Austrian Airline Name Change/Correction policy

Austrian Airline Name Chang/Correction Policy – It isn’t a thing to celebrate when you get the wrong name on the air booking. Incorrect name details on the PNR are simply destroying the aviation rules. Flying with Austrian Airlines? Have you received the booking with an inappropriate name on it? Desiring to rectify the name on the Austrian Airlines booking? Here’s the perfect guide for you! It reveals the latest Austrian Airlines Name change Policy 2022 comprehensively to provide you with what you need at the moment!

Austrian Airline Name Change/Correction policy

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About Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines is a superbly-managed and experienced aviation company in Austria. It is created to back aviation facilities and flight solutions in the country with wonderful customer support and accommodation. Further, the flag carrier of the nation continues to yield the name and reputation in the domain for presenting brilliant travel solutions for clients. Take a glance at some major specifications of the airline:

  • Austrian Airlines is a flag aviation service provider and aviation organization in Austria.
  • It was incepted in September 1957 but started business operations in March 1958.
  • Further, the main business office of the firm is established at Vienna International Airport, Schwechat.
  • Also, the airline is a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group.
  • Austrian Airlines is a part of the Star Alliance since March 2000.
  • The fleet of the flight organizer includes around 60 aircraft.
  • Concerning route networks, Austrian Airlines supports passengers across more than 130 destinations globally.

Flight Ticket Modifications: Key Aspects You Must Know

If you consider aviation industry rules and laws, the traveler’s name on the confirmed booking must disclose similar characters as mentioned on the passport and official ID. Otherwise, the situation may turn out to be problematic. It is usual to see passengers providing the name falsely in the given box during the ticket reservation. First-time flyers are most likely to become prey to this mistake.

Well, the wrong name in the booking may be a red note for the concerned passenger. Therefore, you do need to stay alert while entering the details. If fails, it may bring cruel consequences to your itinerary. Take a quick note of the following highlights:

  • As per DoT department rules, travelers must provide the name in the booking that is written similarly to that on the passport and government-issued ID.
  • The aviation officials may halt you before proceeding to board the flight with an incorrect name on the ticket.
  • In case you are stuck in the situation, you should rectify the wrong name within the allotted time slot to gain authorization.
  • Critically, your flight booking may get canceled in case you are unable to make the required corrections in the name within the given time.

Hence, air travelers are designed with the responsibility to make reservations with an open mind and fill every single detail heedfully to avoid any error & omission.

Understanding the Austrian Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy | Key Things to Consider 2022

Coming across undesired affairs like incorrect names on the booking can be traumatic. But things go without brakes if you're traveling with an authorized carrier like Austrian Airlines. It is dedicated to supporting adventurers with comprehensive travel services. There is nothing to bite your nails upon getting the wrong name on the booking PNR. The Austria-based flight operator allows visitors to make essential amendments to the reservation details, including the visitor’s name.

Chief Specifications:

  • As per the policy, people will have the authority to make rectifications in the name on the booking reservation.
  • You are allowed to change the name details up to 3 characters only in the whole name.
  • Strictly, no individual can transfer the ticket to another person’s name.
  • Further, Austrian Airlines passengers can use either online or offline mediums for name corrections.
  • The airline processes the name correction requests for tickets obtained via authorized channels only.
  • Name is changed after marriage/divorce? Don’t panic! When your name is changed legally after marriage/divorce or any other legal procedure, you can modify the name for no service fee. However, a legal document must be provided.
  • The aviation provider may also ask for a certain service fee under other conditions.
  • Moreover, you can also approach the customer assistance department to seek immediate help.

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Multiple Legal Methods to Modify the Name on the Austrian Airlines Booking

This phase of the discussion discloses various legitimate and approved methods to change/modify the name on the booking of Austrian Airlines. The airline always prioritizes lodge 100% customer satisfaction with state-of-the-art and flexible travel solutions. Accordingly, the airline crafts a customer-friendly name correction policy to help travelers with full transparency and flexibility. Let’s hop right in!

Austrian Airlines Name Correction Online

  • Visit the official website ( the airline.
  • Go to the window – Manage Booking.
  • Now, provide your booking reference code and surname in the given boxes.
  • Get the list of bookings.
  • Choose the booking that you desire to make name modifications for.
  • Further, perform the required actions to change the name.
  • Pay the service fee if any.
  • In the end, Austrian Airlines will get in touch with you via confirmation mail.

Austrian Airlines Name Correction Offline

When web technologies are beyond your understanding, consider switching to offline platforms. Some people dislike web-based services, especially while performing critical procedures like flight management. Are you one of them? Here’s Austrian Airlines brings a solution to your problem! You can raise the concern using traditional ways. It accepts and entertains the customers’ appeals through the following channels as well:

Austrian Airlines Name Change Fee

Austrian Airlines is successful in serving people with a reasonable and customer-oriented name modification policy. The service fee depends upon the fare type and the class of your service you choose during the reservation. The airline doesn’t force you to pay anything for making minor name corrections or changes due to marriage/divorce. Of course, there may be a specific fee under other conditions. In order to gain the latest fee insights and updates, dial1-866-939-0429 (toll-free) or explore the official website.

Austrian Airlines Name Change Policy – FAQs

Question 1) What is the best procedure to alter the name on the Austrian Airlines ticket?

Answer 1) Multiple ways are approved to make flight alterations.  You can visit the official portal, dial the customer service number (1-866-939-0429) or visit the nearest airport ticket counter.

Question 2) Is it allowed to transfer an Austrian Airlines ticket to another passenger’s name?

Answer 2) No, Austrian Airlines denies the same process.

Question 3) Is it permissible to modify the name on the Austrian Airlines reservation?

Answer 3) Yes, commuters flying with Austrian Airlines can conduct name rectifications on the Austrian Airlines booking as per the respective policy.

Question 4) How much does it cost to amend the name on the booking with Austrian Airlines?

Answer 4) It is a cost-free process to modify the name on the Austrian Airlines booking. However, the airline may impose a specific fee under other conditions.