How to Find Cheap Flights- Booking air tickets on a flight can be the toughest part of the trip as it can be the most expensive. The problems of How to Find Cheap Flights are not resolved easily but the solutions and tips can break down the process to find cheap flights. While the cost of cross-continent flights has gone down in years yet they can put a heavy mark on your bank account, removing the zeros from your bank balance. If you are flying solo or with family and friends, finding a suitable and light on pocket flight deals can make or break the trips.

With endless search options, and surplus comparison websites and constant fluctuating prices by airlines can really make finding cheap deals on flying trouble. Finding cheap flights can turn into a frustrating process when it should be fun. And yet on most days, airlines bring many amazing deals on flights to the customers. They can either result from mistakenly published fares to special promotions in slashed airfares to compete and own a larger share of flyers.

Cheap flights are out there and can bring you joy only if you know where to search those. The price wars between travel agencies and airlines prove to be an easy way to find great deals on finding cheap flights. The deep cut discounted airfare then attract and create favorable flying opportunities for tourists. We will go over some of the finest and best strategies on how to find these cheap airfares here. Also, we’ll discuss the tactics on how you can avoid paying a whooping amount for your plane ticket. The money you save in plane tickets will be directed as residual to the available funds for your vacations.

Guide to Finding Cheap Flights

1. Search for flights incognito mode

The “Allow cookies” choice when you visit a website for the first time is responsible for the bump in prices of flight tickets the last time you searched for your travel plans. It is often believed that the cookies are stored in your browser and then sent to websites’ owners (the airlines). They track the visitors' count and the searches for flights in trend and bump the airfares. Putting you into “panic mode” to buy the racked prices as the ‘best airfare deal’. So, it is advisable to search for flights in the incognito mode of your web browser.

2. Ignore the Myths

When finding the cheap flights, there is no hotshot step to get the best deal. So, get realistic and don’t believe these air travel myths. These are not 100% true and will lead you astray from making the right decision.

  • Tuesday is not the cheaper day of the week to buy flight tickets.
  • There is NO exact date or specific time period in which to book the airfare that can land you a gold struck a deal on airfares.
  • The educated guess for predicting the flight prices don’t work that often in the favor of passenger.

Airlines nowadays rely heavily on advanced technologies of computer systems and algorithms to manage and run sales of air tickets based on ticket demand and the time of year. These tricks don’t fool the airline's websites anymore.

3. Reverse the travel strategy

Most people have guided steps to look and book the flights.

  • Picking the travel destination
  • Pick the dates for departure and arrival
  • Then looking at the airfares

This trick might not work in finding cheap flights. So, try flipping the steps-

  • See the prices for available flights on search engine like Google Flights, Momondo, etc. to different destinations around the world.
  • Then decide on the place to visit as per the search for cheap airfares available. Choose the destination that appeals to you.
  • Set the dates and plan your trip accordingly.

A small Note: Try searching for more than single dates of flights.As it has been proven, shifting dates even a day or two can often result in a drop in airfare to half.

4. Use the Flight search engine

No doubt, the airline website gives you updated prices on air tickets as soon as they are released to the public. But browsing the websites of different airlines for cheap flights can be tacky as you cannot compare the prices. So, it’s best to use these flight search engines to get the cheapest flight deals while comparing the airlines. Google Flights, Skyscanner, and Momondo are our top three choices as the best flight search engine. The level of details and rich user experience made this guiding tool a hit among many.

Remember that deals on air tickets from Southwest Airlines are only accessible through its website.