Air Canada Name Correction Policy

Air Canada Name Correction Policy - Name misspelled on the Air Canada ticket? The apex Canadian airline allows passengers to modify the name later on after the reservation. According to the Air Canada name correction policy, visitors can change/correct the name on the ticket following some easy steps. This guide is all about mentioning the affair in a descriptive manner.

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Air Canada Name Correction Policy

Conceived in 1937, Air Canada is presently the largest airline based in Canada. With a headquarter situated in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada, the airline promises to deliver top-notch air travel services to global passengers. Amazingly, the Canadian air carrier is also the founding member of the Star airline alliance.

Furthermore, the airline offers charter air services while exploring the massive spectrum of routes spanning across over 200 global destinations. On average, it manages over 1600 scheduled flights daily. Overall, the most popular airline in Canada is known for delivering exceptional air travel services at reasonable prices.

Different Scenarios Under the Air Canada Name Correction Policy

Being the well-respected corporate tycoon in the air travel industry, air Canada pledges to embrace its priceless customers with awesome traveling experiences and insights. It concludes seamless policies under every unique scenario to gain the maximum degree of customer satisfaction.

When it comes to changing or correcting the misspelled name on the ticket, Air Canada has a soft corner in this regard too. Sometimes, passengers enter details incorrectly while booking the ticket. However, these silly mistakes are common, but they may cause you big trouble, eventually.

As per the Department of Transportation guidelines, the air traveler’s name on the ticket and the government-issued ID card must match. Both are required to demonstrate the same characters in the same order. Otherwise, it is considered illegal to travel with the wrong name on the ticket.

Before we step ahead, it seems necessary to differentiate terms – Name Change and Name Correction.

  • Name Change: It is the process of changing the whole name mentioned on the ticket. It may be first, middle, or surname, or a combination of them.
  • Name Correction: It refers to the activity of making corrections in characters in the first, middle, or surname.

How to Make Name Corrections on the Air Canada Ticket?

Whether it is a mistake of a single character or multiples, passengers are required to follow the complete procedure for name modifications. Traveling by Air Canada brings lots of perks as it commits to ensuring customers get high-quality exposures at reasonable rates. All service policies are intended to keep clients in a pleasant spot.

Changing or correcting the name isn’t a painful task with Air Canada. You can seek professional assistance in the concern to bring the required changes in the name. The airline normally charges passengers a processing fee to make name corrections. Now is the time to discuss some legitimate ways that customers can follow for name corrections.

Contact Air Canada Customer Service Department

It is one of the genuine and reliable modes to get along with the process smoothly. You can approach the Air Canada customer service department by dialing 1-866-939-0429 as soon as you feel the name change is required. The airline representatives are sitting there around the clock to address your inconveniencies with both hands.

Airport Ticket Counter

On the other hand, Air Canada visitors are also free to attend the airport ticket counter or kiosk to share their name-related issues. You must remember to bring the original ticket (with incorrect name), government-issued ID, and other related documents. Passengers, who have purchased the ticket from the third-party agent, need to visit the respective agent for making modifications in the name.

Air Canada Name Correction Fee

When it comes to illustrating the name correction fee figures, Air Canada imposes certain fees under varying circumstances. The airline requires passengers to pay CAD 100 for name changes on the ticket. However, this fee is applicable only to flights within Canada.

Similarly, when a customer comes to change the name on the Flex ticket, the penalty for the same tends to vary as per situations. Visiting the official website as well as dialing the Air Canada Customer Service Number 1-866-939-0429 are pertinent ways to grab more insights into the fee structure.

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