Cayman Airways Name Correction/Change Policy

Cayman Airways Name Correction/Change Policy – The Cayman Airways name correction/change policy enables name changes as well as corrections. It was created based on an awareness of the worries that passengers have in these circumstances. The policy operates according to a set of rules. These policies primarily contain provisions on the length of time, the type of change, relevant fees/charges, etc. You can change or amend the personal information as needed on flight tickets and related papers as long as you abide by them.

Cayman Airways Name Correction/Change Policy

Please visit to learn more about Cayman Airways policies. For immediate assistance, you may reach us at +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free).

About Cayman Airways

The Cayman Islands, a British Overseas Territory, have an official flag carrier called Cayman Airways. Among the many places, the airline flies to are Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, Little Cayman, Miami, New York, Tampa, Chicago, Dallas, Havana, Holguin, Kingston, Montego Bay, and La Ceiba. After the Cayman Government acquired 51% of "Cayman Brac Airways," which was established in 1955, the airline was started in 1968.

The airline presently operates a fleet of Boeing 737-300/700/800/MAX 8 jets, as well as de Havilland and Saab aircraft, out of its base in Grand Cayman. Between Grand Cayman and the Sister Islands of Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, Cayman Airways Express operates Twin Otter aircraft. Since 1968, Cayman Airways has operated a Boeing 737 between several Cayman Islands locations.

Let’s Understand Various Scenarios To Change Your Name On Cayman Airways Flight Tickets

The list of likely name change possibilities for passengers on this airline that is provided below is not exhaustive.

  • When changing a flight reservation, a visitor must provide their married surname rather than their maiden surname.
  • Those who are traveling under more than one name may want to add additional names as the first name will have been provided when making the reservation. The name of the ticket can therefore be changed to Aegean Airlines in such circumstances.
  • If your first and last names don't match, you can modify or fix them.
  • To make any necessary modifications, the flyer should review the ticket for any additional occurrences of a surname and an initial name.

Note: You can submit a particular request in the PNR for domestic tickets to have a name with more than three letters changed.

Various Methods To Change Your Name On Cayman Airways Flight Tickets

There are several procedures to change your name on Cayman airways flight tickets, to make it simpler for everyone traveling. According to your convenience and preferences, you can choose any of the procedures to modify or correct your name with the airlines.

Change Your Name On Cayman Airways Flight Tickets Online

Changing your tickets while lounging on your couch is the definition of fun. Online transformation is without a doubt the best and most important method. We've provided the simplest instructions possible for changing items online.

  • Go to to the Cayman Airlines website.
  • You can select your nation and language before clicking "Save."
  • Select the My Booking option on the home page.
  • Your last name and booking reference number is required. For a reservation, use the go button.
  • Your screen would show the information related to your flight. You may select the area you want to change, such as seats, meals, dates, or names, by clicking on it.
  • You would be required to pay the price difference between the two flights by the airline.
  • The adjustment will be made as soon as the money has been received. Your phone number or email address would be used to contact the airline.

Change Your Name On Cayman Airways Flight Tickets Offline

Making changes over the phone is a wise choice in times of need and sorrow. You may get persuasive specialists with problem-solving talents through The Airlines Ticket Policy. Here are some tips for modifying through customer service.

  • Call +1-888-474-0163 to speak with customer support for Cayman Airlines (Toll-Free).
  • To modify a ticket, you will speak with a customer support representative.
  • Give the executive your last name and ticket registration number so that the data may be accessed.
  • Clearly state the changes you want to make to your ticket. Explain the change in full to the representative.
  • We would verify your eligibility and make any necessary adjustments. As instructed by the executive, you must pay the fee.
  • Once the modifications have been made, you will be notified through email at the address you have on file.

Change Your Name On Cayman Airways Flight Tickets Via Airport Helpdesk

The airline is open to all suggestions. If neither of the two options above appeals to you proceed to the ticket office on foot. You may instantly modify your flight following Cayman Airlines' easy change policy.

  • Visit the airport's Cayman Airlines ticket office.
  • To assist you with the shift, locate a senior executive.
  • Now you can discuss your concern and make changes to your flight tickets.
  • After determining your eligibility, the executive would let you know.
  • For your new flight, you will need to buy a separate ticket.
  • You would be informed of the changes when they were made.

Charges For Cayman Airlines Name Correction 

Cayman Airlines provides its devoted customers with very reasonable prices in terms of service fees. Surprisingly, for a little period, you may get your name changed without charge. However, in other situations, the user is responsible for the service fees.

Additionally, based on certain factors including ticket type, destination airport, service class, and request time, among others, the fee for name correction/change will differ.

Take Away

If your name is misspelled on your travel ticket, you should get in touch with the airline or its customer service system right once to have the error corrected. You could not be allowed to board if the name on your ticket and the name on your passport does not match.

Usually, a little change may be made without significantly increasing the cost to the traveler. However, the specific airline's regulation on name changes will determine this. Please visit our website at to learn more about travel documentation and if you need a passport to fly. For immediate assistance, you may reach us at +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free).