Frontier Airline Name Correction Policy

Frontier Airline Name Correction Policy - It isn’t rocket science to make reservations for air travel. You need to be attentive while booking your tickets for the flight. You might have to observe irritating fuss if you got your name misspelled on your ticket. Thus, the in-hand guide is to consider the Frontier airline name correction policy to let you know the legitimate ways to restore the issue.

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                                                 Frontier Airline Name Correction Policy

Airlines are one of the well-appreciated ways of traveling these days. Many of us prefer to opt for a speedy and reliable journey experience across national and international destinations. Frontier Airline is amongst the cheapest airlines based in the USA. It offers a comprehensive spectrum of domestic and international flights at incredibly lowest fares.

What if you are asked to wait at the airport due to some name spelling issues on your ticket? It may be the case your name spelling doesn’t match with your documents. These silly name spelling errors can pose people to face the ordeal.

The hurry in booking tickets for flights can lead to misspelled names. However, the situation isn’t as havoc as it looks. You can correct your mistakes by following the right steps as prescribed in the company’s rule book. How to deal with these annoying situations while traveling with Frontier Airlines? The guide has the ultimate objective.

Frontier Airline Offers Name Correction Services to Visitors

It may be hazardous to change the name on your ticket with some airline companies. They simply ask you to cancel your ticket/reservations. But as far as frontier Airlines are related, you will have a blissful approach. The airline allows passengers to execute the name correction rule under specific scenarios.

Further, visitors need to submit valid documents and proofs to get the right name on the ticket successfully. Documents like passports, driving licenses must be updated to get things right. You can submit these documents to speed up the procedure of correcting the name to avoid further inconveniences.

What is the Frontier Airlines Name Change Policy?

Traveling with Frontier Airline is a great experience. It takes care of its passengers’ tastes, needs, and convenience to the full degree. You will have a remarkable journey, thanks to its amazing support staff and in-flight hospitality services.

  • For any reason, if you found your name misspelled on your ticket, there is nothing to worry about at all. You can change/correct your name by following certain set standards as per rules. Presently, the company entertains the following conditions for the case:
  • You have to pay any difference between the already-paid fare and the current fare selling for the same itinerary.
  • Apart from this, passengers can also pay $75 to modify the name on the ticket prior to travel by keeping the same itinerary. Please consider that if you want to change your name along with the itinerary change, you have to incur costs separately.
  • Frontier applies the same provision for all tickets booked with the traveling agency. All the tickets are non-refundable if you don’t have purchased the Works at the time of initial ticket booking. Similarly, all scheduled bookings are refundable within 24 hours of booking for planes over seven days from the departure day.

Changes Covered Under the Frontier Airline Name Correction Policy

Well, Frontier Airlines allows you to correct a minor fault in your name. It will revise your name for free if you approach to do so within at least seven days prior to the original departure.

Similarly, visitors can contact the authority for free name changes on reservations in case you had your legal name is changed. You can send an email to Frontier explaining the reason for the name change alongside attaching the document of proof.

Another crucial thing you should consider is that the name corrections policy sharply prohibits the transfer of ticket possession to another person. You are authorized just to correct or change your name on reservations as per the company's latest guidelines.

Different Legitimate Strategies for Name Corrections on Frontier Airlines Ticket

Taking everything into account, Frontier Airlines guests will have a lot of decisions to handle the matter. It recognizes a few stages for name corrections to ensure individuals get the mode of inclination. To change the name on the PNR, they can work with digital or traditional channels. Here are the specifics.

Correct Name Frontier Airlines Online

Internet technologies dominate the modern era, including the aviation sector. You'll need to agree with the accompanying moves toward making changes carefully -

  • Open the internet browser to visit the authority site -
  • Further, you need to tap the 'Oversee Travel' choice on the landing page.
  • Presently, give your last name and the extraordinary booking reference number before raising a ruckus around town 'button.
  • Another window is incited with flight subtleties. You can pick the ticket that needs to be changed.
  • In the future, a client can continue with the 'Alter button to modify the name subtleties.
  • Finally, after paying the necessary fee and entering the correct information about your name, complete the procedure.
  • Frontier Airlines will send you an affirmation mail with refreshed name subtleties.

Frontier Airlines Name Correction Offline

Mistakes can evaporate involving a few customary ways too. One can execute any of the accompanying methodologies according to decision and accommodation -

  • Air terminal Ticket counter - Ensure you convey your ticket, visa, and other important reports to get your name amended by the carrier delegates.
  • Customer Helpline Number - Travellers can dial the Client Helpdesk Number (+1-888-474-0163) and share the matter with authorities.

Frontier Airlines Name Correction Fee

It requires no charge to direct minor name corrections on the Frontier Airlines ticket. Nonetheless, you'll need to pay specific charges for bringing significant changes according to the arrangement. For the most recent charge subtleties, you can dial +1-888-474-0163 or visit the authority site.


How might I alter the name on the Frontier Airlines ticket?

According to the strategy, Frontier travellers can modify name subtleties on the ticket through the web or disconnected channels.

Does Frontier Airlines permit name rectifications after marriage?

Yes. You can change the name on the ticket assuming that it is changed after marriage.

How Can Airlines Ticket Policy Help You?

Frontier Airlines provides domestic and international air travel services. It is well-known for offering reliable and reasonable services across the world. As far as the Frontier airline name correction policy is concerned, it is great for passengers to deal with.

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  • Moreover, our dedicated staff works relentlessly for our readers to help them with omnidirectional solutions. We help them on diverse issues like baggage policy, fare policy, pet policy, name correction, flight change, and more.
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  • You can modify or get your name updated with the reservations following the set rules as mentioned above. According to the instructions from the US Department of Transportation, passengers can change their flight reservations within 23 hours of bookings free of cost. It incorporates the change or cancel the flight or change or correct the name on flight reservations.
  • Frontier Airlines follow the guidelines rigidly to ensure travelers capture the top-notch experience on their seat. You can correct your name with the concerned authorities for the whole leg of your trip. Additionally, transferrable tickets allow another visitor to board the flight after finishing the necessary formalities at the airport.