Air France Airlines Name Correction Policy

Air France Airlines Name Correction PolicyObviously, it adds to the frustration to see the wrong name on the PNR. But it is a routine activity in the aviation industry. People do conduct mistakes in the booking and entering an incorrect name is the most common event. Getting your name misspelled on the Air France ticket and want to correct it? Here’s the destination you might be discovering for. You will go through the detailed Air France name correction policy to check various regulations and parameters falling under the constitution.

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Air France Airlines Name Correction Policy

Few Words about Air France Airlines

Without any shred of doubt, Air France is one of the major and low-cost carriers based in France. It manages the business from the headquarter Tremblay-en-France. The company was incorporated in 1933; hence, it is also one of the oldest airlines in the country.

Furthermore, Air France Airlines serves a unique pattern of a whopping network, including 35 domestic airports alongside more than 90 nations. The flag carrier houses a fleet of over 230 passenger aircraft that further includes Boeing and Airbus planes. Air France is also the founding member of the SkyTeam airline alliance.

What is the Air France Name Correction Policy?

Human beings tend to make mistakes. The same tendency continues to be prevalent in the aviation sector as well. Commuters provide false flight details, including the name, while making the reservation with an airline. As a traveler, you may face situations when you enter your name incorrectly in the reservation form. It is a pretty usual scenario when people make these types of silly mistakes in a hurry. However, one can have to bear hefty fines against even tiny neglect.

Having an incorrect name on the flight ticket can be traumatic! As per DoT rules, visitors are required to have a similar name on documents, including the official ID. It is compulsory to show that you're a genuine traveler with the same documentation. The ever-growing cases of scams and swindles have cautioned the service providers at this significant front. Therefore, the concerned airline can cancel your booking in case you fail to rectify the name within the allotted time.

According to Air France policies, passengers’ names on the ticket and the legal document must be the same. There shouldn’t be a mismatch of even a single character. Most airlines, including Air France, permit visitors to redress impurities in the name of the address.

Sometimes, people enter the name or address incorrectly while filling out booking forms. Most probably, it happens due to hurry or negligence carried by the person. Though it seems a teeny-weeny fault at the prima facia, it can pose greater troubles for travelers, eventually.

Incorrect or wrong names on the ticket might bring serious chaos to you. Your itinerary might get canceled as you can’t proceed further without sorting out things on the paper. Moreover, a visitor may also have to wait by sitting at the airport until things get resolved fully.

How to Change/Correct a Name on the Reservation with Air France Airlines?

Keeping in view the noble motive of full customer satisfaction, Air France commits to serving its clientele with hassle-free services off/on the flight. Besides other service areas, the airline also understands the cruciality of the incorrect name arenas and allows travelers to stay comfortable and pleasant.

Ultimately, it describes an easy-to-follow mechanism for people who get the wrong names on the ticket. The essential thing to note is that you can make necessary changes or corrections in your name as per the guidelines mentioned in the airline’s name correction policy.

What are the various methods Air France proposes for name corrections? The following segments deal with the same consideration. Let’s have a peek.

Air France Name Correction Online

The internet makes things pretty loveworthy and delightful for us. The same statement applies when it comes to making corrections in names with Air France reservations. The French air carrier gives a nod to passengers to use the web portal for the same.

Accordingly, one can follow various steps as mentioned below:

  • Open your favorite web browser to visit the official website
  • Now, you can log into the account by inserting your registered credentials.
  • On the next page, you will have to head to the dedicated section named ‘Manage Booking.’
  • Subsequently, a user needs to enter the booking reference number and family name in their respective fields.
  • Hereafter, you will find a dedicated form that will ask you for the correct name details.
  • Show some attentiveness this time and fill in all the boxes with the exact characters as mentioned on your government-issued ID card.
  • It is also mandatory to pay the service fee if applicable to conclude the online procedure.
  • Once you have all finished with the process, you will get a confirmation mail containing new ticket details with the updated information.

In case of worries still persist for you, you can move on with the Air France customer care number 1-866-939-0429 to seek instant help.

Air France Name Correction Offline

Feeling entangled with web-based processes? Find the substitute here. The Air France devotees will also have offline ways to execute the same procedures. This is to facilitate those who find themselves uncomfortable with internet technologies.

How can one entertain offline tricks? Have a look.

Dialing the Airline Customer Service Number

This method is as promising and convenient as the online method to make name corrections with Air France. The airline representatives are available 24x7 and working proactively to address clients’ issues proficiently.

All you need to perform is to dial the airline’s customer care number to share thoughts directly with the officials. You can discuss the matter with them and provide them with all the essential details. After they get the things in the right criteria for you, you will be notified about the same via an email message.

Visiting Airport Service Center or Kiosk

Another available option for passengers to make required changes in the name is to visit the helpdesk or kiosk at the airport. It is a bit assiduous, however, but gives you the full solace as you get the things in the right order through experienced personnel.

Air France Name Correction Fee

Inarguably, the concerned airline may ask for a specific service fee for implementing the name change procedures. Almost every airline in the industry features some kind of fee/penalty against unplanned services processed by passengers. Air France Airlines also manifests some penalties for customers who want to make changes/corrections in their names.

Further, visitors must consider guidelines concerning the name change before initiating the processes. For more details on the name correction fee, you can head to the official website or talk to the officials.

Airlines Ticket Policy: What Can You Hope for?

AirlinesTicket Policy is the full-fledged platform that pledges to serve air travelers with up-to-date notions and knowledge. It keeps a creative team of industry experts who work relentlessly for the well-being of passengers from across the world.

Moreover, the digital surface inculcates the best industry standards to assist readers in every possible way. For more meaningful insights into the Air France name correction policy, feel free to dial 1-866-939-0429 or share thoughts at

Air France customers can make essential amendments to the ticket using any of the prescribed channels. They can use the ‘Manage Booking’ facility via the official website for online name corrections. Alternatively, people can also proceed with either the airport ticket counter or customer support number (1-866-939-0429) for the same motive.
The France-based airline allows passengers to raise the name change request online via the official web portal.
No, Air France strictly prohibits the ticket transfer to another visitor’s name.
Aspirants can make minor name corrections (up to a few characters)in the booking.
In case your name is legally changed after marriage, you can correct it on the ticket by submitting a legal document.