GOL Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

GOL Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy – Travel plans can be exciting, but sometimes life throws unexpected curveballs, and you find yourself needing to make changes, even to your flight details. In this article, we'll delve into GOL Airlines' name change/correction policy, guiding you through the process and providing essential insights for a hassle-free experience. You can speak with our agents at toll free number +1-888-474-0163 for better assistance.

GOL Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

GOL Airlines recognizes that passengers may encounter situations requiring alterations to their booking details, especially regarding names. Whether it's a simple correction or a complete name change, the airline has established a policy to accommodate such needs.

About GOL Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

GOL Airlines' name change/correction policy caters to various scenarios, including:

  • Marriage or legal name changes.
  • Spelling errors during the booking process.
  • Transfer of tickets to another passenger due to unforeseen circumstances.

To address specific concerns related to these scenarios, let's explore some common situations passengers might encounter.

Fees and Charges of GOL Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

  • While GOL Airlines understands that changes are sometimes inevitable, there may be associated fees for name changes or corrections. It's crucial to be aware of these charges and plan accordingly.
  • The standard fees can vary, so it's advisable to check the latest fee structure on the GOL Airlines website or contact customer support for detailed information. Keep in mind that certain scenarios may exempt you from fees, so always inquire about exceptions.
  • Timelines and Restrictions - To ensure a smooth process, passengers should be mindful of the timelines and restrictions associated with name changes or corrections. GOL Airlines recommends initiating these requests well in advance to avoid last-minute inconveniences.
  • While the airline strives to accommodate passenger needs, there may be limitations based on factors such as the proximity to the departure date. Early notification provides ample time to review and process the requested changes.

Online vs. Offline Procedures

GOL Airlines offers both online and offline methods for passengers to make name changes or corrections. The online process is often quicker and more convenient, allowing passengers to manage their bookings from the comfort of their homes.

However, for those who prefer a more personalized approach or encounter challenges online, GOL Airlines' customer support is readily available to assist. Let's explore the pros and cons of each method.

Policy Changes and Updates

As with any policy, GOL Airlines' name change/correction policy may undergo revisions. It's crucial for passengers to stay informed about any changes or updates to avoid misunderstandings.

Visit the official GOL Airlines website regularly or subscribe to newsletters for the latest information on policies and procedures. Being proactive ensures that you have the most up-to-date details when making decisions about your travel plans.

Tips for a Smooth Process

While GOL Airlines aims to make the name change/correction process as seamless as possible, here are some tips to ensure a smooth experience:

  • Double-check your details during the booking process to minimize the need for corrections.
  • Initiate changes well in advance to avoid time constraints.
  • Keep all necessary documentation handy to expedite the process.
  • By following these tips, you can navigate the name change/correction process with ease.

Impact on Travel Plans

While name changes or corrections may seem minor, they can have implications for your travel plans. It's essential to consider the potential impact and take proactive steps to minimize disruptions.

In most cases, GOL Airlines strives to ensure a smooth transition, but passengers should be aware of the implications and plan accordingly.

GOL Airlines' Methods for Correcting Names

GOL Airlines provides a user-friendly online solution for passengers seeking to rectify their names through the official website, catering to the convenience and accessibility preferences of international travelers who favor technology-driven options.

Follow these steps to change your name on GOL Airlines' official website:

  • Visit the GOL Airlines website through your browser, navigating to the main site.
  • On the homepage, find the "Manage Booking" section and click the corresponding tab in the dialogue box.
  • Access your booking by entering the passenger's last name and booking number in the designated fields.
  • Submit the correct details by clicking the red arrow button on the website.
  • Choose the specific ticket or flight reservation you intend to modify and follow the provided prompts to update the name information.
  • Utilize the name change option on GOL Airlines' website, possibly requiring the attachment of a digital copy of your passport or ID as proof.
  • If a fee is applicable for the name change, make the payment as required and await a confirmation email sent to your registered email address.
  • Please note that for GOL Airlines tickets, a correction to the middle or last name can be made only once after booking. Additional changes may necessitate contacting the airline's agents for assistance.

Name Change or Correction at GOL Airlines' Ticket Counter

GOL Airlines allows significant name changes, including corrections to first or middle names and surnames. Making last-minute updates to passengers' personal information can be advantageous.

Visit the ticket counter at the airport to make any necessary modifications or alterations to your airline tickets. The dedicated crew at the airport's ticket counter will assist you, requiring a valid ID for the update, if appropriate.

Name Change or Correction by Contacting the Airlines

To utilize the name change option, customers can contact customer support. 

  • Reach out to Airlines Ticket Policy by dialing the toll-free number +1-888-474-0163. Follow these steps to modify your flight name on GOL Airlines before boarding:
  • Explain the reason for your call to the representative, highlighting the error in your name on the ticket.
  • Provide necessary information about your booking, including your "Last Name" and "Booking Reference" number.
  • If applicable, pay the associated costs for the name change after the agent confirms your details.
  • The agent will initiate the process upon receiving payment and notify you upon completion. 


In conclusion, GOL Airlines' name change/correction policy reflects the company's commitment to providing flexibility for passengers. By understanding the procedures, fees, and timelines associated with name changes or corrections, passengers can navigate these processes with confidence.

Whether you're a newlywed, encountered a spelling error, or facing unexpected situations, GOL Airlines strives to make the process as seamless as possible. Stay informed, be proactive, and reach out to customer support when needed to ensure your travel plans remain stress-free.

Frequently Asked Questions about GOL Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

Ques 1) Can I change the name on my GOL Airlines booking after the departure date?

Ans) GOL Airlines recommends initiating changes well in advance, and alterations after the departure date may be subject to restrictions.

Ques 2) Are there any scenarios where name change fees are waived?

Ans) Certain situations, such as legal name changes, may qualify for fee exemptions. Contact customer support for specific details.

Ques 3) What documentation is required for a name change or correction?

Ans) The required documentation may vary. Check GOL Airlines' guidelines or contact customer support for accurate information.

Ques 4) Can I make name changes or corrections offline?

Ans) Yes, GOL Airlines provides both online and offline options. Choose the method that suits you best.

Ques 5) How often does GOL Airlines update its name change/correction policy?

Ans) Policy updates can occur, so it's advisable to check the official website or contact customer support for the latest information.