Avianca Airlines Name Change Policy

Avianca Airlines Name Change Policy – Finding an incorrect name on the PNR can distract you. In fact, it is a serious concern and you also need to be a bit more attentive to prevent undesired events i.e.flight cancellations, etc. This blog is going to put light on the Avianca Airlines name correction policy to uncover various features, guidelines, and details. Also, visitors can call the toll-free number 1888-474-0163.

Avianca Airlines Name Change Policy

The official member of the Star Alliance (since 2012), Avianca Airlines is one of the oldest aviation companies in the world. The Columbian airline was established in 1919 as SCADTA with a head office in Bogota. Further, it is the largest carrier in Columbia and 2nd largest in Latin America after LATAM. The fleet of the airline comprises around 90 aircraft to serve visitors across a comprehensive network of destinations worldwide.

Understanding the Avianca Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

The affair of an incorrect name on the ticket is troublesome in itself. It is simply against the aviation rules to board a flight after having the wrong name on the PNR. Well, people commit mistakes during the reservation process and submit the application after entering incorrect trip details. They get the same details printed on the confirmed PNR and this is where the trouble begins.

  • An air traveler needs to have the correct name and flight details to board the flight.
  • As per DoT guidelines, your name on the ticket, passport, and other documents must have similar characters.
  • In case you won’t be able to correct the name details within the deadline, your flight might get cancelled.

Flying with Avianca Airlines? Luckily, you're allowed to modify the name in case it is printed incorrectly on the ticket. The Columbia-based carrier is globally appreciated for bringing flexible travel solutions for visitors. All service policies of the airline feature customer-oriented guidelines to ensure they enjoy superior services till the destination.

Prime Highlights –

According to the name change policy of Avianca Airlines, passengers will have the following rights and regulations to follow:

  • Avianca Airlines customers are free to amend the name on the ticket before departure.
  • They can alter the name details only up to a few characters (usually up to 3 letters).
  • Importantly, the carrier doesn’t permit individuals to transfer the ticket to another passenger’s name.
  • There’s a relaxation of 24 hours (immediately after the booking)in which name changes can be made free of cost.
  • However, Avianca travelers will have to pay a certain fee for name corrections beyond the risk-free period.
  • Further, people can opt for either online or traditional methods to perform name corrections.
  • In the event, your name is changed after marriage/divorce or due to any other legal procedure, you can change it accordingly on the ticket. Provided you’ll have to submit a legal document.

NOTE: For more details, Avianca Airlines passengers can also speak directly with experts at 1888-474-0163 (toll-free).

How to Correct the Name on the Avianca Airlines Ticket?

Of course, the Columbian service provider mentions several ways and platforms for visitors who want to alter the name details. This segment is to stress all legitimate methods you can choose from for name corrections. Have a look.

Avianca Airlines Change Name Online

  • Approach the official website and log into your account using the required details.
  • Now, head to the ‘Manage Booking’ option on the homepage.
  • Once you hit the ‘Continue’ button after entering your booking number and last name, the next page will retrieve bookings.
  • Select the right booking for which you want to make changes.
  • Make sure to cross-check the details before you submit the application.
  • Hereafter, pay the required fee to conclude the online process.
  • In the end, Avianca Airlines will notify you about changes via mail/SMS.

Avianca Airlines Change Name Offline

Dislikeinternet technologies? Don’t panic! Here’re the alternatives. Avianca Airlines passengers can switch to any of the traditionally-followed methods to conduct name corrections.

  • Name corrections at the Airport Ticket Counter
  • Name corrections via the Customer Helpdesk Number (1888-474-0163)

Avianca Airlines Name Correction Fee

The airline imposes, for certain, a specific service fee for making corrections in the name. Remember, the fee varies as per various factors, including the time of the request, destination airport, fare type, and others. Therefore, you should consult experts at 1888-474-0163 for the latest fee details. Also, visitors can explore the official web portal.

Avianca Airlines Name Correction Policy – FAQs

Ques 1) Can I make name corrections with Avianca Airlines?

Ans 1) Yes, Avianca Airlines visitors have the liberty to modify the name as per the policy rules.

Ques 2) How to modify the name on the Avianca Airlines ticket?

Ans 2) Aspirants can get to explore the official website, visit the nearest airport or dial the toll-free customer service number for name amendments.

Ques 3) What if my name is changed after marriage?

Ans 3) In case of your marriage, you can submit the marriage certificate to change the name on the ticket with Avianca Airlines.

Why Should You Consult Airlines Ticket Policy?

Air travel is getting complicated day by day, especially after the emergence of COVID-19 pandemics. Different service providers continue to change their policies to help visitors with the utmost flexibility and comfort. This is where Airlines Ticket Policycomes to assist you. People can capture the latest insights into various policies of airlines to draft a convenient journey. Also, they can gain updates concerning the Avianca Airlines name change policy at 1888-474-0163 or