Czech Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

Czech Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy – Utilizing Czech Airlines' name change and correction policy allows you to modify both the name and details on your flight tickets. This regulation was established to address passenger concerns in such situations, adhering to a set of guidelines that outline the permissible extent of changes, associated expenses, and other crucial particulars.

Czech Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

For necessary modifications to personal information on your flight tickets and related documents, you must adhere to these conditions. For more details on Czech Airlines' policies, please refer to the Airlines Ticket Policy page. Should you require immediate assistance, you can reach us at +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free).

Fundamental Conditions of the Czech Airlines Name Change and Correction Policy

  • Only direct reservations made directly through the airline or its authorized sources qualify for name changes.
  • If you wish to alter your name after purchasing a ticket through a third-party agency, you must contact that agency directly for instructions on updating the name.
  • The policy allows for a maximum of three characters to be changed in the first or last name.
  • The entire name on the reserved ticket cannot be changed using the Czech Airlines' change passenger name option. This means that only the first or last names on the reservation ticket can be altered, and transferring tickets from one passenger to another is prohibited. Legal action may be taken if passengers are found transferring tickets to others.
  • In the case of changing a maiden name after marriage, Czech Airlines may request a copy of the marriage license for verification. This policy also enables travellers to use their first and last names in reverse.
  • Name updates can be made to correct missing characters, but such adjustments are not free. A fixed fee is charged by the airline for any type of name change.

Various Methods for Changing Your Name on Czech Airlines Flight Tickets

Czech Airlines offers passengers various options to simplify the process of changing or correcting names on tickets. Several approaches are available based on your preferences and availability.

Online Name Change for Czech Airlines Flight Tickets

If you need to alter your name on Czech Airlines flight tickets, there are several methods available for passengers to make corrections. You can choose the most convenient method based on your preferences:

  • Visit the Czech Airlines website at
  • Select your preferred language and country and save your preferences.
  • Click on the "My Booking" link on the homepage.
  • Enter your last name and booking reference number to retrieve your reservation and proceed.
  • The flight details will be displayed, and you can choose the category for adjustments, such as seats, meals, dates, or names.
  • Any price difference between the original and modified flights must be paid to the airline.
  • After receiving the payment, the modifications will be implemented, and the airline will contact you using the provided phone number or email address.

Offline Name Change for Czech Airlines Flight Tickets

During challenging circumstances, changing your flight tickets over the phone can be the most practical option. Experienced customer support can provide valuable guidance through the Airlines Ticket Policy. Follow the steps below to make changes through customer support:

  • Contact Airlines Ticket Policy customer care at +1-888-474-0163 (Toll-Free).
  • A customer service representative will assist you with the ticket adjustments.
  • Provide your last name and ticket registration number to access your information.
  • Inform the representative about the desired changes and provide all necessary information.
  • Once eligibility for the requested modifications is confirmed, necessary corrections will be made. You will receive instructions for payment along with the associated cost.
  • An email notification will be sent to the email address linked to your reservation once the changes are processed successfully.

Changing Your Name on Czech Airlines Flight Tickets via Airport Helpdesk

Czech Airlines values all feedback and suggestions. You can visit the airline's ticket office in person to make adjustments to your flight reservation utilizing the name correction policy if none of the aforementioned choices are acceptable to you. Take the following actions:

  • Visit the Czech Airlines ticket office at the airport.
  • Look for a senior staff member who can assist with the necessary changes.
  • Talk to the staff member about your issues and provide them with the information needed to amend tickets.
  • The staff person will evaluate your request and determine if you qualify for the adjustments.
  • You'll need to buy a new ticket for your new flight.
  • When the modifications are finished successfully, you will be informed of the changes.

Name Change Fee for Czech Airlines

Czech Airlines charges a fee for name corrections based on the type of change needed and the time of the request. The final destination also influences the cost. Typically, the airline may charge up to $200 depending upon the type of name change. The specific fee may vary depending on the method used for name changes and may include separate taxes and service charges.

For precise information about the fee amount, you are encouraged to contact the airline authorities. You can use the airline's "Contact" page on the website to do so.


Czech Airlines is recognized for providing affordable, reliable, and convenient air travel to various global destinations. The airline is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and on-going expansion initiatives. Czech Airlines' name correction policy exemplifies its dedication to offering top-notch services. If you need information about required travel documents or passport requirements for your flight, you can visit our website at For immediate assistance, feel free to call us at +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free)

Frequently Asked Questions about Czech Airlines' Name Change/Correction Policy

Q1: How do I change my name on my Czech Airlines flight reservation?

You can change your name by contacting Czech Airlines directly through their website, phone customer service, or in person at the airport ticket counter. Third-party bookings must be changed through the original agency.

Q2: What kind of name changes does Czech Airlines allow?

Only minor adjustments of up to 3 characters are allowed to the first or last name. You cannot make complete name changes to transfer your ticket to someone else.

Q3: Can I change my maiden name to my married name on my Czech Airlines ticket?

Yes, Czech Airlines allows you to change your maiden name to your married name. You may need to provide a copy of your marriage license for verification.

Q4: How soon before my flight can I make a name change?

Czech Airlines does not specify a cut-off for name changes. However, it's best to request any changes as early as possible to allow sufficient processing time. Last-minute changes are subject to availability.

Q5: If I book through a third-party site, can I still change my name directly with Czech Airlines?

No, reservations booked via third parties like travel agencies must have any name changes requested through the original booking agency.