Sunwing Airlines Flight Change Policy

Sunwing Airlines Flight Change Policy – On various occasions, some incidents do happen without a tip-off. Similar is the case with the aviation domain. We face certain circumstances and move to modify the itinerary undesirably. With Sunwing Airlines, passengers will have the liberty to change the flight as per new situations. The Canadian airline proposes a customer-specific ticket change policy to let flyers reschedule the journey. This blog intends to disclose the Sunwing Airline booking change policy in detail to unearth various regulations and laws involved therein.

Also, people can connect with experts to share thoughts at the toll-free customer support number 1-866-939-0429.

Sunwing Airlines Flight Change Policy

Indubitably, life is full of uncertainties and unplanned events. It threatens us with severe times and we always stay helpless before it. In the aviation segment, sometimes we confront unexpected moments. After having a confirmed booking with the airline, we hardly anticipate a condition to modify the scheduled itinerary. But it happens! There’re certain circumstances that can lead to booking amendments without our consent. Some of the most common scenarios arriving to disturb the trip involve the following:

  • A tragedy to a relative
  • Theft of passport
  • Legal/military orders
  • Unpleasant weather conditions
  • A sudden change of plan
  • Critical health
  • Natural disasters

All these events are just unavoidable at the last moment. A concerned passenger comes to change the flight details to get it rescheduled as per emerging situations.

About Sunwing Airlines

How is Sunwing Airlines from the aviation sector’s perspective? Well, Sunwing Airlines is a substantial service provider in the aviation segment of Canada. It strikes relentlessly for the betterment and welfare of avid customers who want to grab something extraordinary in the aviation department. The following are various key features to give you a quick idea about the carrier:

  • Sunwing Airlines came into existence in 2005.
  • It is one of the youngest aviation brands based in Canada.
  • The prime business hub of the carrier is located in Toronto, Ontario.
  • Further, the low-fare service provider supports visitors with exceptionally managed scheduled and charter flights.
  • Under the service portfolio, the airline connects destinations across Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, South America, Central America and Mexico.
  • Moreover, the airline’s fleet comprises around 30 aircraft.
  • As of 2015, Sunwing Airlines was paying salaries to more than 1500 employees.

Sunwing Airlines Flight Change Policy | What Can We Expect?

Sunwing Airlines is a committed service provider in the aviation circle of Canada. It utilizes resources and energy innovatively to bring something fruitful for enthusiasts. Determination, dedication, punctuality and quality are the key pillars of strength for the company. Therefore, it strives strategically for the convenience of passengers and pledges to serve them with flexible travel services across the globe.

What is the Sunwing Airlines ticket change policy all about?

Well, the Canadian organization manifests a focused approach to help passengers who want to make some changes in the itinerary for any reason. It presents a dedicated policy that allows visitors to initiate the flight change request using the preferred method. The following are multiple highlights of the respective policy:

  • Any passenger can utilize the booking change policy of Sunwing Airlines to modify the ticket details before departure.
  • The policy covers all tickets obtained through the official web portal, airport ticket counter or customer assistance number.
  • Sunwing Airlines customers can place multiple sorts of changes i.e. flight date/time, seat number, meals, destination and others.
  • Remember, if you have a restricted fare ticket, you can't make changes to the booking under the policy.
  • Similarly, Sunwing Airlines doesn’t permit visitors to change the name on the ticket. Only some minor name corrections (up to three characters) are allowed in the whole name.
  • Further, a customer will pay nothing for raising the flight change request within 24 hours after purchase.
  • In case you miss the risk-free window, Sunwing Airlines may ask you for a certain fee, depending on various factors.
  • People can choose to proceed with either online or offline methods as per requirements.
  • Changes in the group booking aren’t allowed. It requires you to follow different terms and conditions.
  • Sunwing Airlines permits travelers to initiate the flight change request up to 1 hour before the departure time.
  • Moreover, the airline converts the value of the Sunwing non-restricted tickets into future travel credit. The originally ticketed passenger can redeem this credit within a year from the date of booking.

How to Change the Sunwing Airlines Flight?

It is yet another crucial prospect involved in the Sunwing Airlines booking change policy. Luckily, travelers enjoy the freedom to choose from multiple alternatives to change the flight. The airline demonstrates a good blend of systems, including online as well as offline channels.

Looking for the best way to make Sunwing flight modifications? Dare to explore the following discussion for better analysis.

Sunwing Airlines Change Flight Online

  • You can start the digital process by opening your favorite web browser and visiting
  • Next, proceed with a dedicated tab named ‘Manage Booking.’
  • On the next page, a user will have to enter the unique booking reference number as well as last name in the given fields.
  • Get the list of various bookings under your account.
  • Choose the right ticket you want to conduct modifications for.
  • Make sure you double-check the new details before finalizing the process.
  • Now, you can make the payment via your favorite payment gateway.
  • In the end, Sunwing Airlines will drop a confirmation mail to notify you about changes.

Sunwing Airlines Change Flight Offline

Want to explore traditional concepts? Sunwing Airlines welcomes you! Here’re various authorized channels you can choose from:

  • Customer Helpline Number (1-866-939-0429)
  • Airport Ticket Counter

Sunwing Airlines Ticket Change Fee

The service fee policy outlines the following attributes:

  • Changing the Sunwing Airlines flight within 24 hours after the booking requires no fee.
  • Well, a concerned passenger will have to pay the fare difference in case the new ticket is costlier than the previous one.
  • The Canadian carrier charges visitors US$100 for raising the booking change request 21 or more days before departure.
  • Remember, Sunwing Airlines may terminate the reservation if you initiate the procedure 20 days or less before departure.

For the latest fee scenarios, Sunwing Airlines travelers must navigate the official web portal or talk with officials at 1-866-939-0429 (toll-free).

Sunwing Airlines Booking Change Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it permissible to amend the Sunwing Airlines ticket after booking?

Yes. The Canadian airline passengers are allowed to bring change in the ticket any time before departure.

What is the best way to modify the Sunwing Airlines booking digitally?

Visitors can raise the flight change request with Sunwing Airlines online by visiting the official website ( of the carrier.

How can I change the Sunwing Airlines flight over the phone?

In case you want to initiate the process through a phone call, you can dial the toll-free customer support number 1-866-939-0429.

How to modify the Sunwing Airlines booking without a fee?

An aspirant can make essential flight changes with Sunwing Airlines without paying a fee by raising the request within 24 hours after the purchase.