Finnair Name Change/Correction Policy

Finnair Name Change/Correction Policy – The most frequent reasons for name change requests are spelling mistakes and last name additions on the travel ticket. Such flight alterations are made possible by Finnair thanks to its carefully thought-out name change policy. The Finnair name change policy helps customers who want to update the names listed on their tickets. Additionally, it makes name changes and additions easier.

Finnair Name Change/Correction Policy

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This name change policy operates following defined guidelines. Therefore, it is imperative to understand and be aware of all of the key provisions of this policy before flying with this airline. This will enable hassle-free travel and will show to be advantageous.

Terms of the Finnair Name Change Policy

You must adhere to a few precise guidelines established by the airline if you wish to effectively use the Finnair flight option to change your name. These requirements make sure that the traveler can change their name without incident. Additionally, these regulations serve as guidance for the authorities so they can complete your request without incident.

The principal guidelines provided by this carrier's name change policy are as follows: 

  • If a reservation is made directly through an official source, all reservations of any kind for any class of service are eligible for name changes.
  • The name on your flight ticket should be matching with the name on your passport. If you don't comply with the airline's requirements, you won't be able to fly.
  • You can change your name in case of marriage or divorce. You will need to provide the air carrier with a few pieces of paperwork and certificates as proof for this, though.
  • If you have more than one first name, you can only enter the first one when purchasing a ticket.
  • Renaming the passenger only some tickets will provide the Finnair option. To find out if you qualify for making changes online, visit the airline's official website.
  • The carrier is not permitted to assign the ticket's ownership to anyone else. Additionally, passengers will not be permitted to alter the name on their reservation to transfer ownership of their ticket to another traveler.
  • For using the name change option on this airline, you will have to pay a set charge. Service fees are another component of these costs.
  • No matter the flight schedule or the place of travel, the terms of this policy apply to all ticket prices and service classes.
  • On your ticket, some characters may occasionally appear as 'ä' or 'ö. It is not required for you to change your name in this situation. The airline has approved these characters, so you can continue with your flight without worrying.

Note: The Finnair flight name change policy's changes periodically as per customer’s convenience and airline industry policies. You can visit the carrier's website online to see the most recent version of these rules. Additionally, you can contact customer service representatives by calling the toll-free number provided on the website. 

Methods to Change Name on Finnair Flight

This airline provides two different ways for travelers to change the name on their ticket. First is an online platform, and the second is a more conventional offline approach. In case of last-minute name changes, you can also get in touch with this airline's assistance desk. Below is a comprehensive explanation of how each of these settings functions. 

Finnair Name Change through Web Portal

It will be necessary to open the primary link to the airline's official website. To achieve this, enter "" into your computer browser. 

  • On this website's home page, the "Manage" tab will be at the top. Click on this tab.
  • The "Manage Booking" area will now be displayed after a redirection has been completed.
  • You will be asked for the passenger's "Family Name" and other general details. Following this, you will also need to submit certain information about your reservation, such as the "Booking Reference."
  • Click or tap the "Search" button on your screen to continue the procedure.
  • You can now see the flight that you have scheduled. Select the appropriate reservation for which the name needs to be altered or rectified.
  • You can proceed from here by following the instructions that will appear on your page. To make the necessary changes, use the Finnair change name on the ticket option.
  • By paying the mandatory name change charge, your alterations will be finished. Only make the payment if requested.
  • You can check the confirmation email sent to the appropriate email address to see if your name has been successfully changed.

Finnair Name Change through Calling

If you upgraded your flight using cash, cash equivalents, Finnair Plus points, or tier rewards, you can contact Finnair customer support at +1-888-474-0163 (Toll-Free)to update or correct the name on your ticket. You should speak with the airline agents after the call is connected:

  • Inform the airline experts that the name needs to be changed.
  • Describe your flight details, including your reservation number, if applicable.
  • Let them know if there are any mistakes involving your name so they can fix them. Show the carrier your marriage or divorce document as proof if your last name has been altered or added.
  • Comply with the requirements of the Finnair name change policy, and pay the necessary fee and the fare difference.
  • Once the name change request has been fulfilled, airline employees will confirm your modifications.

Finnair Name Change through the ticket counter

You can travel to the airport ticket counter to make changes to your name on a Finnair ticket if you prefer the conventional airline service model and are willing to speak with a person one-on-one. To make the modifications, you must have a valid ID on hand. You can make the modifications with the help of the airport kiosk help desk or the ticket counter.

Name Change Fees on Finnair Flight

When you modify or update your name on the ticket, this airline charges a set price. Service fees and a separate change fee are also included in this cost. When completing your request, you will be advised of the additional price or penalty for changing your name. The following fees apply when using Finnair's flight name-changing feature:

  • Corrections to names will incur a cost of USD 25.
  • If their name changes, passengers will be required to pay a fee of USD 400

Note: Depending on the departure and arrival locations, the name change charge varies.

Take Away

Finnair's name change policy makes it straightforward for passengers to change the names listed on their tickets. It makes name changes and revisions easier. Additionally, Airlines Ticket Policy has proven to be a very trustworthy resource for educating you on airline policies and helping you make the appropriate adjustments. You can reach us at +1-888-474-0163 (Toll-Free).