Air Inuit Flight Change Policy

Air Inuit Flight Change Policy – It could take a lot of time and effort to get ready for a trip. When an unforeseen event occurs, would it be easy to change or reschedule your plans? You may rely on the Air Inuit Flight Change Policy without a doubt.

Air Inuit Flight Change Policy

Because of the modifications made during the coronavirus outbreak, the requests for Air Inuit to modify flights have become much less burdensome. The airline has either abolished or significantly reduced the majority of the fees associated with flight rescheduling. You can read more about flight changes, the rescheduled policy, change fees, and other topics in this guide. However, if you'd like more details, call Airlines Ticket Policy at +1-888-474-0163 Toll-Free.

About Inuit Airlines

The head office of the Canadian airline Air Inuit is located in Dorval, Quebec. It provides domestic passenger, charter, and cargo services in Nunavik and Nunavut. In addition to its main base at Kuujjuaq Airport, the airline also has operating bases at Montreal-Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport, Kuujjuaq Airport, and La Grande Rivières Airport.

The airline was established in 1978, and it started operating de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver aircraft in 1979. 28 aircraft make up Air Inuit's fleet, which it uses to provide regular service to 22 domestic sites like Labrador, Nunavut, Quebec City, and others. Additionally, Air Inuit offers extra charter services to any location in Canada, the USA, or beyond.

Basic Guidelines To Change A Flight On Air Inuit

If you purchased your ticket directly from the airline, the Air Inuit flight change procedure is fairly lax. There are a few important factors to take into account:

  • Any flight ticket may be changed without charge within 24 hours of purchase.
  • The Change cost would depend on the route, fare class, and trip segment.
  • You are permitted to change your flight as many as you'd like as long as you pay the difference in fare each time.
  • If your fare limits permit, you will get a flight credit for the difference if your new flight is less expensive.
  • You must use the travel credit through your travel agency if it was provided for a flight that you booked there.
  • There is no longer a standby fee if you take an earlier flight on the same day.
  • Group flights booked through the airline's Group Desk will continue to be subject to the Air Inuit change costs.

How to change A Flight On Air Inuit?

Online and over the phone, passengers can make changes to their Air Inuit reservation. 

Air Inuit Flight Changes Over The Phone – Call the Airlines Ticket Police customer service representative to make modifications to your flight at +1-888-474-0163 Toll-Free. Please be aware that the change charge and cost difference can be applicable based on the type of your ticket.

Change Air Inuit Flight Online – On paid and awarded tickets, the procedure for changing the flight is now essentially the same. After logging in to the website,, select the 'My travels' link from the menu. Enter the six-digit confirmation number and the passenger's last name to access your flight reservation.

  • Should choose flight segment that needs to be changed.
  • Can choose an option to Change Flight, and after that modify the day or time of your trip.
  • Decide to go somewhere else.
  • Insert a flight.
  • Take a flight segment out.
  • Select Continue to choose a different flight.
  • To confirm your revised itinerary, keep making your reservations.
  • You'll receive an email with a confirmation of the new flight.

Flight Schedule Change On Air Inuit

The schedule change policy at Air Inuit is straightforward but somewhat limiting.

The airline releases the flight schedule in advance to give customers enough time to make travel arrangements. Once the flight schedules are made public, the airline may make some adjustments to take any changes into account. These changes might include some of the following:

  • Changing flight arrival or departure times
  • Route changes, both new and eliminated
  • Changes in flight frequency
  • A modification to the aircraft's type

Refund Guide For Air Inuit Flight Change Policy – The airlines make every effort to provide you with solutions that minimize the disruption to your travel plans when a schedule change happens. You can ask for a refund if one of the following holds and the revised flight options are not satisfactory to you.

  • The estimated departure or arrival time is significantly altered.
  • If the airline is unable to get you into the same cabin as what you ordered, you will either get a full refund or the price difference.

Air Inuit Same Day Flight Change Policy

The Air Inuit's same-day change policy is unusually lenient by standard travel regulations. The following facts are crucial:

  • Award tickets are covered by the policy, but not basic economy rates or certain bulk, group, or consolidator tickets. The flight must be operated and promoted by UA.
  • You can request a same-day alteration starting 24 hours before your planned departure. You can change to a flight that departs the day before or the day after your initial flight if the new one takes off within 24 hours of the time your request is filed.
  • The airports for the origin and destination may change, but links may be added or removed.
  • You may switch flights on the same day if you check luggage, provided you do so at least 60 minutes before the departure of your new flight.

Air Inuit Flight Change Fee

The cost of changing an Air Inuit flight will vary on the fare class, travel itinerary, destination, and accessibility of the following light. The alteration price could range from $100 to $200. You should have a refundable flight ticket in case you need to receive a refund for your canceled flight. For additional information, please review our cancellation policy for flights. 

Airlines Ticket Policy

Every airline has been improving its procedures to reflect the best practices and is simple to follow. As a result, management and customer service standards for airlines are changing quickly. We at Airlines Ticket Policy have received thorough training and ongoing updates on these regulations. Many tourists call us at +1-888-474-0163 Toll-Free for additional assistance and direction.