Condor Name Change/Correction Policy

Condor Name Change/Correction Policy – Need to fix a name error on your Condor Airlines ticket? Condor name change/correction policy allows you to modify passenger names and details on tickets you've already booked. Condor implemented this policy to address passenger concerns when ticket names contained errors or needed updates. The airline aims to make name changes easy, within certain guidelines around timing, fees, and scope of changes.

Condor Name Change/Correction Policy

As long as you follow Condor's name correction policy rules, you can correct the incorrect passenger information on tickets and related documents. This gives you peace of mind in case an error is made during booking.

For complete details on Condor's name change policy provisions, visit or call Airline’s Ticket Policy customer support line at +1-866-9390-429 (toll-free). They can walk you through the steps for fixing names on existing bookings.

Introducing Condor Airlines

Operating since 1955, Condor Airlines is a storied German leisure carrier based in Frankfurt. Originally part of Deutsche Flugdienst GmbH, Condor eventually became an independent airline and today operates as a subsidiary under the Thomas Cook Group banner.

With flights to over 80 destinations across Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America, Condor provides low-cost travel opportunities for vacationers worldwide. The airline offers both economy and business class options, catering to all types of leisure travellers with varied services and amenities.

Beyond air travel, Condor also facilitates car rentals, travel insurance, hotel bookings, and other conveniences to simplify vacation planning. Frequent travellers can earn rewards like flight miles via the airline's Miles & More loyalty program.

Over its more than 60 years of operation, Condor Airlines has become a trusted name in leisure air travel, winning industry accolades like "Best Leisure Airline" at the 2018 and 2019 World Travel Awards. Whether getting away for a weekend or an extended holiday, Condor continues to provide travellers with flexible, affordable vacation experiences.

Consider the Different Situations to Change Your Name on Condor Flight Tickets

When changing names on airline tickets, passengers may encounter several common scenarios. While not exhaustive, likely options include:

Provide a married last name instead of a maiden name when modifying the booking.

Adding additional names if reservations were made under only a first name. In these cases, the name on the ticket can be updated.

Correcting any mismatch between first and last names listed on the ticket.

Carefully review the ticket for any other instances of the surname or initial name needing change.

Note: For domestic tickets requiring a name change of more than three letters, a specific request can be submitted in the PNR. The above covers some typical name change situations. However, each case is unique, so be sure to check with the airline regarding your particular name correction needs when altering airline reservations.

Process to Correct Your Name on Condor Flight Tickets

Condor Airways offers travellers several straightforward options to change the name on flight tickets. Passengers can choose the method that best suits their needs to modify or fix their name with the airline.

Change/Correct Your Name - Online

The most convenient and relaxing way to modify your flight tickets is from the comfort of your own home. Online editing is undoubtedly the simplest and best method, and we have provided clear steps to simplify the process:

Visit the Condor Airlines website and choose your country and preferred language, then click "Save" to confirm your selections.

On the homepage, select "My Booking" to access your reservation details.

Enter your last name and booking reference number, then click "Go" to retrieve the information about your specific flight booking.

All the details about your flight, including seats, meals, dates, and passenger names, will be displayed on your screen. You can click on any category you need to change to make edits.

Any difference in price between your original flight details and the modified flight must be paid directly to the airline to finalize the changes.

Once Condor Airlines has received your payment, the changes will be implemented in their system and you will be contacted by the airline via the phone number or email address you provided to confirm the updates were made.

The online process is straightforward and allows you to modify flight details from the ease of your own home. Following these steps will simplify changing your Condor Airlines flight booking information.

Change/Correct Your Name - Offline 

During challenging times, calling customer service to modify your flight tickets may be the most prudent option. Through The Airlines Ticket Policy call centre, you can connect with knowledgeable problem-solvers who can offer helpful guidance. Here are step-by-step instructions for changing your ticket over the phone:

Dial the Airlines Ticket Policy customer support line at +1-866-9390-429 (Toll-Free) to reach a live representative who can assist you.

To make any changes to your existing ticket, you will speak directly with a customer service agent who can access your booking.

Provide the representative with your full legal name and ticket registration or confirmation number to pull up your booking details.

Clearly explain the specific changes you need to make to your flight ticket, providing all relevant details to the agent.

The representative will verify your eligibility to make the requested changes and can walk you through any necessary adjustments. You must pay any change fees as instructed by the agent.

Once all modifications have been completed on your ticket, you will receive an email confirmation of the changes at the email address listed on your booking.

Change/Correct Your Name via Airport Helpdesk

Condor Airlines appreciates you taking the time to provide feedback and suggestions. Should the options above not suit your needs, the airline invites you to visit in person at the airport ticket counter to discuss modifying your reservation. Their dedicated team is happy to guide you through Condor's straightforward change policy:

Approach the check-in counter and ask to speak with a supervisor regarding your ticket.

Explain your situation and desired flight changes to the supervisor.

They will review your booking and inform you if you qualify for changes based on our policy.

You will then need to purchase a new ticket for your revised itinerary.

Rest assured you will be notified once all changes are processed. We look forward to assisting you to modify your flight plans.

Name Correction with Condor Airlines

Condor Airlines provides low-cost service fees to its frequent flyers. For a limited time, customers can change their names on a ticket for free. Outside of this promotional period, passengers are required to pay service fees for name changes or corrections. The exact fee amount depends on several variables like ticket class, destination, travel class, and when the change is requested.

Take Away

Condor Airlines has a reputation for affordable, reliable, and convenient flights worldwide. Their focus on customer service and growth means they will keep providing high-quality service for years.

If your name is misspelled on a Condor Airlines ticket, contact them or their customer service as soon as possible to fix it. If your ticket name does not match your passport name, you may not be allowed to board.

Minor name changes can often be made without significantly raising the cost. However, Condor's specific policies determine the fees for name changes. To learn about travel documents and passport requirements for your flight, visit or call toll-free +1-866-9390-429 for immediate help.