Air Cairo Manage My Booking

Air Cairo Manage My Booking - Air Cairo is one of the most preferred and most trusted airlines in Egypt. The airline is headquartered in Cairo, Egypt. If you are flying somewhere then Air Cairo will provide you the best options, ticket fairs, the best possible travel, and with the best hospitality ever experienced. In this article, we will have a look at the manage my bookings options of Air Cairo.

Air Cairo Manage My Booking

For more information on Air Cairo's Manage My Bookings, Contact the Airlines Ticket Policy customer support helpline at +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free)

Air Cairo 

The airline is one of the most advanced and go-to choices in Egypt and has its headquarters there. Airlines travel across Europe, the Middle East, and also in Africa. Their headquarters are in Cairo, Egypt. The airline started operating in the year 2003. Air Cairo is mostly owned by Egypt Airlines. The airline is run by the most experienced employees and the pilots operating the airlines have decades of experience. The airlines provide a very easy method where one can easily manage their bookings. They can change their flight, can change the itinerary, and can also make changes to other parts of the ticket.

If you want to select a seat, add extra meals, make name changes, cancel the flight or reschedule the flight or have made some mistakes, all you can do is make changes to manage your bookings.

Managing the booking in different ways

You can manage your booking in 3 different ways. First way is by visiting the official website of Air Cairo Airlines. There you will find the options of Manage my bookings. There you can do whatever you are allowed to do related to your ticket.

The second way is by calling the customer care helpline number at +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free). When the agent picks up the call tell them about the changes you want to see and they will ask for some details so that they can access your flight details. Once it is done you can ask them to make changes to your ticket.

The third way is by visiting the airline's counter at the airport. When you visit the nearest airport in the city look for the Air Cairo's counter and ask the officials to make changes. always bring the necessary documents to the airport so that they can make changes according to the information written on the original documents.

What can we do to manage my bookings?

Well, the airline provides the option to manage my bookings. if you want to make changes then you can manage your bookings online or can make the company officials do it on your behalf. There are other things which you can change, if you want to correct your wrongly spelled name, want to cancel the ticket, change the flight to another destination, want the date of departure and arrival to get changed, book extra meals for the travel want to change the itinerary, etc.

Booking, cancelling or changing the flight

One can book the flight, change the flight date, or cancel it under the “manage my bookings” option. It's one way of doing it, another way by which you can change is by calling the helpline number at +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free). Also, one can visit the nearest airport in the city and make changes.

Updating the traveler information 

If due to some issue, you have filled in the wrong spelling of the name, or have put down the wrong address then you can change it under manage my bookings. Airlines provide easy access to where you can make changes. Visit the official website of the airlines and then under manage my bookings make changes for the wrong information. 

If you want to do it offline then you can call the customer helpline number at +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free). Also, you can do it by going to the airport and looking for the counter of Air Cairo Airlines.

Seat Selection 

If you want to select the seat then you can do it on the official website and select the preferred seat. You can select the seat of your choice and can also book it through the website. Under manage my bookings, look for the options for a seat change or selection. enter your details and fetch your information. choose the seat you want to choose and it will be confirmed. You can also select the seat by calling the customer helpline number and also by visiting the nearest airport. You can make changes by giving the information to the flight officials.

Payments and billing

If you have made any bookings and then want to pay the amount for your bookings or any changes you have made like cancellation, flight change, or name change then you can pay it via the official website. you can visit the Air Cairo Airlines official website and then pay the amount. Also, you can call the customer helpline number +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free) which can provide you with details, and then can pay the amount. This can also be done by visiting the airport locating the airline’s counter and paying the fees.


If due to some unfortunate reasons, you want to go ahead and cancel your ticket then you can do it under the manage my bookings section. This will help you to cancel or change any flight itinerary under some terms and conditions.

Different methods for “managing the booking“

Managing your Air Cairo bookings can be done in different ways. You can do it online and offline. One way is to visit the airline's official website and other ways are to call the helpline and visit the airport ticket counter of the airlines.

Online method

Visit the official website of the airline. Look for the option that says “ Manage my Bookings”. Click on the option and then you will enter a new page where you will find the options to make all the changes. Now here you can cancel the flight, change the flight, make changes to any wrongly spelled tickets, change your seats, and other things.

Offline method 

  • Calling the customer helpline number - Another way is to call the helpline number of the airline. the number is +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free). When the agency picks up the call then you can tell them to make changes you wish to see in your bookings. The agent might ask you the flight-related information like booking confirmation number, last name, flight departure date, and other information. Once you provide these your changes will be made by the agent.
  • Visiting the airport counter - All the procedures can be repeated by going to the nearest airport in your city. Go to the airport and look for the Air Cairo counter. Once you locate it, go ahead and talk to the officials about the changes you wish to see. The agent will make changes on your behalf.


Air Cairo is one of the most trusted and go-to choices for travel. They have been the best airline service provider for a long time now and are still the best in the business. Choosing them for your travel can be a very good option. you can also manage all the flight itineraries under the section “Manage my bookings”. For more information, you can call the toll-free number +1-888-474-0163

Frequently Asked Questions -

Q - where can I make changes to my flight bookings in Air Cairo Airlines.?

A - one can make a change under the section “Manage my bookings” on the official website.