Fiji Airways Name Correction/Change Policy

Fiji Airways Name Correction/Change Policy – Getting the wrong name on the flight ticket can be a bad experience. It can impact your trip adversely to minimize the excitement and extend unnecessary woes. If you've arranged an itinerary with Fiji Airways and received incorrect name details on the PNR, here is the guide you might be looking for! Go through the detailed Fiji Airways name correction policy to acquire essential insights. Moreover, professional help can also be grabbed at the toll-free number +1-888-474-0163.

Fiji Airways Name Correction/Change Policy

Air travelers must abide by the aviation rules to enjoy a marvelous travel observation. The right name on the ticket is critically important amongst other criteria. Since the airline industry is getting stuffed with modern innovation and strategies, passengers must be vigilant at every phase to keep hassles at bay. While creating a reservation, make sure your name on the booking is spelled in the appropriate format.

  • The visitor’s name on the ticket PNR and other related documents must include similar characters.
  • It is a clear violation of aviation laws when you try to board a flight with incorrect name details on the booking.
  • Travelers will have a specific time to rectify the name on the ticket to fly legitimately.
  • To worsen, the concerned airline may terminate your booking, given the wrong name on the ticket.

About Fiji Airways

Before we learn the topic under discussion, let’s share some thoughts concerning the service provider itself. Fiji Airways is a popular aviation organization in the industry of Fiji. It is committed to fulfilling the modern-age travel requirements of passengers with world-standard integrations. Some of the highlighting prospects of the carrier read as below:

  • Fiji Airways was founded in 1947 but commenced operations in 1951.
  • It is a flag carrier of Fiji; delivering aviation services across domestic and international routes.
  • Further, the prime business station of the airline is located at Nadi International Airport.
  • Fiji Airways is also a member of the Oneworld Alliance.
  • In terms of the route network, Fiji Airways manages a whopping spectrum of stations to connect multiple international destinations.
  • Passengers can explore places situated throughout New Zealand, Australia, Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga, the United States, Japan, Singapore, and some others.
  • The fleet of the Fijian airline comprises around 15 aircraft.

Fiji Airways Name Change Policy | Various Key Specifications and Guidelines 2022

Fiji Airways is a superlative aviation company based in Fiji. It earns appreciation in the aviation fraternity for delivering unmatched traveling solutions to enthusiasts. Further, the airline documents various service policies by considering the convenience and comfort of customers. hence, it delivers full flexibility at all stages by keeping service costs at minimum levels.

Need to change/modify the name on the Fiji Airways ticket?

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Under the name correction policy of the carrier, the Fijian airline permits customers to make essential rectifications in the name on the ticket. It isn't uncommon to see visitors commit mistakes during the reservation. They provide false flight details in the form and entering the name incorrectly is one of the common affairs. The concerned client can acquire in-depth insights into the policy by considering the following pointers:

Key Principles You Must Know

  • People traveling with Fiji Airways can modify the name for essential changes on the booking as per the specific policy.
  • The Fijian airline allows individuals to make minor corrections (up to 3 characters) in the whole name without any cost.
  • You can request a name change with Fiji Airwaysif it is changed after marriage/divorce. Make sure to submit a legal document to consolidate your request.
  • The airline recommends users opt for either online or offline procedures to initiate the name change/modify request.
  • One of the best ways to avoid hassles is to select the same platform you used during the reservation.
  • Remember, no passenger can make changes in the flight date, destination, time and gender of the visitor, etc. while modifying the name on the Fiji Airways ticket.
  • Also, Fijian airline prohibits passengers to transfer the ticket to another person’s name.
  • There may be specific service costs for raising the name modification request with Fiji Airways. It depends upon several factors and scenarios.
  • Moreover, Fiji Airways travelers can capture customer assistance to learn more details.

How to Modify the Name on the Booking of Fiji Airways?

With the ever-growing competition in the aviation segment, service providers make extra efforts to facilitate clients overwhelmingly. In the context of name modifications, Fiji Airways is pledged to assist commuters with reliable solutions. It integrates multiple methods/channels to ensure the utmost flexibility and comfort for aspirants. One can navigate either online or offline platforms to raise the voice.

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Fiji Airways Name Correction Online

Internet lover? Great! You should choose to implement web technologies to save priceless time, effort, and money. The following are multiple steps you must follow to achieve the ambition:

  • To start with the online method, make sure to explore the official website -
  • Next, you’ll have to use the dedicated tab in the main menu on the homepage named ‘Manage Booking.’
  • In the given fields on the next page, a user needs to enter details such as a booking reference code and the family name of the passenger.
  • Further, you will get a listing of various bookings under your account. Make sure to pick the right booking you want to make name corrections for.
  • Using the right tabs and options, a user can correct the name by entering appropriate name details.
  • Before wrapping up the procedure, make sure you pay the applicable fee to submit the request successfully.
  • In the end, Fiji Airways will drop a confirmation mail with new ticket details.

Fiji Airways Name Correction Offline

In addition to internet technologies, people can also have some traditional channels to select from. Sometimes, individuals don’t prefer using web services for many reasons. Such travelers can go with any of the following alternatives:

Fiji Airways Name Correction/Change Fee

How much does it cost to amend the name on the Fiji Airways booking? The Fijian service provider endeavors to impart affordable services to global clients. Therefore, it tries to keep the name correction service as affordable as possible. Passengers can make minor corrections in the name up to 3 characters without paying a fee. However, your pocket can get hurt for US$200 per person under certain conditions. The best thought is to collect the latest fee details on the official website or at +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free).

Fiji Airways Name Correction Policy – FAQs

Ques 1) Is it possible to modify the name on the booking with Fiji Airways?

Ans 1) Yes, passengers can amend the name on the ticket as per the Fiji Airways name correction policy.

Ques 2) What is the procedure to amend the name on the Fiji Airways ticket?

Ans 2) The required changes in the name on the ticket can be made using online or offline channels. You can explore the official web portal, visit the airport ticket counter or dial the customer helpdesk number (+1-888-474-0163).

Ques 3) How much does it cost to modify the name on the Fiji Airways booking?

Ans 3) Minor name corrections can be performed for free. Usually, the service provider demands US$200 as a service cost for name corrections.