Air Dolomiti Name Change/Correction Policy

Air Dolomiti Name Change/Correction Policy - Landing at our dream destination looks pretty smooth, but it's not. Even though the passengers cross-check all the essential details like name, contact number, passport, etc.. Unfortunately, they still ignore the little mistakes that put them in huge trouble for a while. It has been observed that due to excitement or being in a hurry, travelers often make mistakes while writing/entering names that create complications in enjoying their flying journey. But Air Dolomiti Name Change/Correction Policy is dedicated to providing a seamless and trouble-free travel experience. 

Air Dolomiti Name Change/Correction Policy

While booking, the passengers need to provide accurate and complete name details, so that they can avoid the long process to make changes. Air Dolomiti ensures that customers can travel with the correct name on their ticket without facing any kind of potential issues from check-in or during onboarding. If they have any queries, they contact the Airline’s expert through the customer service toll-free number +1-866-939-0429.

Before We Proceed

Air Dolomiti is a regional airline operating in Italy and Germany. An important component of the Lufthansa Regional NetworK, Air Dolomiti is also a subsidiary of the German airline Lufthansa which was established in 1989. The airline, which has focus cities at the airports of Frankfurt and Munich, is known for its well-managed services and for giving its customers a safe, enjoyable, and comfortable experience. 

Air Dolomiti allows passengers to connect and explore various destinations with high-quality convenience and flexibility. Each day the airlines operate several flights, offering the flyer an affordable and convenient way to travel within Germany and Italy.

Below is the detailed process of the Air Dolomiti name change/correction policy to let you know about the significant elements involved therein. Passengers need to understand and agree with all the guidelines and conditions mentioned in the policy to make the correction procedure free from trouble.

Main Highlights Of Air Dolomiti Name Change/Correction Policy

Visitors need to read the following regulations under the Air Dolomiti Name Change/Correction Policy with attention.

These are: 

  • Passengers cannot modify the full name on the booking as per the Air Dolomiti name correction policy.
  • The travelers are allowed to make a request for minor changes in the name.
  • Name changes request only acceptable on tickets booked via the Airline.
  • A crucial note is that the flyers cannot transfer already reserved tickets to the other.
  • The passengers are only allowed to make changes in the name/surname to a maximum of 3 letters.
  • It should be noted the correction is not acceptable if it involves a change of spelling(Man/woman).
  • Another guideline under this policy is that the name on the ticket must match the name written on the passenger’s passport. Otherwise, the Airline can cancel your reservation.
  • If the passenger’s name is changed after marriage or divorce, it must be documented as proof to the Airline.
  • If the passenger will change the name, he/she has to pay Air Dolomiti Name change fee and it may also include service costs.
  • In the other case, the Airline charges a zero name correction fee, if the flyer makes a request for the name change within the first 24 hours after the reservation.
  • This airline may permit legal name changes on the ticket. Check with the airline's customer service representatives to discover if you qualify for a legal name change.
  • The Air Dolomiti option might not be offered on every flight due to the operator's unique restrictions and requirements.

Different Ways To Correct The Name In The Air Dolomiti Airlines

There are several platforms that can be used by the passenger to make the name changes on the booking: Online, Via phone, and At the airport. The passenger can go for any method to start the name correction process and achieve their objective. Airline ensure the travelers that choosing any of these ways will provide a seamless name correction experience. 

Air Dolomiti Name Change/Correction: Online

Follow these steps to start the name change/correction carefully. These are:

  • Visit the official web portal of Air Dolomiti.
  • Now, on the main page, select the login link.
  • In the next step, you have to enter your Air Dolomiti PNR and password.
  • Click on the “Manage My Booking”.
  • Enter the details for your flight before selecting the reservation for which the name changes are required.
  • Now, your reservation will be shown on the desktop.
  • From here, choose Air Dolomiti to change the name on the ticket option, and then adhere to the on-screen instructions that appear after that.
  • The flyer must cross-check the information cautiously. For the completion of the name change process, the customers have to pay the fee ( If applicable) to the Airlines.
  • In the last, you will receive a confirmation mail with your correct name on the ticket from Air Dolomiti Airlines.

Air Dolomiti Name Change/Correction: Over The Phone

If the traveler is facing barriers to correcting the name via online method, that can come due to many reasons like network issues, slow- internet, etc. In this case, he/she can switch to another platform i.e. Over the phone. 

They just have to move forward by following these steps: 

  • Contact the Airline by customer service toll-free number +1-866-939-0429.
  • Explain the name changes that you want to make.
  • Provide them with essential data like PNR or ticket number.
  • After the locate of your booking by the airline expert, you will be asked about the change you mean to make.
  • The final step, pay the name change fee (if applicable) to Air Dolomiti Airlines. 

Air Dolomiti Name Change/Correction: At The Airport

If the online method and over-the-phone don't give accurate results, you can make a request for the name change by approaching the airport. But must keep in mind to bring legal documents as proof with the correct name written, for the verification. Show these documents at the Airport Ticket counter, where the airline staff will assist you to change the name on the ticket. Additionally, you have to pay the service fee to make the changes.

Air Dolomiti 24-hour Name Change/Correction Policy:   

Air Dolomiti claims that the customers who make requests for a change in their name/surname within the first 24 hours after the reservation, the airline will not charge any change fee. A complete name change is not allowed according to the airline name/change guidelines. It is permitted up to a maximum of 3 letters. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I make a request for the name correction online?

 Yes, you can easily make a request for the name correction if the ticket is booked via Air Dolomiti Airlines.

Q2: How do I contact and talk with airline experts?

You can contact them by dialing the Customer Service toll-free number: +1-866-939-0429.

Q3:  Can I allow to make corrections up to 3 letters?

Absolutely, the airline allows the passengers to make changes in the name/surname maximum of up to 3 letters.

Q4: what is the main condition under Air Dolomiti 24 hour name correction policy?

If the passenger wants to pay a zero name change fee, he/she has to make a request for the name change within the first 24 hours after the booking, otherwise, the name change fee will be charged by the airline.

Q5: Is Air Dolomiti allow the passengers to change their full name?

No, the complete name change is not allowed and also the correction is not permitted if it involves a change of spelling( man/woman).