Asiana Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

Asiana Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy –Here is the ideal place if you need assistance with your booking management with Asiana Airlines. It is the comprehensive description of the Asiana Airlines name correction policy to eradicate your woes from roots. Moreover, industry experts are also available in your service at 1-866-939-0429 around the clock!

Asiana Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

An incorrect name on the ticket is something to consider seriously. The aviation industry rules are a bit stricter on the phenomenon as traveling is illegal if your name is spelled wrongly on the PNR. According to the DoT guidelines, your name on the ticket must follow the same characters in the same order as it is mentioned on your passport and government-issued ID. Even a single misspelled letter is enough to add to conundrums.

Thankfully, most airlines globally bring relevant policies; allowing visitors to modify the booking details, including the name, without any hassle.

About the Asiana Airlines Name Correction Policy

Asiana Airlines passengers are lucky too in this concern. The South Korean service provider also considers the affair with huge significance and allows people to make essential changes to the name. Founded in 1988 (as Seoul Airlines), the aviation company is known for delivering super-flexible services to customers. It travels across over 90 international routes in Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North America. Being a professional carrier, it occupies around 25% of the international aviation market and 20% of the domestic market. Moreover, the member of the Star Alliance has its headquarter in Seoul.

Want to conduct name corrections with Asiana Airlines? Here’s the guide for you. The South Korean transporter attempts thoughtfully to ensure quality is distributed at all levels. The name change policy of the airline is quite attractive since visitors follow simple steps to perform amendments without encountering any discomfort. What are the prime highlights? Have a glance:

  • Asiana Airlines clients have the liberty to alter name details as per the designated policy.
  • It tells visitors to make name corrections at least 24 hours before the departure time.
  • As per the policy, customers can correct spelling mistakes only.
  • People can change the name if it is changed after marriage/divorce. A legal document is needed.
  • Furthermore, Asiana Airlines permits flyers to opt for online or offline procedures for the same objective.
  • Make sure you perform name modifications within 24 hours after the purchase to avoid unnecessary charges.
  • Significantly, Asiana Airlines ticket is non-transferable to another person’s name.

How to Correct the Name on the Asiana Airlines Ticket?

Knowing legal ways to make name corrections is essential. The South Korean carrier brings multiple alternatives to help visitors altogether. They can choose from online or offline provisions to proceed legitimately. The following is a detailed analysis of the same.

Asiana Airlines Name Change Online

The digital procedure involves the undermentioned steps –

  • You can start by visiting the official website –
  • Now, you will have to log into your account using credentials.
  • Next, you can proceed with the ‘Manage Booking’ tab available on the homepage.
  • Hit the ‘Continue’ button after providing your last name and unique booking reference number.
  • Now, get along with the relevant options to make necessary changes before submitting the request.
  • You may have to pay the fee, if eligible.
  • Once the process is done, Asiana Airlines will share a confirmation mail to reflect new ticket details.

Asiana Airlines Name Change Offline

It isn’t a problem if you don’t like to entertain digital technologies. Asiana Airlines also arranges for some traditional systems to accept name change requests. The various alternatives include;

  • Airport Ticket Counter–If you can effort a bit hard, visiting the airport ticket counter is beneficial. You can share your trip details with the airline representatives and get the affair done on your behalf.
  • Customer Helpline Number–This allows you to get things in the right form by sitting at home. Pick your phone and dial 1-866-939-0429 (toll-free) to share your concern with experts.

Asiana Airlines Name Correction Fee

Budget is always a concern for most air travelers. People want all-inclusive service packages with the reservation to entertain free booking management services. Like many other service providers, Asiana Airlines also tries hard to deliver excellent customer support as affordably as possible.

Consequently, it allows clients to make minor corrections in the name free of charge. However, they will have to pay a certain fee under other circumstances. It is great to explore the official web portal or speak (1-866-939-0429) with specialists to capture the latest fee updates.

Asiana Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy – FAQs

Ques 1) How to change the name with Asiana Airlines?

Ans 1) You can remove errors from the name on the Asiana ticket through the official website. Moreover, the customer support number and airport ticket counter are also approachable.

Ques 2) What if my name is changed after marriage?

Ans 2) Asiana Airlines permits free change of name in that case by considering the marriage certificate.

Ques 3) Is there any service fee for correcting the name on the Asiana ticket?

Ans 3) Minor mistakes can be corrected free of cost. The fee may apply in other situations.

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