Air Canada Express Name Change/Correction Policy

Air Canada express name change/correction policy - Many of us find flying exciting, while others find it troublesome. Because you must manage a lot of things before your trip. We occasionally make foolish mistakes with the names of the aircraft tickets while making our trip arrangements. Are you required to revoke your reservation? No, it's simple to modify the name on a ticket. In actuality, you may easily change your name on a flight ticket according to Air Canada express name change/correction policy.

Air Canada Express Name Change/Correction Policy

Because the name change for Air Canada Express is so convenient, you won't have to worry about things like waiting. How then should we proceed? You've come to the right site if you want to discover how to change your name on an Air Canada Express airline ticket. More information on the Air Canada Express name correction policy is also available by calling +1-888-474-0163 (Toll-Free) or sending an email

About the Air Canada Express

The largest airline in Canada, Air Canada Express (AC), flies to more than 200 locations across six continents. More than 41 million people were transported by Air Canada Express, Air Canada Express, and rouge in 2015. On September 1, 1937, the airline was founded as Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCA), and it is currently among the top20 airlines in the world. Additionally, it is one of the original Star Alliance members. Calgary International (YYC), Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau (YUL), Toronto Pearson (YYZ), and Vancouver International are among its principal hubs(YVR). Business Class, Premium Economy on long-haul international flights, and Economy Class services are all offered by a modern Airbus and Boeing fleet.

Understanding Air Canada express name change/correction policy 

When it comes to in-flight service, bookings, and reservations, Air Canada Express strives for 100% client satisfaction. For their happiness, Air Canada Express is always willing to go above and beyond. The Air Canada express name change/correction policy was established for this reason. Before continuing, it is important to understand the distinction between a name change and a name correction.

Name Correction: An essential component of a passenger's identification is name correction. Three characters from the name, or the full name, can be changed to complete this process. The individual doing this operation will have to present identification or other documentation, such as a passport, that accurately spells the passenger's name.

Name Change: This means that as long as the name is a legal name, it may be changed to one with the same or similar spelling. To effect this modification, they must present genuine legal documentation.

Embarking on air travel unfolds as a thrilling escapade, yet even the slightest inaccuracies in reservation details can spiral into considerable inconveniences. A pivotal facet often disregarded by passengers is the precision of their nomenclature on the booking. This discourse navigates through the intricacies of Air Canada's Name Rectification Protocol, probing into prevalent scenarios, the rectification procedure, and the substantive significance of precise passenger details.

Frequent Scenarios Necessitating Name Rectifications:

  • Erroneous spelling in booking appellations - Whether stemming from a minor typographical oversight or an inadvertent autocorrection, misspelled names constitute a commonplace occurrence. Air Canada, cognizant of this, has instituted provisions to promptly redress such anomalies.
  • Legal nomenclature alterations post-booking - Life's capricious nature occasionally begets legal name modifications subsequent to flight reservations. We shall scrutinize how Air Canada accommodates patrons confronted with such circumstances.
  • Predicaments arising from distinctive characters in appellations - The inclusion of special characters in names occasionally engenders complexities. This segment elucidates strategies for circumnavigating such hurdles, ensuring a seamless sojourn.
  • Air Canada's Procedure for Name Rectification - Alleviating the nomenclatural disparities on a flight reservation should not be an arduous undertaking. We shall guide you through the user-friendly online mechanisms and elucidate on accessing Air Canada's specialized customer support cadre.
  • Web-based name rectification alternatives - Discern the expediency encapsulated in the self-servicing tools adorning Air Canada's cyber realm. From inconspicuous rectifications to comprehensive name metamorphoses, the online platform proffers an array of choices.
  • Liaising with customer support for redressal - For those predisposed towards a more hands-on approach, we shall delineate the procedural steps to establish contact with Air Canada's customer support. Punctual intervention ensures expeditious name rectifications.
  • Temporal parameters and concomitant charges - A comprehension of the temporal requisites for name rectifications assumes paramount importance, particularly in instances of last-minute modifications. We shall also elucidate on any levies associated with the rectification process.
  • Significance of Meticulous Passenger Details - The nomenclature adorning your reservation transcends mere titular ascription—it emerges as a pivotal facet of security and regulatory adherence. This segment underscores the import of furnishing meticulous passenger particulars.

Advantages of an Optimized Appellation Rectification Protocol

Air Canada's unwavering dedication to an optimized procedural approach yields myriad advantages for its clientele.

  • Augmenting Patron Contentment - The intricate and nuanced process of rectifying appellations significantly amplifies overall patron contentment.
  • Mitigating Distress and Inconvenience for Travelers - Uncover how Air Canada's regulatory frameworks aspire to curtail distress and inconvenience for travelers, ensuring a seamlessly orchestrated sojourn.
  • Air Canada's Pledge to Exemplary Client Liaison - Air Canada's unwavering resolve to address passenger apprehensions is emblematic of its steadfast commitment to superlative client liaison.
  • Client Commendations Extolling the Assistance Rendered - Genuine endorsements from gratified patrons underscore Air Canada's commitment to promptly resolving nomenclature rectification predicaments.

Highlights of Air Canada express name change/correction policy

  • Within 24 hours of making the first reservation, Air Canada Express provides a free name change service. Otherwise, a $60 name change fee is assessed. Air Canada Express will not adjust the flight date, time, or destination if you want to amend your itinerary. Additionally, it is not feasible to modify your name on the reservation.
  • Due to mistakes made at the time of booking, small changes to the date of birth or gender would be permitted.
  • On Air Canada express, name changes can only be requested for the individual segments of a flight. For an Air Canada Express route that is a part of a code-share or interline arrangement with another airline, you can also ask for a name change.
  • The Air Canada express change fee and fare difference would be applicable, and the airline offers name correction to be treated as reissuance in the same fare class.
  • The new name correction policy for Air Canada Express will include name changes for passengers as well as all other modifications. This guideline would not apply to Air Canada Express's name change.
  • According to Air Canada Express's rules, customers can phone Air Canada express Reservations or visit their website to submit a name change request.

Requesting for Air Canada express Change Name on Ticket

Both online and by phone, passengers can request an Air Canada express name adjustment. Let's examine the procedures for requesting an Air Canada Express name correction on your ticket. 

Air Canada express Change Passenger Name Online

  • Go to and select 'Manage Reservation' from the menu.
  • Together with the passenger's last name, enter the six-digit reference code or the 13-digit ticket number.
  • A name correction tab for the passenger whose name needs to be changed or corrected can be found on the following page. The name on the ticket must exactly match the name on the government-issued photo ID following Air Canada Express's policy regarding name changes.
  • Only three characters can be changed in the name to make it correct. A floppy copy of the government-issued photo ID must also be attached by the traveler for validation.
  • You would be required to pay a 200 USD name correction fee for Air Canada express. Additionally, travelers would be responsible for any applicable fare differences.
  • Within 24 hours after by submitting the request, passengers will get confirmation from the Air Canada Express name modification.

Air Canada express Change Passenger Name via Phone

  • Call +1-888-474-0163 (Toll-Free)  to speak with the aviation professionals.
  • You must enter your six-digit reference code or 13-digit ticket number after the call is connected to view your booking information.
  • You can now submit a request to change the name. You will be required to submit a digital copy of your passport or another form of government-issued photo ID for verification, though.
  • You would be required to pay a 200 USD name correction fee for Air Canada express. Additionally, travelers would be responsible for any applicable fare differences.
  • Within 24 hours after submitting the request, passengers will get confirmation of the Air Canada Express name modification.

Air Canada express Name change at the airport

At the airport itself, you can modify your name on an Air Canada Express ticket. But much of it is completed at the eleventh hour. You can do this by going to a kiosk or ticket counter for Air Canada express. However, you will need to show the accompanying paperwork on location. However, these adjustments are only available to people who bought their tickets directly. If done through a travel agent, you must get in touch with them if there are any modifications.

Air Canada Express Name Change Fee

  • The airlines levy a name correction cost of USD 200 per person in addition to the fare difference, if any, under the Air Canada Express name correction policy.
  • The airlines do not charge the Air Canada express name correction fee if the reservation is made within 24 hours of the purchase, but the fare difference will still be charged, if necessary.
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