Buta Airways Name Change Policy

Buta Airways Name Change Policy – You may accidentally give incorrect information while purchasing your airline tickets. This might lead to mistakes. These errors might be found in the initial name, last name, or middle name. Because of this, Buta Airlines Name Change policy was developed to provide support in these situations.

Buta Airways Name Change Policy

This policy may permit name modifications or adjustments to airline tickets. Also, it might be beneficial since it protects you from identity theft and legal problems. So, you should be familiar with Buta Airlines Name Change regulations before booking a journey with the airline.

Also, for a trouble-free travel experience, the airline ticket policy has been providing you with the most current, complete information. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable airline professionals are available at all times at +1-888-474-0163, our toll-free number.

Let’s Know About Buta Airways

Azerbaijan Airlines' Closed Joint-Stock Company Buta Airways is a structural division of that business. Founded in December 2016, Buta Airlines launched its operations in September 2017. The low-cost airline now operates flights to foreign locations in Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia, Iran, and Bulgaria from the airports of Baku and Ganja.

Buta Airlines has had a high level of popularity ever since it began operating, both inside Azerbaijan and beyond. The majority of destinations have an airplane load of at least 85%. 

Buta Airlines has a fleet of contemporary, comfortable Embraer E190 aircraft. These brand-new, dependable airplanes provide spacious legroom, comfy seats, and big overhead compartments for carry-on luggage. The airline intends to increase the number of planes in its fleet as new destinations become available.

Types Of Buta Airways Name Change Policy

A name-change policy for an airline from Buta Airways applies to numerous adjustments, such as typographical errors. If it is needed by law, you may also be able to modify the information using this feature. Here are more precise descriptions of the kinds:

  • If it's a matter of life or death on a Buta Airlines aircraft, you might have to alter your name. It is acceptable for a traveller to alter their first name. You could thus be required to present your legal docs.
  • When a passenger's name appears on a ticket incorrectly spelled, Buta Airlines' name correction policy is in force. Even if something has altered significantly, details can still be corrected.
  • Just a specific number of characters can be modified from the traveller’s name on the ticket. You may change the name shown on your airplane ticket after the letter restriction. 
  • Before boarding the flight, a passenger can update their personal information. You cannot change your name on the Buta Airlines ticket once you have boarded the aircraft. The new name regulation makes it impossible for a traveller to transfer their airline ticket. 

Buta Airways Name Change Or Correction Guidelines

It is essential to be aware of the rules before using Buta Airlines to change the name of the flight service. The procedure of altering personal information will then be easy to start. The airline developed these rules with the interests of the passengers in mind. 

  • The name on your ticket can be changed or amended. But not later than 48 hours before your planned departure
  • A tourist can change any of the information on their ticket for free within 24 hours of making their reservation in this situation.
  • It is not possible to transfer a passenger's flight tickets to another individual. As a result, all of the personal data cannot be changed.
  • No name changes are permitted for Buta Airlines confirmed reservations. The flyer must revoke the current ticket and issue a new one if its name changes after the permitted booking.
  • If you follow the airline's policies, you might be able to make small changes to an aircraft ticket.
  • In the event of a marriage or divorce, the passenger may change some details on the ticket. In some circumstances, the request for the documents, such as a marriage certificate, may be made.
  • Buta Airlines would not permit changing the name on a reservation that was made using a travel voucher. 

Buta Airways Name Change Or Correction Methods

Customers may change their personal information in several ways thanks to Buta Airlines' Name Correction/Change Policy. The tourist may occasionally need to change the name listed on the plane ticket. You may thus alter your airline tickets both online and offline. 

Buta Airways Name Change Or Correction Via The Official Site

By using the My Booking function, a traveller can modify their name on a Buta Airlines flight ticket. Please read the comprehensive instructions below them as well.

  • Be sure you start with Buta Airlines' website.
  • Find the "Manage My Booking/Tickets" option and choose it on this screen.
  • Now you may choose to "Manage your booking/trip." Choose it.
  • To alter, update, or change your Buta Airlines name, select "Change Name."
  • Use your new name to complete the sentences.
  • You will return to the "Active Booking/Trips" page after confirming the name change.
  • You need to check out to confirm the changes you made to your itinerary. This will be seen on the page's top. Choose "Check Out" from the menu.
  • You should receive an email with the new name on the ticket after paying the Buta Airlines name change fee.

Buta Airways Name Change Or Correction Via Ticket Counter

It could be acceptable for important name changes, such, for example, dropping a first or middle name or adding a surname. Revisions made at the last minute may benefit the passenger's personal information. To make modifications to your airline tickets, go to the airport ticket counter.

At the airport ticket counter, a competent employee will request a copy of your valid ID and make any necessary modifications. 

Buta Airways Name Change Or Correction By Contacting The Airline

For assistance with the Buta Airlines name change option, contact customer support. To speak with the support desk of the Airlines Ticket Policy, dial +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free). After interacting with a representative, modify the name of your flight before boarding by following the instructions on Buta Airlines' website.

  • To start, the agent will ask you why you had phoned in the first place. Inform them that the ticket has your name spelled wrongly.
  • You could be prompted for information on your reservation after expressing your request for data changes. The data may contain your "Last Name" and the "Booking Reference" number.
  • If required, after getting your specific details, he or she may ask for payment for the costs associated with the name change on Buta Airlines.
  • The agent will begin the process after receiving your payment and notify you when it is finished.

Buta Airways Name Change Or Correction Fees

  • There is a non-refundable fee per person per booking for name changes. The name change varies based on the request window time.
  • Clients who made a direct online reservation for a flight have 48 hours from the time of the first purchase to make any necessary changes following the airline's name change policy (name spelled wrong). There wouldn't be a charge to change the name in this situation. The flight would be rescheduled in a comparable class of service, subject to availability. Fare variations might exist.
  • Up to two to four hours before the planned airplane departure, a passenger's name may be changed. The My Booking section allows travelers to change their names up to three characters per name, but doing so will cost them between $100 to $ 200.
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