Emirates Airlines Name Correction Policy

Emirates Airlines Name Correction Policy - Worrying about the misspelled name on the Emirates ticket? The guide is to mention various scenarios under which Emirates passengers can change/correct the name. The Emirates Airlines name Change policy allows travelers to make modifications in the name on the ticket.

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Emirates Airlines Name Correction Policy

Traveling with Emirates is always an awesome experience. Currently, it is the largest air carrier in the United Arab Emirates. Founded in 1985, the airline operates over 3600 flights every week across more than 150 destinations globally.

Further, the UAE-based air carrier is headquartered in Garhoud, Dubai. It is the largest air carrier in the Middle East. Customers can book flights in Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class, etc.

About Emirates Name Correction Policy

Like many other airlines, Emirates also has a clear-cut viewpoint about name corrections on the ticket. There’re times when passengers enter their names incorrectly in the reservation form. Though it is a tiny mistake, it may get you in great trouble eventually.

According to the air transportation authority, the name on the flight ticket and the government-issued document must be the same. But sometimes visitors fill in the name details incorrectly in a hurry.

Thanks to the Emirates name correction policy, people can modify names before the departure date. The airline imposes some penalty for the same action, however, depending upon different circumstances. Emirates publishes a condition under which visitors must request for the name change before the departure time.

On the other hand, the airline permits visitors to change the name if it is changed legally because of marriage or divorce, etc. Emirates can also demand the respective document as evidence to justify the issue legally.

How to Change/Correct the Name on Emirates Flight Tickets?

After becoming aware of the incorrect name on the Emirates ticket, users must be yearning to know the name correction procedure. This chapter stresses various ways as suggested by the air carrier to change or correct the misspelled name.

Emirates Airlines Name Correction Online

Online processes are the most favorable and well-recognized approaches when it comes to making corrections in the incorrectly-written name. The widely-used platform is the official website of the firm for the same objective.

Once you have reached the homepage, log in to your account using credentials to proceed further. You can make modifications by following the on-screen instructions before you get the confirmation email. This mail contains the correct name details and other information for future purposes.

Emirates Airlines Flight Change Offline

Passengers can make modifications in the name using offline procedures. Sometimes, people feel uncomfortable with web-oriented technologies and want something more trustworthy alternative to change the name.

Offline procedures conclude some highly-appreciable methods for passengers. The best way is to speak directly with the airline officials by dialing the Emirates service center number. It allows you to get immediate assistance from professionals on the same issue. You can share your correct name details alongside the legal evidence.

In addition to that, wishful users can also visit the nearest airport ticket counter or kiosk. In this way, passengers can get the required services directly from the airport officials. It is one of the most trustworthy methods as modifications are made in front of passengers.

Emirates Airlines Name Correction Fee

In terms of name correction fee, the airline demands US$30 in countries like UK, Brazil, and India. The condition is that the ticket must be purchased from the website or contact center.

Further, passengers will pay GBP10 in the United Kingdom if the reservation was made via the Emirates website, ticket office, or center. The fee reaches GBP20 in case the booking was made by the travel agent.

When it comes to Brazil, you will pay nothing if your departure and sale point is Brazil. Similar is the case concerning India.

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