Air Seychelles Name Correction/Change Policy

Air Seychelles Name Correction/Change Policy – Passengers are prone to typos while booking a ticket. A traveler's name occasionally changes as a result of a marriage, a divorce, or any other legal situation. Those who have an upcoming flight in such cases must change their names. Air Seychelles name correction/change policy permits name changes or corrections without canceling the current reservation.

Air Seychelles Name Correction/Change Policy

If you thoroughly grasp all of the guidelines provided in the name change service, you will be able to change your name as necessary. Additionally, you can travel safely by following the guidelines in our name change policy. If you have any questions about the company's procedures or rules, call the toll-free number of the Airlines Ticket Policy +1-888-474-0163.

Let’s Know About Air Seychelles

The Republic of Seychelles' official airline is called Air Seychelles (HM). The airline offers on-demand global charter services as well as direct flights to Johannesburg, Mauritius, Mumbai, and Tel Aviv.

With daily service between Mahe and Praslin and charter routes throughout the Seychelles archipelago, the airline's fleet includes two A320neo aircraft with two-class cabin layouts (Business Class and Economy Class) and five Dhc-6 Twin Otter-400 Series aircraft. At the Seychelles International Airport (SEZ), Air Seychelles also manages the VIP Lounge and airside Salon Vallee de Mai Premium Lounge.

Prizes: 2021 'Indian Ocean's Leading Airline,' World Travel Awards 'Indian Ocean's Leading Airline Lounge' for the second year running. Business Class at the Indian Ocean's Leading Airline 2021 Leading Cabin Crew in the Indian Ocean 2021

Guidelines To Change/Correct Name on Air Seychelles Ticket

There are several suggestions for name alterations or revisions under the Air Seychelles name change policy. Only individuals who adhere to these rules are permitted to change the name on their ticket. These rules allow the traveler to comprehend the name-changing process better.

  • All tickets purchased directly from the airline through its authorized sales channels, including the airline's website, customer service, and the nearest airline offices, are eligible for name changes or corrections.
  • However, the airline does not allow name changes for itineraries involving codeshare or interline flights.
  • If so, consumers must get in touch with other airlines than Air Seychelles to update or correct that.
  • The airline will accept legal documentation for any name change brought on by a marriage, a divorce, or other legal reasons.
  • Under no circumstances does the airline permit the transfer of the ticket's ownership.
  • The fee for requests for Air Seychelles name corrections and name changes varies based on the nature of the request.
  • The airline requires that the name on the ticket exactly match the name on the passport or other government-issued photo ID.
  • The Air Seychelles middle name policy does not limit changing the middle name, and requests for name changes or corrections can be made to the airline up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

Air Seychelles Middle Name Policy

According to Air Seychelles' name change policy, you are not required to declare your middle name while booking a reservation. On the other hand, if a middle name appears on a government-issued photo ID or passport, you must update it on your Air Seychelles reservation.

The airline provides you the chance to change your middle name later on. Travelers, therefore, have the choice of registering or not.

Note: The name on the ticket and the government-issued ID must exactly match for it to be valid.

Methods To Correct/Change Name on Ticket

To meet the requirements of the airline, Air Seychelles offers a variety of possibilities for altering your name. These solutions involve both online and offline strategies. Both of these approaches seem to be quite feasible and simple to implement. Therefore, you should feel at ease using these alternatives if you want to change or modify your name.

Online Name Correction Air Seychelles Flight Tickets

The procedure to begin the Air Seychelles digital name correction may be found here.

  • Go to the official Air Seychelles website.
  • Use your account details to log in.
  • Navigate to the homepage to see the "Manage My Booking" section.
  • Enter your booking number and family name in the appropriate fields.
  • After selecting the suitable booking, you may utilize the options at your disposal to change the name as needed.
  • Any costs incurred during the transaction must be paid before it is complete.
  • Once the change has been made, Air Seychelles will send you a confirmation email to the email address associated with your reservation.

Offline Name Correction on Air Seychelles Flight Tickets

For individuals who choose not to use internet technology, Air Seychelles offers more stable choices and caters to them by offering traditional channels as well. By selecting one of the options, travelers can start the offline name correction process.

  • Airport Ticket Counter: By going to the nearest airport, a name adjustment request can be submitted at the airport ticket counter. You can change or update the name on your airplane ticket with the help of the airport authority. To confirm the changes, you must produce government-issued photo identification.
  • Customer Support Number: All you need to do is dial +1-888-474-0163 (Toll-Free) to contact Airlines Ticket Policy. The support team will handle your request for a name change, and they will confirm it using the registered email address you provided.

Air Seychelles Name Change Fee

Name changes for Air Seychelles are permitted but subject to limitations. The cost varies depending on your departure location, the length of your travel, and how you change your name (online, via phone, or in person). Online revisions are nearly always less expensive.

Passengers who want to change the names on their tickets must pay $100 to $200. These prices will vary depending on the type of changes you request. However, when considering these costs, elements like the flight segment, the distance traveled, and the time spent waiting for a planned journey all come into play.

Take Away

Contact Air Seychelles if you need to change your ticket to discover whether this is normally possible. To do this, you must provide all the reservation-related information, such as the flight number, arrival and departure dates, and booking number. Air Seychelles can change its name but will have to compensate the airline with a fee.

The instructions for altering the name on an airline ticket include several alternatives, significantly easing the process for you. Thus, updating your personal information with this airline is simple. On, you can get the most recent information. Call the knowledgeable support staff at Airlines Ticket Policy toll-free at +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free) to ensure that your journey is pleasurable.