Best Ways to Book Business or First Class Ticket- Traveling on Business or First Class flight have no clear cut differences as it depends on the airline, the aircraft, and the route your flight takes. Travelling First-class gives you the perks of having no or just one seat next to them. Exclusively assigned air hostess, rich quality food and drinks, with access to the deluxe airport lounges. So, there must be some Ways to Book Business or First Class Tickets at cheap pricing. This post specifically answers and tries to explain the easy and best methods of Booking Business or First Class Tickets.

These tickets can cost around from thousand to even tens of thousands of dollars giving a dent on your earnings. So, unless you are in a financial high sky, it’s difficult to justify the costs of flying business or first class. But the tactics listed below will help you to find and book Business or First Class tickets without stress in mind. The flying on budget airlines gives you perks of first-class tickets in business class. Scoring seats in Business or First class is subjected to the airlines, time of travel, and level of luxury you avail.

Top ways to book Business or First class ticket

To experience the ultimate levels of luxury in the sky with business or first-class tickets, read the recommendation and tips on how to find cheap first-class flights. From innovative business, class hacks to using tools like Expedia, and Skyscanner flight search engine can really help you to find business class tickets at affordable prices. You just need to stick to this guide to enjoy sky-high luxury in business class and first-class cabins.

1. Be on the look-out for Business Class flight deals

Emirates Airlines slash ticket prices on business class tickets during flash sales. Many airlines put only economy class tickets on sale. Also Business class airline, La Compagnie runs regular promotions on the airfares of long route air travel. Perks offered to customers include access to airport lounges, Caudalie amenity kits, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

2. Fly With a Budget Airline

The business class experience of all airlines is different. Flyers can get their shot with less-known, local, and low-cost airlines. WOW Air, an Iceland budget airline, has an offer termed as WOW Biz. It offers extra-wide seat and premium perks of complimentary checked luggage, a free inflight meal, and priority boarding turning your flight to premium business-class luxury. Another such great deal is by JetBlue called JetBlue Mint seats when considering the price tag. You can even score a 1-way flight from New York City to the Caribbean under $300.

3. Try Your Luck at the Airport

Simply walking to the airline counter and asking politely for an upgrade to first-class won’t do you any harm. In many circumstances, travelers get lucky to get upgrades at cheap prices. The airline may be able to offer an upgrade for less than you paid if you booked the first-class ticket upfront. It all subjects to the seat availability with airlines charter.

4. Upgrade the tickets using your miles point

The miles earned may not be used for booking first-class tickets upfront. The miles can be used to upgrade the economy class to business class flight. The miles may not be sufficient for even an upgrade, no need to get sad. Consider converting the hotel points to airline miles to upgrade the balance on the airline account. Many websites sell the miles points but airlines frown upon it. It is then advisable to buy miles point directly from airlines.

5. Book early and then look for Upgrade at the last minute

The tickets must be booked as early as possible when you spot an offer, a sale. Then cheap upgrades to business flights can be requested rather than directly purchasing a business class air ticket. The airlines try to fill the vacant seats if you ask for the availability of paid upgrades. In this option, you have to be prepared to fly economy or Premium economy in case you could not get the upgrade. Still, it is one of the cheapest ways to fly in Business class cabin. Keep checking the airline website to get last-minute updates.

6. Book Flights At Unpopular Times, Days, And Seasons

Business-class flights are most likely to be cheaper during school holidays, Christmas and August, as most people fly Economy or Premium Economy. Be aware of the routing and destinations of airlines. Where do the people go on vacation during the summer holidays? You must know beforehand. Avoid booking flights for business days like Monday 9mornings) and Friday (evenings) as the departure time of your flight. These are the most popular days for business folks to fly, leading to surging in airfares.

7. Use elite or premium credit cards of airlines

The real perks in finding a great deal by airlines lie with the elite travel cards. American Express Platinum, Chase Sapphire Preferred, and some of the co-branded cards like the Delta SkyMiles American Express card or the United MileagePlus Card are some of the elite credit cards issued and recognized by airlines. They offer such ravishing perks on sign-up and spending set amount within a short period. For frequent flyers, the annual fees associated with these cards will pay itself in perks and rewards.

8. Bid against other passengers for a premium seat

Platforms like Plusgrade and Optiontown has collaborated with some of the best airlines to allowing customers to upgrade their travel experience. Upon directly booking a flight from the airline, you can enter the bidding. You need to enter a bid price to upgrade each leg of the flight along with credit card info once you get a confirmation email of flight reservation. Airlines will then notify within 72- 24 hours before flight departure if your upgrade request was approved or not. If the upgrade is approved, you will be billed for the same on the credit card and you will receive an upgraded boarding pass.


These are some of the ways to fly Business class or First Class flight. Just be sure that you keep the tips in your mind the next time, you try to board a first-class flight.