Boutique Air Name Correction Policy

Boutique Air Name Correction Policy – Name modification on the Boutique Air ticket is no longer a hassle. The US carrier brings flexible guidelines and regulations for customers to let them correct/change the name on the PNR. This blog details the Boutique Air name Change policy to serve visitors with complete knowledge and insights.

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Boutique Air Name Correction Policy

Want to know a bit about the airline itself? Boutique Air was conceived in 2007 as an aviation technology company. It finds its headquarter in San Francisco, California. The commuter airline strives professionally and offers scheduled and charter passenger services under the Essential Air Service program.

Furthermore, Boutique Air assists customers throughout domestic and international destinations. Presently, the aviation firm comprises a pool of over 30 aircraft. With a team of qualified professionals and impeccable service policies, the carrier has gained prestigious space in the domain. It served more than 1,80,000 visitors in 2019 alone.

Boutique Air Name Correction Policy –Is it Possible?

Luckily, the answer is – Yes. Similar to many other service providers in the industry, Boutique Air also permits visitors to make essential alterations in the name on the ticket. There might be occasions when a customer enters the name incorrectly in the reservation form. It may be a single-character mistake or misspelled the whole name both scenarios are treatable, however.

With Boutique Air, people are said to enjoy the freedom of modifying the booking across multiple walks. Whether it is the thought of changing the flight, travel date/time, origin/arrival destination, or correcting the name. The airline is flexible enough to cope with adversities and lets users enjoy customizable services on and off the flight.

When it comes to correcting the name on the Boutique Air booking, customers can witness multiple ways and methods to process the same. Further, the USA airline allows visitors to make corrections up to 3 characters in the name. if the name is changed legally (after marriage/divorce), individuals need to showcase a legal document to support the case. The airline strictly prohibits the ticket transfer to another person’s name.

Important Elements of the Policy – 

Let’s take a look at some of the highlighting specifications of the name correction policy of the airline:

  • According to the prescribed policy, Boutique Air flyers can bring required changes and corrections in the name on the ticket.
  • Further, people can only make changes to correct up to 3 letters.
  • Multiple platforms are proposed under the policy to support customers with complications. It includes both online as well as offline channels.
  • Significantly, the American carrier doesn’t allow visitors to transfer the ticket to the name of another individual.
  • No name change is allowed.
  • Moreover, the airline also publishes some service charges in the policy to correct the name.
  • In case you require any professional assistance regarding the name correction policy, you can approach the airline representatives to seek help on the matter.

How to Correct the Name on the Boutique Air Ticket?

We’re undergoing the era of technological advancements. Boutique Air makes every possible effort to yield the maximum benefits of technology by delivering innovative travel solutions to clients. Consequently, the airline is flexible with online as well as offline procedures to change/correct the name.

Hence, Boutique Air passengers can execute any of the following methods to modify the name on the ticket:

Boutique Air Name Correction Online

If you love to use internet technologies, this is the alternative for you. Simply visit the official website of the company and make the login using account credentials. Now, follow the onscreen instructions to conclude the name correction process after paying the applicable service fee.

NOTE: If you find trouble, never hesitate to dial 1-866-939-0429 to reach a live person any time.

Boutique Air Name Correction at the Airport

In another scenario, Boutique Air customers can also approach the nearest airport to get the issue resolved. An airline executive will attend to you to listen to your issue. Don’t forget to take your passport, ticket, and any legal certificate to support your concern.

Boutique Air Name Correction via Phone Call

It is another reliable, quicker, and safer way to modify the name on the Boutique Air PNR. The Customer Helpline Number 1-88-474-0163 is active around the clock to listen to customers’ grievances.

Boutique Air Name Correction Fee

Wondering about name correction service charges? Boutique Air visitors can grab the latest fee scenarios by visiting the airline’s official website. Information can also be collected by dialing the Customer Support Number 1-866-939-0429 (toll-free).

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