Aegean Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

Aegean Airlines name correction/change policy – In addition to all the hassle-free advantages that the airline offers, changing the name on a ticket would be rather challenging for the passengers. Depending on the airline's policies, name changes are rarely approved. However, if you accidentally typed the wrong name on your ticket, Aegean Airlines' name correction/change policy can assist you.

Aegean Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

You may find extensive information on Aegean Airlines' policy on name changes and corrections in this article. However, if you experience any difficulties following the steps, Airlines Ticket Policy is available to help at +1-888-474-0163 toll-free.

Let’s Know about Aegean Airlines

The main airline in Greece, AEGEAN, offers complete service on short- and medium-distance flights. AEGEAN has been a part of STAR ALLIANCE, the most powerful airline alliance in the world, since 2010. Olympic Air was acquired by AEGEAN in 2013, and as a result of the synergies that were created, network, fleet, and passenger numbers quickly increased. 14 million passengers boarded the Group's flights in 2018.

The network for 2019 includes 151 locations (31 Greek domestic and 120 international) in 44 different nations. AEGEAN offers accommodations in both Business Class and Economy Class. On all international flights, special Greek-inspired food and drinks are provided at no additional cost. AEGEAN signed a Purchase Agreement with Airbus in June 2018 for the purchase of up to 42 new generations A320neo aircraft, and it intends to put additional purchases with lessors for up to 20 additional A320neo aircraft.

Situations that allow Name change or correction with Aegean Airlines

The following list of name changes that travelers on this airline may make is not all-inclusive:

  • When making adjustments to a reservation, a traveler should provide their married surname rather than their maiden surname.
  • Because the first name would have been provided when making the reservation, travelers occasionally have multiple names and may desire to add additional names. In such circumstances, a name change with Aegean Airlines may be made on the ticket.
  • You can change it if there is a mismatch between your surname and your first name.
  • If there is any other instance of a surname and an initial name on the ticket, the flyer should check it and make any necessary changes.

Note: For domestic tickets, you can include a specific request with the right name in PNR if a name with more than three letters needs to be modified.

Key Highlights of Aegean Airlines Name Change Policy

Although the airline may readily permit a range of modifications and fixes, it has requirements that guests should abide by.

  • According to Aegean Airlines' Name Change or Correction Policy, changing a passenger's name on a ticket is only permitted up to a few characters.
  • Travelers must purchase all of their tickets directly from Aegean Airlines to make a name change or correction.
  • The name of the passenger on the ticket and the name on the original document must match.
  • Aegean Airlines does not accept the full name change due to the individualized character of the ticket and reservation.
  • You must not cancel your PNR if the name on the ticket is wrong before making a new passenger name record. Additionally, all special services must be listed in the updated PNR.
  • When a name change or correction is carried out inside the same PNR, synchronization issues might occasionally occur. A new PNR can be created each time, under Aegean Airlines' name change policy.
  • A traveler may modify their name for partially used tickets.
  • If the only modification to the reservation is a name change and the timetable remains the same, there is no fee for rebooking.

Name change or Correction process with Aegean Airlines

There are several procedures for the Aegean to change passenger names on the tickets to make it simpler for everyone traveling. According to your convenience and the preferences listed below, you can modify or correct your name with the airlines.

Aegean Airlines Name correction Via Online platform

Online platforms are the most accessible and convenient platform to change your flight ticket. Customers can correct minor errors like misspelled or reversed names by changing the Aegean Airlines name on their ticket.

  • Visit the official helpline for Aegean Airlines.
  • On the website, you can choose to manage your reservations or my reservations.
  • You must now enter your PNR and "Family Name" in the appropriate places.
  • No you need to click on Manage My Booking option.
  • Select “Flight Ticket Name Correction" option from the menu now.
  • Now you can correct your name in the "Booking" section.
  • This rule can require you to provide certain papers as part of the Aegean Airlines name change verification process. Make sure you provide it.
  • Finish the process, while following the guidelines and cover any fees that may be necessary.
  • Once the payment has been made, you should receive an email confirmation on your registered email address.

Aegean Airlines Name correction through customer care

  • Most passengers choose to call techniques when they need Aegean Airline's name correction or alteration. Over the phone, the travelers speak with the officials directly. You must dial assistance from the Airlines Ticket Policy customer service at +1-888-474-0163 toll-free.
  • You will also need to submit identification to complete the verification procedure. The name change or correction process will then be carried out by a support person.
  • Additionally, you might be required to pay the service costs listed in Aegean Airlines' name change policy to have your name corrected.
  • The operator can continue the name change process after you pay the fees and provide the necessary paperwork.
  • You might later get a notification confirming the change to your right name on the ticket.

Aegean Airlines Name correction on airline ticket counters

One of the most traditional ways of correcting or changing your name on an Aegean Airlines Flight ticket is to visit the Airline’s ticket counter itself. At the ticket counter, airline officials will assist you through the process. You just need to show your id proof and you can get your name corrected and change done after paying the service fee.

Aegean Airlines name change/correction fees

  • The Aegean Airlines name change policy typically stipulates that you may be required to pay the expenses. The type and timing of a name change or correction to an airline ticket, however, can affect this.
  • You might have to pay the fee of $101.85 for tickets that are printed in Y/class. The price of the ticket in K/class is $ 81.48.
Take Away

Travelers who wish to modify their information after making a reservation can do so following Aegean Airlines' name change or correction policy. It also covers changes to the names of the passengers included on the tickets, such as amendments or corrections. Typographical errors, clerical mistakes, and legal changes can all result in the need to change the name. Airlines Ticket Policy is there to help you if you need assistance in case you find it difficult to follow the requirements +1-888-474-0163 toll-free.