charge available for infants or young children.

Take Away

Passengers are recommended to get in touch with the airline's customer support staff for assistance with making any required adjustments to their tickets. In general, Hainan Airlines has rules in place to handle a range of name change circumstances. It's also crucial to be aware that, depending on the specifics, costs may be assessed for name changes or corrections. But if you require any extra help, Airlines Ticket Policy is available to you, free of charge at +1-888-474-0163.