Bahamasair Name Correction Change Policy

Bahamasair Name Correction Change Policy – It can be difficult to decide whether to change a flight reservation for a variety of reasons. Depending on the airline, name changes are rarely permitted. However, if you accidentally typed the wrong name on your ticket, Bahamasair's name correction/change policy can assist you.

Bahamasair Name Correction Change Policy

This article contains a wealth of information about Bahamasair's name change and correction procedure. However, if you experience any troubles while carrying out the tasks, please contact Airlines Ticket Policy at +1-888-474-0163 toll-free.

Facts To Know About Bahamasair

Bahamasair was established in 1973, following the establishment of the Independent Commonwealth of The Bahamas. The airline's main task was to mitigate the volatility of the country's strong reliance on foreign carriers, as well as the impact on tourism, the country's main industry. Bahamasair is owned by Bahamasair Holdings Limited, a company formed by the merger of two privately owned airlines, Out Island Airways, and Flamingo Airways. The Bahamas Government owns the entire airline.

Bahamasair's fleet currently consists of four Boeing 737s and eight De Havilland DHC-8 Canada Dash planes. Its network consists of approximately 26 different destinations based in the Bahamas, Cuba, and Florida. Havana, Orlando, Inagua, Rock Sound, Treasure Cay, West Palm Beach, and Mangrove Cay are the destinations the Nassau hub serves.

Multiple Scenarios Of Correcting Your Name With Bahamasair

The following is not a complete list of probable name changes for customers on this airline.

  • When making adjustments to a reservation, a tourist should provide their married surname rather than their maiden surname.
  • Travelers with several names may wish to add extra names, as the first name will have been supplied while booking the reservation. In such instances, Bahamasair may modify the name on the ticket.
  • You can modify your surname and first name if they don't match.
  • The flyer should check the ticket for any more instances of a surname and an initial name and rectify any errors.

Note: If a name with more than three letters has to be modified, you can submit a special request in the PNR for domestic tickets.

Major Factors Of Bahamasair Name Change Policy

  • Although the airline accepts a wide range of adjustments and repairs, there are some criteria that visitors must observe.
  • According to Bahamasair's Name Change or Correction Policy, just a few characters in a passenger's name on a ticket can be modified.
  • To update or amend their name, travelers must purchase all of their tickets straight from Bahamasair.
  • The traveler's name must match the name on the original document and the ticket.
  • If the name on the ticket is wrong, you cannot cancel your PNR until a new passenger name record is created. Furthermore, any unique services must be listed on the modified PNR.

Process of changing The Name On Bahamasair Flight Tickets

Bahamasair has various choices for changing the names of passengers on tickets to make things easy for everyone who is traveling. You may modify or amend your name with the airlines at any time, and the options are shown below.

Bahamasair Name Change Via Online Platform

The simplest and most convenient way to change your flight ticket is online. Customers can modify the name on their ticket to correct minor errors such as misspelled or inverted names.

  • Visit the official Bahamasair website.
  • You have the option of managing my bookings or your reservations online.
  • Now you must enter your PNR and "Family Name" into the appropriate areas.
  • You must pick the Manage My Booking option here.
  • Now, you can Choose "Flight Ticket Name Correction" from the menu drop-down.
  • In the "Booking" area, you may now modify your name.
  • As part of the Bahamasair name change verification procedure, you may be required to provide specified papers under this rule. Don't forget to deliver it to them.
  • Complete the procedure under the guidelines, and pay any applicable fees.
  • Following payment, you should get an email confirmation at your registered email address.

Bahamasair Name Change Via Customer Care

When a passenger has to update or correct the name of Bahamasair, they normally contact customer service. Travelers can speak with officials immediately over the phone. To contact the Airlines Ticket Policy customer service department, dial +1-888-474-0163 toll-free.

  • You must also submit identification to complete the verification procedure. The name repair or adjustment procedure will subsequently be carried out by a support person.
  • You may also be required to pay the service costs mentioned in Bahamasair's name change policy to have your name changed.
  • The operator can finish the name change procedure when you have made the necessary fees and given the necessary papers.
  • You may receive notice later if your right name was updated on the ticket.

Bahamasair Name Change Via Ticket Counters

One of the most traditional ways to replace or edit your name on a Bahamasair flight ticket is to go to the airline's ticket counter. At the ticket desk, airline representatives will walk you through the procedure. You can get your name altered and corrected after paying the service fee by just producing your identity.

Bahamasair Name Change/Correction

  • Bahamasair's new flying policy allows customers to alter their names for free provided they do so within 24 hours of booking.
  • According to the airline, travelers can change their names only at their discretion. The airline only accepts name changes up to 48 hours before the planned departure.
  • In case of name correction, a USD 150 change charge would be applied.
  • If the airline is unable to fulfill the name change request, the customer will be charged a change cost of USD 250 for issuing a flight ticket with a new name.
Take Away

After booking a reservation, passengers may modify or rectify their information by following Bahamasair's name change or correction policy. It also includes changes or additions to the names of passengers specified on the tickets. Name changes may be required due to legal changes, clerical mistakes, or typographical errors. Airlines Ticket Policy is accessible toll-free at +1-888-474-0163 to assist you if you need it or are having difficulty abiding by the guidelines.