Egypt Air Name Correction Policy

Egypt Air Name Correction Policy – An Egypt Air traveler doesn’t need to panic upon entering incorrect name details in the booking reservation form. The Egypt carrier permits visitors to make essential modifications in the name and other details. This is an attempt to unearth the Egypt Air name change policy to simplify things for customers.

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Egypt Air Name Correction Policy

Established back in the year 1932, Egypt Air is an important and popular airline service of Egypt. It manages business operations from its headquarter at Cairo International Airport. The air travel service providing company is also a prestigious member of the Star Alliance.

Furthermore, Egypt Air runs scheduled and freight services across over 75 destinations. It connects famous locations in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. In the fleet, Egypt Airlinesincorporates more than 60 aircraft well-embraced with fantastic provision and amenities.

What is the Egypt Air Name Correction Policy?

Mistakes are common when it comes to booking an air ticket. Most people make silly mistakes during the reservation such as entering incorrect name details, date, and destination, etc. On many occasions, some individuals also enter the wrong name fully that can cause serious results for them. Hence, one might need to be extremely heedful while fulfilling the reservation form.

What are the consequences of entering the name incorrectly in the form? Well, it isn't a worthful sign for a passenger who gets his/her name misspelled on the PNR. According to the US Department of Transportation rules, a visitor’s name on the ticket and the passport must have the same characters in the same order. Even a single-alphabet error may obtain critical consequences for a visitor. It may even cancel your flight.

Flying with Egypt Air? You're fortunate as the Egypt carrier allows its valuable passengers to make corrections in the name on the ticket. According to the name correction policy of the company, customers can make minor amendments like spelling mistakes or other errors.

Sparkling Keynotes –

  • Egypt Air customers can effort to change/correct the name on the PNR ticket without any hassle.
  • Further, they need to move proactively within 24 hours after making the booking for a name change or correction.
  • A visitor is allowed to make changes only in up to 3 letters of the make.
  • No passenger can change the name wholly.
  • Likewise, changing the surname is also prohibited.
  • Egypt Air permits individuals to remove only spelling mistakes from the flight ticket.
  • Well, the airline strictly prohibits transferring the ticket to the name of another person.
  • In case your name is printed on the ticket incorrectly, you can approach the airline reservation department.

How to Correct the Name on the Egypt Air Ticket?

Are you yearning to know the legitimate way through which one can change/correct the name on the ticket? This segment of the blog will throw light on various Egypt Air-acknowledged methods to modify the name details. Excited? Let’s hop right in.

Egypt Air Name Correction Online

The web-based method is one of the best and most popular ways used for name corrections. The company takes care of visitors’ interests vigilantly and proposes the best services to fit their needs and preferences.

Under the online name correction prospect, you’ll have the following steps to follow:

  • Launch your web browser and open the official website of Egypt Air.
  • In the next move, a visitor will locate and hit the ‘My Booking’ section.
  • Further, kindly provide your credentials such as the booking reference number and the passenger’s last name.
  • After logins, you will see a new page that presents bookings in your account.
  • Here, an individual will click on the ‘Edit Booking’ or ‘Modify Booking’ option to see if he/she is eligible to make name corrections/changes.
  • If eligible, simply enter the correct name details and submit the request.
  • Finally, the airline will notify you about the changes you made via mail/SMS.

More thoughts concerning the online process can be obtained at 1-866-939-0429 any time around the clock.

Egypt Air Name Correction via Phone Call

The airline also provides travelers with the freedom to approach the official representatives at any time of their choice. Likewise, you can talk with the professionals directly to make essential changes in the name on the ticket. They are available 24/7 to listen to your conundrums.

Egypt Air Customer Support Number – 1-866-939-0429

Egypt Air Name Correction Fee

A fee for changing/correcting the name on the Egypt Air ticket may apply. For the latest insights into the fees and other charges, you can head to the official web portal or dial the Egypt Air Helpline Number 1-866-939-0429.

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